[sound of dominoes falling] ♫ [music and sound of dominoes falling] Aye! So, thank you for watching. This took me like… twenty five hours spread over eight days to build. And this is my third largest project I’ve ever built by myself. So if you liked it, be sure to hit the thumbs up, subscribe for more domino videos. I am Hevesh5, and I’ll see you in my next video! ♫

100 thoughts on “THE AMAZING TRIPLE SPIRAL (15,000 DOMINOES)

  1. Over 50 MILLION VIEWS?!?! That's absolutely insane. Thank you all so much! Some people asked for this so I made the amazing triple spiral into a poster that you can hang on your wall and frame!! I love the design so much 😀 If you're interested, you can get a poster here!

  2. It takes hard-working long time & time waste of things… Work hard & and it's get destroy in few minutes .. I don't like this type of work

  3. Reminds me of Mr. Bigweld from Robots 🤖 movie who loves to set up big and complex dominos. Very satisfying to watch.

  4. Just takes ONE Domino to Start….AND….One Domino to Stop The Flow……25 hours to construct…..wondering how many hours to put the colored domino's back into their respective bin's?

  5. I can see this as an elective for every grade school kids. Imagine, a mandatory a class we can have every grade in school to occupy everyone’s mind away from violence, hate, and bullying.

  6. So, maybe I'm missing somthing, but 1) orange spiral 2) blue spiral 3) white bridge spiral 4) the bridge itself… isn't it a quadruple spiral?

  7. Though stacking dominos to do this is like the biggest waste of time there is, but this always gets the attention and smiles when it works as the designer intended. VERY KEWEL!

  8. This popped up in my recommended section, crazy, I remember I watched and discovered this channel when this video came out almost 3 years ago, didn’t realize how much the channel has grown since then, congratulations 😊

  9. Amazing! Such patience and precision. How did you manage to make it so that when those white dominoes fell (at the top of that high 'railing') that they fell neatly onto the top of that high railing and didn't collapse the high railing! Are you Malaysian? Malaysian women make the best surgical technicians (did my cortisone injections into my spine, and my gall-bladder removal — both totally successful).

  10. Awesome work😍😍😍
    You should have included a 90° view from the top. That may be great……

  11. I believe first she has some beautiful qualities inside her and great nerves When she will be a mother she will.never lose it and her patience concentration Will be a blessing for her children Nor like nant women one mobile on one hand and the child Where ?

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