hey guys welcome back to my channel
today I’m so excited I always say that but I really in every time I film I’m
just like can’t wait to show you guys what I’m going to show you or talk about
what I’m gonna talk about so today we’re gonna talk about eights Target haul
and I love Target in the spring they come out with such cute things so I’m
going to be talking about home decor in fashion so if you guys are interested in
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Thursday this week’s thrown off a little bit but
next week hopefully we’ll get back on track it’s been crazy guys so I hope you
enjoyed this video let’s get on into it the first thing that I got from Target
wears it’s not gonna really go in order we’re just gonna kind of like hit it and
hit it hard so the first thing I got from Target is so so cute it’s an olive
green backpack it doesn’t have any pockets it’s just super simple and I
love the long straps in the back I love the like little gold zipper right here –
I don’t know what this is called wear it just like opens up at the top I think
that has a name but it’s just super like empty in there it has one little zipper
but you can just throw on all your stuff I thought this would be super cute if
you’re going on a trip to like Disneyland or the beach and you want to
throw some water bottles in here or something I just love this backpack so
so much I’m glad that I picked it up so the next thing I got are some shoes and
I’ve been going back and forth if these shoes are ugly or cute and I
really can’t decide but they keep catching my attention every time I go
into target so I was like you know I’m just gonna go ahead and get them I
really do think they’ll go with everything and that they’re so so cute
so these are what they look like I really love these little mules and they
are twine what is this material called you guys tell me in the comments I
cannot think of the name right now I’ve been trying to think of it but is what
is this tweed twine I feel like it starts with the T but maybe I’m way off
these are just super cute casual like beachy kind of style shoes and I really
really like them so the next thing that I got that I haven’t even tried on yet
but I’ve been eyeing it every time I’ve been into target is this red bikini and
I have never had a red bikini before looks a little weird but I’ve never had
a red bikini before and I just think this is adorable so I thought that would
be really cute at the beach and I like that it has the little slits at the side
I hope it’s not too cheeky because my booty is kind of big and wide so
hopefully my butt doesn’t hang out on this if it does I might have to return
it but I love the top it’s just so cute and then I love that it has these little
gold things right here with just a basic type so it’s super simple and I’ve never
had a red bikini so I was like you know what let’s go get one I’ve been loving
wearing like cozy kind of dresses to bed at night so I saw this like little
button-down dress and I thought it was so cute it’s kind of like a peach and
white color with a little pocket so this is just a really nice light
spring/summer kind of warm pajama set well it’s not really a set it’s just a
dress but I love that so much and then this is a really cute like beach
cover-up or you can put it over like a cute top and some jeans I love this a
lot it’s very boho beachy and it’s just like a simple kimono it’s by the brand a
universal threads and that is one of my favorites at targets almost reminds me
of Free People but a little bit cheaper and so this is one size fits all which
is really nice so I can’t wait to throw that on over like a bikini or like jazz
it up with a cute outfit or something and then I’ve been really into that
orange color lately and I was going back and forth between the olive green hat
and the orange hat so I picked the orange hat up I’ve been seeing so many
people on Instagram wear hats like this at the beach and just like on vacation
so I thought this was really cute oh wait doesn’t look too much like a cowboy
hat maybe it’s not as cute on I don’t know I have to see it styled with
something and then maybe I’ll like it and the next thing I got is this really
cute kind of like overall outfit it’s more like a jumpsuit and it’s olive
green you guys know I love olive green and this is what the top looks like it
just has these little ties right here and then it ties around the waist as
well and I don’t think it goes all the way down it’s more of just like a
cropped kind of pant and just think this will be really cute on
moving on from clothes and shoes I got this love beauty and planet lotion I
needed some more lotion and I love that this didn’t have like any of the junk in
it no dyes parabens it’s vegan plant-based moisturizer you’re not
tested on animals coconut water ethically sourced and it smells so good
it is the coconut water and mimosa flower so this is what the outside looks
like and it really does it smells fresh it smells like a beach vacation so I
can’t wait to use this because I ran out of my little lush sample so this will be
really good and I’m glad that it’s cheap and I’m glad that it’s like natural for
you because I hate putting a bunch of chemicals on my body so moving on to
home decor I just thought this little thing was so cute I don’t know why I
picked it up but I love like the little purple face that it’s in and then this
little sprig of flowers I thought would be so cute like sitting back there or
something or I don’t know maybe on like a side table so I just think this is
really cute and then I really need a new shower curtain for my bathroom and
Target has the cutest ones ever this brand opal house it’s very like bohemian
beachy and so I picked this really pretty shower curtain up it’s blue and
white and it has these little balls at the bottom I think it’s super cute this
is what it looks like actually on the shower curtain but if you guys are in
need of a cute new shower curtain for like your apartment or house or whatever
go to Target sometimes they have sales on this brain which is really really
nice but yeah I’m glad I found this I hope
they spin it great I got these in the dollar section and I was like hit them
against the door on accident no they didn’t they didn’t break so I always
need somewhere to put my rings like again my ring is not on me I take it off
when I’m like doing dishes and stuff and I leave it everywhere I bet it’s on my
side table right now so I want these like around the house like by the sink
well maybe not right by the sink but somewhere near the sink where I can just
like throw my ring or by my bedside table so this one’s really cute it says
bloom where you’re planted and then this one is just orange and white and they’re
both ceramic super super cute so I’m gonna leave
these around the house and they were just like a dollar so that was really
great and then the last two things are pillows I love throw pillows from Target
and if you love Easter but you don’t want to decorate with like bunnies and
little like chicks and all those things that people decorate with I really
thought this pillow was so so cute because it reminds me of Easter without
being like Easter themed when you only can like pull it out around Easter so I
thought this pillow was so adorable and it’s very like beachy outdoorsy I love
the colors it’s super bright and fun so I found that and I was like okay I have
to pick that up I’m gonna throw it somewhere maybe like back there or
something and then this next pillow is so cute it’s also very beachy boho and I
just love the little frills on it it’s just like a creamy beige color and I
honestly I think that’s it you guys I just wanted to jump on here and show you
guys what I got from Target I love Target and I would love to know
what your favorite thing is to get at Target do you like going shopping for
clothes do you like the decor I love the Magnolia area we’re chip and
Joanna Gaines put all of their line so I hope you guys enjoyed this video let me
know in the comments down below what your favorite thing is at Target or if
it’s everything like me I just love Target in general so I hope you guys
enjoyed this video and I’ll see you guys next time bye I just wanna hold you I just wanna love

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