The 7 Items Phoenix Artivist Lucinda Hinojos Can’t Live Without

(singing) Lucinda, you and I are kindred. If you leave rose quartz close to Noodle, it will charge. (creepy noises) We gon’ scooch ya. But because I love the idea… (upbeat music) Hello! Thank you so much for
watching this week’s episode of Tools of the Trade. My name is Jonathan and this is Noodle, and Noodle has been a very sleepy prince all day today. But we are so excited for this one because we were able to access another one of our icons and we have worked with
her for a very long time. This box was curated by Lucinda Hinojos of La Morena Art in Phoenix, Arizona. She was born and raised, she is a single mother of three and she is a community
activist and artivist. So what that means is she
paints these absolutely spectacular murals. These big, big beautiful murals that she uses to help spread messages of love and acceptance and she does a lot of work
around immigration policy and a lot of work helping
domestic violence victims and she really is one of those people who has just dedicated
her life and her craft to helping to make the
community a better place. And,if you’re ever around the Phoenix area and you see a beautiful, stunning mural that takes your breath away, there’s a very large chance
that she was a part of it. All right, so let’s dive
right into this box. Ohh! (laughing) Okay, so the first item we’ve got, which I’m gonna pull out ’cause I love it, is, it’s a speaker. It’s a water-resistant speaker.
It’s a Bluetooth speaker. Okay, brilliant. So this is a water-resistant
Bluetooth speaker. (upbeat music) I can imagine that this
is completely necessary for Lucinda when she’s working, right? She’s in a big studio space, she’s got a big canvas ahead of her and she’s got her tunes blaring and she’s got kids with her. I can imagine that this is
something she uses to help kind of build the atmosphere
wherever she’s working. It helps her get in the
zone when she’s creating. I can also imagine this
is just something nice to have around the house. All right, the next item
we have in this box is… It says 2020 in it. Is this a planner? I don’t wanna open this
’cause it’s so beautiful. But is this a planner? (upbeat music) This is a beautiful day planner for the new year, right, 2020. And I think this is an
incredible addition to this box. Obviously, if you are an entrepreneur, you have to stay organized. You have to keep appointment dates. You have to know when products
deploy, when, you know, the holidays are comin’ around. Like there’s a number of
reasons why you might need this. And it also is nice because
it’s a paper calendar, right? This is not like a digital, my phone’s constantly alerting me about what things are going on. I know a lot of people find value in keeping this separate
from their technology, right? Keeping their schedule and
their note pad and things separate from their phone
and everything else going on. So this is probably an incredible way that she stays organized and I love it! Okay, the next item we
have in the box is… Oooh! Oh, this is nice. This is a rose quartz healing wand. (upbeat music) And this will go right
back in the packaging. I promise when you get this. But I’m gonna use this to sort
of cleanse Noodle quickly. This is a rose quartz healing wand. So you have to charge these. You leave them out in the
moonlight and they charge. I can imagine that Lucinda is someone who likes to make sure
that the space she’s in and whenever she’s working, the energies are right where they need to be. Noodle, however. Noodle! Noodle, come here! What do you think? What do you think of the
rose quartz energies? He wasn’t moved. Noodle was not… Hold on, let me scooch
you back a little bit. Were you moved by these energies? No. Noodle was not moved by these energies. However, if you leave rose
quartz close to Noodle, it will charge. So we’re gonna do that. Oh, wait, you guys. Hold on. There’s more crystals in here. Hold on. Oh yeah, oh yeah. She’s
packin’. She’s packin’. (laughing) But we’ve got a couple of crystals here and, more than anything, what
I can take away from this is that Lucinda is very
keen on making sure that she’s not only protecting herself and her own personal energies, but the energies around her, right, in her studio space and everything. So I get really excited
when I see stuff like this, not only because I love crystals, but because I love the idea… Did anyone else think that
those were a direct result of the exposure to the positive
energies of the crystals? Is this, Noodle are you… Ughhh, god. Did you see that? God, he just snotted. I think he’s being exercised. I think he’s slowly buy
surely being exercised with these crystals. Yeah, look at him. He
can’t even face them. The energies are too strong for him. Oh my god, Noodle, you’ve met your match. Lucinda, look what you’ve done. Okay, the next thing we’ve got in here, and this is great, is we’ve got a smudge kit. We’ve got a bunch of sage in here. (upbeat music) You’ve got white sage, sort of across the board.
You’ve got three pieces of it. So this is another item that you would use in a space that you wanna cleanse, right? Like, for example, when I moved into my new apartment, it’s one of their traditions
that you have to sage a space. You sage a space to get rid of bad energy and you sage a space to
make room for more energy. So if you move into an old apartment and you don’t know the history of it or you just wanna get
a nice, strong start… Yeah, I bet that smells. Man, that white sage is potent. This is a common practice
that a lotta people do and I can imagine that Lucinda, anytime she, you know, she
walks in to a new art space or maybe she, you know,
maybe she invites people into her studio, whatever that might be, she takes some time to sage it first to make sure the experience
that everyone’s having is balanced. Between this and the crystals, you are gonna be feelin’ fine. Okay, the next item
we’re got in this is… So this is a pencil for your iPad. (upbeat music) So if any of you have an iPad out there and you just get sick of the touch screen, this is something you
can use to sort of add like a stylus element to it. And I can imagine that
Lucinda uses this to design. I bet she’s got some
kind of art app on it, some kind of design app on it that she’s able to use this to draw some of her ideas out. Now, obviously, once you
translate it to canvas, that comes out entirely differently, simply because she has to use, you know, her professional tools of the medium. But when she is designing
or just sketching or day dreaming, how great
to have something like this where you can just make a
mistake, you can change it up and you can just do everything free-hand. If you don’t have an iPad
and you win this box, what a great incentive to get one. And if you do have an
iPad and you win this box, you have a whole new
world coming your way. Okay, the next item we’ve got… Oh my god, I have to open this. Sorry, guys. I gotta do it. I’ll keep the box safe,
but I love essential oils. (singing) Lucinda, you and I are kindred. So this is a case of essential oils and look. Just look at
how much is in here. (upbeat music) Oh, Noodle. Oh, Noodle. He wants the essential oils. Essential oils are
actually not great for dogs to inhale directly. So you know what we’re gonna do? We gon’ scooch ya. And you’ve got this nice little bag and inside of it, I think
they’re inside already, is you have what looks like, yeah! Oh my god, you got all
these little individual cases of essential oils. This is fabulous. But this is another, like,
a self-care kit, right? This is some really, really
wonderful stuff in here. High-quality ingredients,
and I love this package it comes in. She loves this brand and this is something that
I can imagine that anyone, anyone who is big on essential oils or is curious about them would be very lucky to
get something like this. Noodle, we’re gonna keep you
far away from this, okay? Okay, sweet prince? The last item in here, which is something that I
am so thrilled to see… It’s pepper spray. (upbeat music) This is a single mother of three working in a major city. It’s very important to make sure that you not only protect
yourself and your space, right, your energies, with crystals and sage and your essential oils, but you can also pack a
little punch if you gotta. Also, one of the things that Lucinda does is she goes to sort of
remote areas in the city and that’s where she’ll do her work. So, a lotta times, she will
be out there alone, right, early in the morning doing
some of this work, right, creating some of these pieces. If you are a business
owner or you’re an artist and you have to go out and you do things, or even if you’re a film producer, someone who goes out and
has to work on location early in the morning or late at night and you don’t, you know, you’re meeting new people
for the first time, you don’t know your company. I can imagine that this, whether or not you have to use it, bottom line, gives you piece of mind. And, in a perfect world,
I can imagine that a woman out alone at night
would not need pepper spray, but we do not live in a perfect world and she is working to help
make that world a better place. But, in the meantime,
she’s gonna spritz ya if you get too close. So I’m always inspired by these just like how I’m always
excited to get the boxes, but I have to say, it’s not
very often that we get a box that is genuinely something
that I would consider to be a delightful Christmas haul. Every single one of these
items in here is something that not only I would use, but
is something that I do have in my apartment to an extent. Again, between the crystals and the sage, but I don’t have pepper
spray in my apartment. Again, I think speaks so
much to not just who she is as a person, but who she
is as a business owner and as a creator, right? As an artist. Someone who is able to go
out in the world and create and do it fearlessly and
be able to live openly like that, I think is
really something that a lot of people strive for
and I’m very pleased to know that she made it. Please enter our YouTube channel and make sure to like,
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notifications every time a new Tools video goes up
or a notification anytime another one of our amazing
series goes live on YouTube. That’s it. Do you remember
when Noodle got too close to the rose quartz and his
body started to negate it because he’s full of such negative energy? I couldn’t believe that. That was, I mean, more than
anything, we know it works. So, for Noodle, for myself, and honestly, for this big frickin’ thing
of pepper spray, get out! No, oh my god, I’m kidding. Thank you so much for watching
and we’ll see you next time. (upbeat music) (dog bark)

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