The Best Way to Remove Scratches from Stainless Steel

The Best Way to Remove Scratches from Stainless Steel

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  1. Great video! I have a table saw which looks to be stainless steel on the top. It has that grain looking pattern. I'm sure it's not cast iron. Anyway, do you recommend a product to prevent scratches? Like maybe a wax of some sorts?

  2. Thank you for your video. I was able to fix my scratches on my refrigerator's door without using any special chemical or lots work. The secret is in the sanding process, I used very fine sand block and then clean it with stainless-steel cleaner.

  3. I have some Nerf bars on my truck. They went through some six stage polishing process to create a mirror like finish, made from high quality T-304 stainless steel. I thought they were chrome at first & used some Eagle one Chrome wheel cleaner which i thought was OK. Well I guess i left it on a bit to long and it created some slight discoloration. More streaks really but I have been unable to buff it out using both never-dull & cream cleaners. Is there anything I can use which will fix this?

  4. Slightly off topic but I was wondering if anyone knew how to remove scratches from metal? I have a Calvin Klein belt and the center part is metal and has a few scratches. Does anyone know how to get rid of them, or should I follow the same steps as showed in the video tutorial above?


  5. Sorry for the late reply. It has been pretty busy here lately. Are you still unable to find those pads? I am not sure why you cannot find the pads. I found the maroon pads easily via google search and the number for them is 3M-7447. The Grey is 7448. I am not sure what other information I could provide. Give us a call at 877-901-5530 if you still can't find them.

  6. It just depends on the type of metal. I would assume if the metal has a grain finish to it like stainless steel does than these principles would apply to it, however, come metals are harder than others and it simply may not buff out.

  7. If they are stainless steel these principles wil work, if it is not, I don;t think I can help you out. Sorry. This video focuses on light scratches in stainless steel and thats it.

  8. Mark, we are here in Pennsylvania and just started "repairing" scratches in customer appliances, from cleaning or being moved, etc. Your videos have helped us do a better job for our customers. They have had positive comments, but it improved since we started using your techniques. Great advice. Thank you, Dan.

  9. The funny thing is that I used a scotch bright pad to put the my scratches on my refrigerator in the first place. I scrubbed a stain off in a circular pattern. Oops!!

  10. From now of, if you gotta clean, use the WHITE scotchbrite pads or 3M pads. All of the pads are color coded according to their grit. The white ones are made for "buffing" and "polishing" and, IF YOU CLEAN IN THE DIRECTION OF THE GRAIN, it will not scratch it. Sorry for shouting, it's just important.

  11. Good video, are you not concerned about stainless dust in the air? I hear working with stainless steel is nasty (fumes in particular from welding)

  12. Thank you for sharing, I have some annoying scratches around the knobs of my stove, guessing won't be that easy…and have some on my stand alone frig..oh thats going to be a big job.  At least I know there is an option as those scratches really stand out to me.

  13. Hey Michael D Koehler literally no one cares one single bit. We want to know how to fix scratches in stainless steel the end.

  14. This method works, I just bought a $5 product kit for my scratched stove that uses a similar idea and the scratches are gone. They sell it at home depot, and you can also find it on amazon. In case anyone is wondering, its called "rejuvenate stainless steel scratch eraser kit"

  15. I need help on cleaning off some etching done by a acid chemical used to clean a commercial kitchen. I realy realy need the advice on how to make it go away…thanks

  16. I purchased a stainless steel fridge that was a floor sample but it has a stubborn sticky double-sided tape that is really hard to get off.  I've use goo gone and other products but it doesn't want to come off.  any suggestions

  17. I have a beautiful metal table that had some rust on it as I am sure its not quite stainless steel and of course my neighbor said go ahead and use steel wool. OIf course I didn't pay attention to the grain because it was starting to get dark outside and now I have bright shinny circular scratches covering the whole top! This technique looks promising, and I will have a a lot of work ahead of me. does all metal have a grain even if its not stainless steel?

  18. I used Easy Off oven cleaner and it Made a spot on my kitchen aid oven handle. Would this method work for this type of problem?

  19. the cameraman needs to focus on the work when you are showing something, not the speaker.  Very good otherwise!

  20. We thought we had ruined our refrigerator when we scratched it trying to get some tape off. This worked excellent. Thank you for the informative video.

  21. Such a brilliant video. I had a couple of little scratches on my hob which really annoyed me. This has worked so well… Thank you.

  22. how do i blend it in. Im working on elevator doors and I tried removing scratches from the doors but ended up with different tones of color etc

  23. This is the best video available on the topic of removing scratches from stainless steel. The presenter not only tells you what to do, he tells you what NOT to do and WHY. Very useful. Thank you for posting.

  24. Thank you. My daughter is house sitting with a friend and scratched their sss. She bought a repair kit but the scratches remained. I sent her your video .she followed your directions and the scratches are gone. Thank you

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