Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas | Friendsgiving Decor On a Budget!

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas | Friendsgiving Decor On a Budget!

coming up on this episode of design for
the nines I’ve got a few fun DIYs that are perfect for your Thanksgiving decor
so if that sounds good to you stay tuned welcome to design to the nines I’m
Natalie Callahan and if this is the first time we’re meeting welcome to my
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episodes so for this week’s episode I’ve got something fun in store for you we’re
going to be doing some DIYs that we’re going to be using on my buffet table and
this is a continuation of my Thanksgiving slash friendsgiving table
scape that I did last episode so you’re going to want to make sure you watch the
series of them there’s going to be three of them and it’s gonna be a lot of funds
for this week’s episode I have partnered with Cricut I’m so excited that some of
my projects today will include Cricut made projects I am loving my Cricut so
far so I’m excited for those but there will be ways that even if you don’t have
a Cricut you can still do these projects so let’s get started so my first DIY is
the interactive name cards that I told you about in the last episode in the
tablescape and I’m going to show you how to make them now and I’m going to show
you how to avoid a pitfall that I had because I am messed up on my first
attempt I’m going to show you a little trick to try to avoid that on your own
so the front side is gonna have the guests name and on the back side is
going to be chalkboard painted so the idea is that the person will write what
they’re grateful for this year on the back and then they can erase it and redo
it what they’re grateful each and every year so this is something that you can
pull out every year and just be kind of a fun little element and then I’ve got a
little thankful tree that I’ll show you that’s super easy to put together so
this is going to be really inexpensive first of all you get these little
cutouts these leaf cutouts at Dollar Tree and they come in a package of five
so I’m going to show you how I put that together so I actually used my Cricut
but you don’t have to do that you can freehand the name on the front with a
paint pen or even a permanent marker but I’m going to be using a stencil that
matches the font on the plates and I had an oopsie
Daisy and I’m going to show you how to overcome that oops-a-daisy so let’s go
onto the computer and I’ll show you how I designed this on Cricut workspace
start out by typing in your guests name the font I use that matches the font on
our DIY williams-sonoma friendsgiving appetizer plates is de lado de stato off
of to easily find this in the cricut design studio is simply by
searching the font name up top after you’ve installed it on your computer
once you have the font you want adjust the size I made mine about 3/4 inch tall
place a rectangle behind each name to cut your stencil make sure you select no
fill option at the top then drag the two layers of each name out of your
rectangular stencil and delete them leaving you with your stencil to be cut
and hit make it make sure you are connected to the Machine and follow the
prompts make sure you use removable vinyl or stencil vinyl now if you don’t
have a Cricut machine yet no worries you can easily print out your names and
either do the image transfer technique or graphite paper transfer methods
you’ve seen me do on here before I will provide links for those episodes below
or you simply can take a paint pen and freehand your guests name as well before
you apply your stencil I sprayed one side of the leaves in black chalkboard
paint and allowed that to dry then apply your stencil As Seen and use painters
tape to tape off any areas that are not covered by the stencil to avoid your
paint from bleeding as happened to me in my first attempt
you can either seal the whole leaf or spray sealer to seal the edges
I think Mod Podge could also work for this step then spray paint with a little
more of your chalkboard spray paint and just add the twine that already comes
with a package to the top to hang them from so for my next DIY I am going to be
making a menu board for my buffet table that will just have the menu of what
we’re eating for Thanksgiving I’ve already made the vinyl right here I
didn’t do the best job ever the transfer tape on it so how are we
gonna do this the other day when I was doing my tablescape I looked at this
board right here and I got this on clearance at Michael’s for really really
cheap and I don’t know if this is like called a breadboard or a pizza board or
a charcuterie board whatever it is it’s meant to be decorative well I was
looking at the shape of it and I’m like that kind of looks like a pumpkin not
even an hour or so later somebody commented on the video and said hey did
you DIY that pumpkin well it’s not a pumpkin and I didn’t DIY it but we are
going to DIY it right now so what I was thinking is that we would just flip it
around I thought we would turn this into a menu board but I want it to be
completely temporary so this is not going to be permanent so I picked up
some of these command hooks right here and what I was thinking is we would just
attach them to either side and then I have this wooden dowel we’ll cut it down
to size and then I picked up this craft paper at Michael’s you could probably
get away with using some parchment paper if you’re able to find it and it will
kind of depend on the size of your board if it will work or not well hey the
parchment on the back of this we will attach this menu then I picked up a
package of these burlap leaves at Dollar Tree this was already out of this twine
so I’ll just leave that there but I thought that we could put on this burlap
leaf to kind of make it look even more pumpkiny so let’s get putting this
together my last DIY is I’m gonna do a thankful
banner to hang on my mirror I actually used my Cricut to also cut out these
letters but you could definitely just cut some letters out so it’s really a
pretty easy idea once we’ve got these cut out you’re gonna just take a hole
punch and we’re going to put two holes in either side of the letter so you can
we can lay some twine through okay so now it’s time to hang our banner I’m
just gonna tape it to the back of my mirror using some painters tape all
right so I’m really happy with this it’s really cute I like the simplicity of it
I think it’s great and now we are gonna add our wooden pumpkin if you will
menu and I think that that is so much fun now the way you would do this if you
don’t have a Cricut it’s just you could just make up a menu print it out and
then glue it on or you could also freehand it and that would be perfectly
fine as well but I’m really happy with this and again this is all removable all
right next up is our little thankful tree and all I did here was cut off some
Magnolia branches that will really tie into our table scape and I did leave
some magnolia leaves because I liked the greenery of it but you could definitely
use just empty branches now for the interactive part so people can take
their name card from the dinner table and on the front is their name and on
the back is a chalkboard and right on the back you can take a piece of chalk
or in my case I have a liquid chalk marker here and you can write something
that you’re grateful for this year and then you can reuse it again next year
because you can just simply erase it and next year you reuse it so it’s something
that you could use every year and can really become a family tradition then we’ll hang it on our tree such a
fun interactive element for your family for your guests now if this thankful
tree seems like a little bit too much work for you that’s okay I get it we’re
all busy you’re gonna want to check out last year’s tablescape for Thanksgiving
episode because I do have like a printed out paper poster with paper leaves still
interactive still so much fun and a little bit less work now again all I did
was cut out the branches and add some split peas and put it in a vase and
that’s what’s holding it and that also ties in with our table scape now it’s
time to fill it in a little bit and I’m gonna start out by putting a stack of
books that have been covered in like a craft paper which actually ties in
nicely with our menu we’ll take our pumpkin topiary is that I did in this
episode right here I’ll make sure I’ll put the link as well in the description
so don’t worry that was an exciting episode so we’ll put that on either side
next up I have this beautiful pie dish that I got from Michael’s last year on
clearance it was a really great price and it kind of has that matte black kind
of like that the finish that’s on the chalkboard charger so that really pulls
our tablescape over to here and then we’re going to use the other Magnolia
cake stand that we have them remember we have the other one on the centerpiece
and we are just going to kind of nestle that right into here
alright so to pull in our centerpiece I’ve kind of mimicked a smaller version
here we’ve got another basket with some chalky green pumpkins and mixture of
greenery and we made this sign along with the Magnolia home knock off cake
stands awhile back and we’re just going to tuck that into here all right that’s it our decorating is
done our DIYs are done and I am really happy with how it turned out
I love how it all came together I love how neutral it is and I have been having
so much fun using my Cricut machine so I’ve had a few concerns about where I’m
gonna put my food table so now I’ve got this and there’s no food on this one and
no room for food on my dining room table I figure the dining room table doesn’t
really have enough room for all of the things giving food anyways so I set up a
separate table just for food people can come and go and get as much as they’d
like and so there’s no worry so if you are curious about that
there you go also just as a reminder my girls can use power tools challenge is
coming up on October 28th at 2 p.m. Eastern this is an open invite all you
have to do is make something for your home or do a DIY project using a power
tool on camera this month’s co-host is Ashley Lauren
and she has such a fun personality and an amazing DIY and decor channel and
this will be the last girl’s can use power tools challenge for this calendar
year but don’t worry it will start back up again on the last Monday of January
so enjoy your holidays I hope you enjoyed this episode if you did I would
really appreciate it if you hit that like button and let me know what your
favorite element was in the comment section below and then if you haven’t
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any episodes thank you so much for watching we’ll see you soon

38 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas | Friendsgiving Decor On a Budget!

  1. Lovely projects! Love my cricut as well. I learned a lot from Auntie Tay on YouTube! You should check her out! Also, sometimes if Im running low on my stencil vinyl or transfer tape, I use the dollar tree book cover (works awesome, just like stencil vinyl) and I use clear contact paper from dollar tree for transfer tape! It works in a pinch!! Love all the projects you do! I just recently found your channel & so glad I did! πŸ’—

  2. Lovely projects! Love my cricut as well. I learned a lot from Auntie Tay on YouTube! You should check her out! Also, sometimes if Im running low on my stencil vinyl or transfer tape, I use the dollar tree book cover (works awesome, just like stencil vinyl) and I use clear contact paper from dollar tree for transfer tape! It works in a pinch!! Love all the projects you do! I just recently found your channel & so glad I did! πŸ’—

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    Everything is my favourite. Looks absolutely fantastic. Your feel for designs are true talent. You should have a TV show. Maybe when Martha is retires you can step in.πŸ’–πŸŠπŸŒ²πŸŒ·πŸŒ»πŸŒΌπŸΉπŸ½πŸ

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