Oakland Loft is a Sanctuary for Life and Work

Oakland Loft is a Sanctuary for Life and Work

(camera snapping) – My name is Nicolo Sertorio I’m a photographer, both commercially and fine arts. I live in this space with my wife, Seonok. – I am research scientist, working for a biotech company. – We moved here about three years ago We fell…

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Scandinavian Interior Design in Gurgaon Home | Livspace

Hi, I’m Harshpreet, I’m a Design Partner with Livspace.com, I’ve been associated with Livspace since the past 2.5 years. And today, we are here at Bestech Grand Spa at one of my client’s apartments. And it’s a 3BHK apartment which we did beautifully in Scandinavian…

Designing a tiny home to orbit the Moon

– If you wanna live in space for months at a time, you’re gonna need a good house, and it’s not going to be glamorous living either. Imagine living in a one room tin can with three to four other people, and that tin can…