The Art of Ancient Egyptian Paintings and Relief Sculptures

The Art of Ancient Egyptian Paintings and Relief Sculptures

Carved around 3000 B.C.E, the Palette of Narmer is one of the earliest religious relief sculptures of Ancient Egypt. In subsequent years sculptures like this would be carved into the walls of temples. This wooden panel, from the burial grounds at Saqqarah, depicts the Egyptian dignitary Hesire. Carved between 2649-2575 B.C.E, it demonstrates careful detail in low relief. The tomb of Kheti at the Beni Hasan necropolis (1938-1630 B.C.E ) demonstrates how entire rooms could be covered with relief sculpture or paintings. Many Egyptians believed this type of decoration guaranteed a continuation of life. This wall painting from Hatshepsut’s mortuary temple at Dayr al-Bahri displays vibrant color and striking detail. Hatshepsut gained unprecedented power for a woman, reigning over Egypt from 1473-1458 B.C.E.. This is the Painting of Queen Nefertiti playing a game, 1320-1200 B.C.E.. This wall painting depicts King Tutankhamen with Egyptian gods Anubis and Nephthys. King Tut ruled from 1333-1323 B.C.E. This painted relief sculpture (probably of the god Anubis) shows a refined artistic style that characterized the reign of Seti I (1290-1279 B.C.E ). And this.. Another example of low relief sculpture from the Temple of Seti I.

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  1. So the original Egyptians and hence builders of the ancient Egyptian civilization (the sphinx, the pyramids etc) were black people? Wow, No wonder the technology is lost on the modern world today, more so the current Arab Egyptians. I wonder what must have happened to them? It cant be good. I can already feel cries of horror bellowing from from ancient Egypt. Sad.

  2. They themselves had written records remember. They regarded their origins to be "The Land of Punt". Modern day – Somalia. It lay east of Ancient Egypt accessible by both Land and Sea.


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  5. enable color filter invert color . you think you see how pretty it is? you dont . nothing is visible , but when you enable color invert . these painting, where made while color inverted . you can get the proper color otherwise . i dont know who made these but it wasnt egypt. why? the people that made this couldnt make the pyramid witout a color filter . and they couldnt use the filter at night cause everything would look white. it was a very specific range i sure would like science to check wich it is , why? once we know the exact frequency or whatever we can see the marvel they saw back then. yep the stuff in the real world was very specific , an altar , pole under made of insanelly white stuff. surface made of gold. yep you get it now. they had to know the real world value say for gold color and then convert in invert color and make the proper color . want a challenge ? i ll give you one ask an artist to make a pigment color that will look gold in inverted color . not for the faint of art . its all like that , i say a wall plain looking nothing out of ordinary , when you use invert color you see a space window. like a moment frozen in time! insane. its on another level, there is another thing , some seem to be multilayered . why , because if you look at the image say daylight version inverted color , there are ton of splosh of color that dont go with it at all. if you look at it at night with color filter on some of them show different stuff, it would take highly specialised tool just to find the proper … is it luminosity ? is it black light? whatever it is, the bag? its a downward light source . i m pretty sure engineer can copy that spectrum of light source from the invert color as the base ( at least it seem that way . in the sun those people where blind they needed a very specific filter like hockey player eye protector but with a filter in the glass! looked pinkish but then i m very bad with color one thing is sure, what is in inverted color show the rest of the story . tomb of tut? it isnt portraying the sun , only one planet match it in inverted color . uranus

  6. In the Image of Queen Nefertari playing Senet 1:50, the Hieroglyphic reads from Right to Left, down in columns….

    The Osiris, the Kings great Wife,
    Mistress of the Two Lands (then the Cartouche reads….Nefertari, beloved of Mut),
    The Justified before Osiris,
    The great God.

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