so this is the side of the house that
we’re going to be working on excuse my voice we’re getting over a cold we’re
just ready for a change over here this whole setup needs to change we’re going
to get rid of this desk and then we’re going to swap these areas like we’re
gonna make this the movie-watching area and then make this over here the office
area and we’re going to be taking down this wall because it looks terrible if
you get up close you can see that these boards are just like falling off the
wall this was peel and stick wood which we thought would work because people
said online that it worked for them but I guess it’s because we had the textured
wall that it just didn’t work we tried to put the little nails in to hold it in
that didn’t work and so this wall is just embarrassing and it’s really dark
so we’re just ready to rip this all down repaint it we’re gonna be getting rid of
all this dark furniture okay so this is turning out to be a
bigger project than we thought it was gonna be it’s so dusty and like we’re
getting over these colds and this dust from scraping off these walls is not
helping at all but we are almost done my husband is just finishing up so I’m
gonna run up to the little hardware store that we have up the road before
they close I think they’re closing in like an hour
finally got it all done made a huge mess and we got most of it cleaned up at
Hannah’s working on vacuuming the rest of it and hopefully we have enough paint
Hannah had tried to run to the parts store but they closed a little early
today we wasn’t aware of that so I think we have enough paint we’re gonna try to
hopefully this is nice and smooth enough we can put it on there and not worry
about this is just it looks terrible but it’s actually really smooth this all
this white stuff here is where all the glue came off as you can see everything got covered in
a layer of dust so while the paint dries I’m gonna get this all cleaned up so it’s the next afternoon and the
living room is kind of where we left it yesterday is just kind of a disaster in
here so we are gonna work on getting this cleaned up get stuff switched
around we’re gonna switch all the computer and office stuff over to the
other side where we had the movie area set up and then we’re gonna switch the
movie area to over to this side so Jaylon’s gonna take apart all of his
computer stuff because he’s going to be moving like I said all over there I
already have my stuff over there so there’s just a ton of wires that have to
be unplugged and plugged back in so we’ve made some progress we got this
whole section emptied out I didn’t realize how big this room was until you
get all the stuff emptied out of it and we got everything put over here but now
we need to move the screen and the couch and stuff over here just temporarily
until I get the new stuff in the mail I’m getting a new stand for the screen a
new couch a rug I’m gonna totally redecorate this space but that stuff is
not coming for a little while so we got to just put the old stuff back over here
temporary Jaylon hooked up some lights behind the
desk he wanted me to come over here and see turned off all the lights we’re
gonna get some goo gone and take all this off the side of the desk whoa that looks
pretty cool so we’re both just gonna share this desk for now because
it’s so giant we picked this one up free a little while back and like I said
we’re gonna remove all this off the side over here but the lights look pretty
cool now I just need to figure out what I’m gonna hang on this wall okay so it is the third day now I feel
like this video has been all over the place hopefully you guys still enjoyed
it before I end the video I’ll give you a quick peek of what things are looking
like right now so this area over here is going to be the new family slash media
room we are going to be getting rid of this we’re going to be getting rid of
this and this I’ve got a new couch coming I’m gonna buy a new probably like
a little round ottoman get a rug for in here I’ve got a new one of these coming
that is like about half the size so it won’t be up quite so high so this room
is gonna get a complete makeover so stay tuned for that video we’ll be filming
all of that since this couch isn’t like over here in the middle of the room
there is so much more room in here now and then we’ve got stuff like
temporarily set up over here we set up this big desk like I showed you last
night I still have to get some stuff and get that sticky stuff off the side of
the desk over there we’re gonna be throwing away this lamp because it broke
and I need to figure out what I’m gonna hang up on this wall right above this
desk so I want you guys to comment down below and let me know your suggestions
on what I should hang up on this wall so the new couch that I’m getting for here
is kind of like an l-shaped couch so it will take up more of the room I think
it’s gonna look a little bit better and yeah I can’t wait to see how this all
turns out in the end so stay tuned to see what it looks like so that is gonna
be it for this video if you guys enjoy seeing us tackle house projects then
give this video a thumbs up let me know down in the comments if you liked it and
all of your suggestions I want to start doing those like doing all the things
type videos or you basically do all the things in one video you do like cleaning
cooking I could share like a crock-pot recipe or something just kind of what
I’m doing that day some of my homeschool with Kyle shopping groceries just like
all of the things in one video and keep it kind of casual style I think that
would be a super fun to film so stay tuned for those videos and of course
I’ll always be posting a cleaning video once a week for you guys so be sure
you’re subscribe so that you don’t miss out on all the new videos coming in the
next month and I will see you in my next


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