Montreal Mural Fest 2017 | Puša Studios!
IstanbulOldCityTV • Episode 14 • Kadıköy, Yeldeğirmeni • MURAL-IST • Sokak Sanatı Festivali – 1

Virtus | Mural by Hazul Luzah

Basically, from the moment I moved to this area I started wooing this wall, and I had shown my interest in painting it, talking to people in this school. Concerning this work it’s according to my previous ones. I didn’t exactly do a new one….

Graffiti Artist For Hire – Graffiti USA Street Art & Mural Company
Respect is the Strongest Compliment, Part 1: Inspiration | Groundswell Mural 2015
Timothy Goodman’s “People Love” mural for the “Street Smart” exhibition