Slave to the Grind by Skid Row: Was It Really That Bad? – TheHappySpaceman Reviews
Custom LEGO Tech Shop building MOC complete — for now!
The Most Expensive Foods in The World | 330,000 DOLLARS SO EXPENSIVE
2015-2017 F150 Gibson 4″ Metal Mulisha Single Cat-Back Exhaust System 5.0L Sound Clip & Install
The Human Slingshot

The Human Slingshot

This is a slingshot. This is a human. [DING] [SLURP] And this is the Human Slingshot. [CHATTERING] The outdoor game has you and your friends flinging one another around in a giant, stretchable band. You’ll use your momentum to launch your friends across the band,…

LOCKE AND KEY Twist Ending, Demons & Keys Explained + SEASON 2 Theories
An Uncanny Reality

An Uncanny Reality

This video was sponsored by Audible. Stick around at the end for more info, and maybe my favorite short story ever. “James, honey, did something happen to you?” This isn’t what PS2 games looked like. I mean, it is. This is Silent Hill 2, almost…

Game Room  – Your TOP 10 Questions ANSWERED!

Game Room – Your TOP 10 Questions ANSWERED!

– Hey guys, Metal Jesus here. Now, recently I did a game room tour of my brand new house, and to my surprise, I had over 4000 comments on there and a ton of questions. So in this video, I thought I would do a…

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