Meet the Red Reef Wall Mural Artists – Kristin Pavlick
Jacquie Comrie Mural Installation at Golden Pizza (2360 Danforth Ave.)
Milton Hershey School ‘Three Days in Cuba’ mural

Milton Hershey School ‘Three Days in Cuba’ mural

We’re trying to get across how … … colorful and diverse Cuba is. This is made up of our kids and what they’re about. Murals are really powerful. Not just in looking at them, but also the creation of them. We’ve already titled this mural,…

Bayswater Mural

My name’s Gavin Catto. I work on the Bayswater Level Crossing Removal Project. And we’re here today at the open shared use path, and the public art that we’ve placed underneath the Mountain Highway Bridge. We are working with students from Bayswater Secondary School. And…

Having Trouble Metal Stamping Jewelry Tags… VLOG #3
Anna, Interior designer

Anna, Interior designer

A conception about working in the built environment, whether that’s architecture or interior design, is that you need to be really really great at maths and technical drawing I think nowadays, the other skills, the ones that are about organising things, that are about the…

Showing Her Creative Side in a Classic Los Angeles A-Frame
Interior Design Tips: What are Transitional Bathrooms? – Aspire Fine Homes
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