Library Murals Restoration Project

(music) Lori Goetsch: We had been looking at a plan for how to renovate this room more generally. It’s really a historic show place on campus. It’s the original 1927 reading room of the first free standing library at K-State. As we started to look…

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Wooden interior by PLANNER 5D MAC app
Our Japanese apartment tour!

Our Japanese apartment tour!

Welcome to our new apartment. It’s 5pm and I’m still drinking coffee. That’s not a good sign. It means I’m gonna be up until 4am. But it’s okay! I’m very excited to show you guys our new apartment. When we first moved in I started…

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How To Make 3D Wall Art Using Cushions

How To Make 3D Wall Art Using Cushions

I’m Maddie and I’ll be showing you how to make 3D art using cushions. 3D plush art is really popular at the moment. You’ll see it around on Pinterest, at markets, but people are often charging a bomb for them. We can show you how…

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