Takochu Epoxy Resin Colour Chart Art – Cheap eBay Translucent Liquid Pigments Tested

Takochu Epoxy Resin Colour Chart Art – Cheap eBay Translucent Liquid Pigments Tested

This adorable little figure is Takochu! I ordered him from an eBay seller in Japan I have attached him to a mixing stick with some UHU White Tack adhesive putty In this bowl I have weighed 45g moulding silicone with the maximum allowable catalyst Drizzle the silicone into a suitable container, such as the bottom of a plastic drinking cup Suspend the figure face down in the silicone. I did cure this mould in a pressure pot to eliminate the air bubbles. Leave overnight to fully cure You can make quick casts using polyurethane resin, which cures in a matter of minutes This resin has a 1A:1B mix ratio by weight Mix quickly as you only have a minute before you need to pour it I made a 16-up mould from the polyurethane casts This used 300g of moulding silicone Never get into a fight with an Octopus… They’re always well armed XD If you stick your pieces to a sheet of adhesive vinyl, you get nice clean edges that need little trimming To create the Takochus I’m using my usual non-toxic epoxy art resin… This resin has a 2A:1B mix ratio by weight I start by adding a tiny spot of pigment to 30g of resin, which is enough for 4 Takochus I add another tiny spot of pigment to the remaining resin between each pour Some of the colours are more potent than others These Takochus will all be itenticle XD I produced 4 levels of intensity for each colour – 96 in total, over a period of 6 days! I could have made two moulds but I ran out of silicone :/ Get ready… Kill the bubbles!! Give the backs a quick sanding to make them nice and flat I cut some vinyl stickers for the eyes and mouth detail, but you could paint them on if you wanted One down 95 to go… :/ Kissy kissy :* I used the plotter function of my Cricut Explore Air 2 to create the text on white card Attach the resin figures using clear 5-minute epoxy adhesive Some of the colours look very similar on camera but they are subtly different Both pinks are very vibrant and are the only colours to glow under a UV black light Finished! Thanks for watching! [Alexa] How did Takochu win the football match? [Alexa] With ten-tackles

62 thoughts on “Takochu Epoxy Resin Colour Chart Art – Cheap eBay Translucent Liquid Pigments Tested

  1. Your video is so relaxing to listen to. It is also very satisfying to look at. Thank you so much for working hard to produce all these amazing videos!

  2. When you should sleep at nearly 3 am but watch this vid instead because you missed them. And the screaming bubbles!!!

  3. Ahhh they're so adorable! 😍 I love them, and these charts always make my obsessive side so very happy. Oh, how I missed that bubble murder. Gorgeous, as always.

  4. Love these videos, I'm a big fan! But question – why make all the white octopi to them make the big mold? Why not make colored octopi from the start? Seems to my untrained eye like you're making a 4×4 mold for no reason?

  5. I love this idea! I will be starting resin art when I get my taxes and getting a start up kit basically. Do you mind me knicking this idea so I can show off the colors I use on my soon to be Etsy shop so people can choose when I do custom orders? This is such a neat idea to really show off what colors are going to look like!!!

  6. A new video, some cool upgrades and a beautiful result! I might be a little tired (working night shift) but I laughed way to much to be sane, even at Alexa?! Just don't tell her….

  7. This is so beyond helpful, thank you!!! I was wanting to buy some of these but wasn't sure if it was worth it, or if it would work out for what I need. Now I know it will & exactly which I want. Thank you so much for this video!

  8. I need this collection on my living room wall! Visitors will stare in awe and jealousy and I'll just say "Ah yes, the Chus.."

  9. These are so adorable and I now want a picture on my wall like this just for the cute colourful nature of it.
    2 questions If i may though…
    How long does it take you to do these, they are most certainly a labour of love.
    What do you do with all the white poly tako?
    Thank you for making these videos

  10. Crazy amount of work 😲😍😲 but really helpful thanks so much xx ♠️♠️ loving those blues !

  11. Yes! A new video! Thank you! I will try my best not to get into a fight with an octopus, but I don't make any promises. 😁

  12. So cute! Apart of being informative, the video has a huge "Awwww" factor – muchly appreciated during a working weekend. Thanks!

  13. 2:25 I Dont Know why but it looks tasty lol like if it was some kind of yogurt or something lol
    I guess I’m hungry at 2:13 am lol

  14. I love the mold!!!! That is a beautiful and cute display of your colors! What other type mold making liquid would recommend? Yours will not ship to the US… 😞

  15. I needed a good murder video with morning coffee, you should wear gloves you might get caught. I'm off to check out these inks, and well done, 6 days!!!! looks great, love the frame. Happy weekend 😀 PS Thank you for the listings 👍

  16. I hope this is now a wall hanging that greats you when you walk through the front door. Fair play to you, I have to admit, if I had don't this by the end of it none of those eyes would have been applied straight by the end lol 👍👍👍😁😁

  17. I can imagine all the effort and love you put in this awesome project. You have all my respect and esteem! Great! You're definitely the boss of this stuff. Greetings from Italy!

  18. Good video on pigments😀 are these the same as the DecorRom Epoxy Resin Pigments,and also pressure pot casting videos ect maybe.😀Plesae bring back kill the bubbles.😎😍

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