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today on the big canvas we follow a
local high school student who uses the power of creation to overcome the
anxiety of being bullied the winner of the 2018 brush off competition speaks of
what steps she took to come out on top and an artist who takes different areas
of Toronto and turns them into masterpieces all this and more coming up
on today’s episode of the big canvas hello and welcome to the big canvas I’m
Robert Kubbinga today we’ve got a lot on the show for you we meet with Meaghan Mechler the winner of the 2018 brush off competition she takes us along the
journey of how she got to the top I had a manuscript that was due to be
submitted on Monday and the brush F was on Saturday and I had to get it to my
professor on Friday and Megan came into my office with this enormous red
painting oil painting of a bull so she became a bit of a kind of you know she
was one of my star pupils she was also doing these drawings in her notebook can
I ask to have a look at them and there was this beautiful kind of spidery
writing and wonderful illustrations which she was doing and little cartoons
of the people working all while she was doing the actual work and still doing it
better than anyone else so for the brush-off I wanted to make sure of
course that I had a fair thickness of the paints because they provide the
paints so I don’t need to be stingy the whole point of this tool is to actually
remove paint so I first go through was with this there was a couple times when
I used this paint brush because of its natural curve to work and some like
curved looks to the feathers you’ve never finished art you simply
abandon it I feel like that’s especially true when you have a half hour to paint
so I did the first round and then there was the break for the second half of the
first round and I I painted an owl because on the way
driving into the brush off actually saw an owl I wasn’t very confident with my
second painting at all so I felt it could go either way with getting into
the third round it felt like something that would just be really lovely to be
able to continue to participate in especially because I was so tired at
that point in the night and the painting was keeping me awake I was actually in
the washroom when they were announcing brushing off on their paint when they
announced it and so I came out and was thrilled to hear my name announced when
they announced the that it was me I I had a I was debating in my mind how to
most appropriately celebrate that because I wanted to break out and do a
little dance but it seemed like everyone else is just standing around really
dignified and such so it was that internal struggle so I end up like doing
little shoulder thing I think it would have been quite interesting if we had
all actually decide to celebrate as we wished but we it was really great fun
and it was really touching to have all my friends and family there that was Megan Meckler she’s really
mastered the art of balancing school and painting now we meet with Robert the
artist a self-taught oil painter who turns landscapes into paintings being an
artist is never easy for most of us that’s for sure well I met him at the
beach in Key West Florida he was playing volleyball and caught my eye one of our
early dates that made me fall in love with him was him taking me sailing off
the water is of Key West Florida I’m sailing myself I love to Pete sail
this and always some good action in the harbor there’s a long love story but I
fell in love with an artist and we developed a business from his talents
there is a bit of a adrenaline rush it’s true when you get there and open up your
easel and put your painting your that you’re working on on your easel it’s a
lot of fun I mean every two minutes you’re needing some some character
whether usually somebody in the neighborhood and that’s a lot of fun too
I get told the history of what I’m painting one of the funnest places that
I painted on location was this one here of the Flatiron Building downtown
Toronto there’s another one where I painted the original raid on location
Queen and Spadina whenever I would not feel like going out to paint you know I
would just think of a Roberto I mean he lived in the shelter at night but he was
there every day working on his drawings and
he was one character that I met downtown Toronto that really inspired me he’s
been well received for his first year being here I would love to see him in
his studio painting sun hitting all them big trees and that’s what I love about
Ontario he’s the land of giant trees everywhere
he saw his Hamilton skyline I’ll be exciting to get out and show them the
people of Hamilton the city where they grew up and we will see what he creates
next I found it pretty good you know I’m not getting rich or anything from my art
yet hopefully someday but you just got to keep plugging along so you good good
times and bad times just keep working on it
keep believing hopefully it all works out Robert the artist is truly a talented
painter now on our next segment we speak with Benjamin a high school student who
has overcome struggles by creating masterpieces I actually got bullied quite a lot as a
kid and that just festered up
I actually got bullied for being artistic yes the bullying definitely was
an issue for him I think the art became a way for him to express himself it was
actually going through a pretty rough time when I painted this I was really
like contracted myself from everybody I really needed to like sort things out
like emotionally that room evolved so that was actually my mother’s sitting
room it was a time that Benjamin spent a fair bit of time in there with my mum
when she was she passed away when he was six years old and so then it became kind
of the the kids playroom hangout room after she had passed away he started
creating things in there I do recall one time coming home from work and him
writing and saying I didn’t mean to I didn’t mean to Anderson what didn’t you
mean to and there was like black paint all over the place and he had started
painting using house paint this painting is by Benjamin drobik and
he was showing the social issue of homelessness and he showed it in a
really interesting way in Benjamin’s future I think he should continue to
pursue his passion which is art and I think there’s different outlets for that
I think at the post-secondary stream he could try to apply to specific colleges
for certain programs there’s also wonderful foundations programs at places
like Conestoga that I think would be a really good portfolio building
opportunity for him would like to actually paint
professionally I just thought it would be kind of good to get back at the kids
here putting me down for being artistic Benjamin is truly a talented student
we’ll be back right after these messages coming up after the break
we meet with a wood burning artist who turns lots of wood into arts portraits
and an artist who always loves to paint the unexpected stay tuned for more of
the big canvas right here on Rogers TV I don’t think anything I’ve ever done is
perfect I occasionally will have moments up oh yeah I really like that but then
you know a day later I’ll look at it again I go oh yeah it’s not as good as I
thought it was I went to college at OCAD but I dropped out unfortunately and at
the time I was much younger and I don’t agree with the choice that I made at the
time but that’s what I did last year I went back to school full-time in the
Conestoga College Bachelor of design program and my partner tom has been very
influential in that well her artwork and her graphic design work are very
complementary and they’re really on a spectrum I think she really likes to
bring a lot of her artistry to the graphic design this was a really fun
logo to work on than art and music festivals so I had to incorporate
elements of both art and music into it outside shape of the logo as a as a
guitar but it also implies a artist palette with the paintbrush and little
dots of paint we both weren’t heavily involved with this production of The
Merchant of Venice I wrote the score and Andrea did the artwork so this was my
original drawing here when I finished drawing this I scanned it into my
computer and then I digitized it in Adobe Illustrator adding all the details
so all of this stuff was all hand rendered the kind of the gold colors
alluded to money which is a big theme and this in this play I tried to
incorporate a lot of symbolism but also imagery that was reminiscent of art deco
and Art Nouveau themes some of the artwork to really kind of
capture a sound or a musical concept and that will often just get me thinking in
an interesting direction I’ve never composed a piece specifically
based on a piece of artwork but they’ve they’ve sort of got me thinking about Oh
what would the sound of that be and how would that kind of flow when I was
little I would get this weird dream of shapes floating in space cylinders and
and for some reason it gave me a lot of anxiety I have no idea why using that
idea and then breaking down shapes in the environment into very basic forms
just feels right you know I can’t explain why but I think it’s just a
matter of balance next we meet with Coe dealer Betts key a wood burning artist
whose art is adored by celebrities oh yeah
this is Kody Laura Betts key you’re on MTV Cribs just kidding it’s a Rogers big
canvas I started wood-burning in 2013 I’ve been
at it for about five years this is one that I did for my cousin that was his
first wood-burning one and the fact that he gave it to me as a gift really made
it special I hold it near and dear in my heart and I believe she does as well
basically what I do is I do all the outlining with a wood-burning pen I take
like a prisoner caller pencil it’s like a pencil crown
I color it in a little bit about me when it comes to art I’ve always been
interested in it ever since I was a little child all my school notebooks
were filled with doodlings and the in the columns of it I also picked up
woodworking as a hobby I went to school for that that kind of kick-started my my
passion for building stuff in my hands again when I first started going to
shows with these it was strictly me just literally showing up to the venue hoping
to get through the security first and foremost with a piece of wood then like
some people might consider that a weapon or something I’ve been doing a couple of
these shows with him where he’s got to meet the artist and get the mater draft
and so it’s been pretty cool to share those experiences with them knock on
wood I’ve had had a lot of luck and I’ve been able to meet some really cool idols
of mine so far I left a piece for gene Simmons at a KISS concert and kind of
left it in good faith of the crew backstage to get it to him low and
behold about two and a half months later I get a message from gene with a picture
of him and he said that he loved it and he’s gonna keep it so that’s kind of a
personal highlight sometimes just stuff not really the emotional side of it but
just just kind of hanging in there because there’s a lot of times where
you’ll take your stuff to show something might not get by or someone might you
have a comment about oh you’re doing it this way or that way and I think you
have to have that kind of mentality to keep trucking along no matter what keep
toward and you know follow his gut and follow
his love and just keep going with it don’t let anybody milk you down the
future looks good I’m feeling awesome about the kind of stuff I’m doing these
days and the people that I’m working with and I just I just really look
forward every day to put in the wood-burning pen down on the onto the
wood okay so I’m gonna show you my biggest
frustration in life is a painting right over there 2010 was what I was hoping to
finish this her my show busy there’s a lot left Carmen describes herself as very erratic
but she does follow things that she loves
you’ve gotta top it I put like a little bit of gold around his monocle so it
makes me happy I was born in Quito Ecuador and we moved
up when I was only one when I was growing up my mom homeschooled my sister
and I so that afforded us a lot of freedoms
we’d go to the library and I always seemed to gravitate towards the art
books and science books the work that I create is heavily based off of that this
is my box of chocolates normally when I show these works I have a magnifying
glass so that people can see it when you bring them up in your painting like this
they fill your world it’s a struggle because sometimes when
you’re working you feel oh I’m just repeating myself this is an interesting
this isn’t new what am I doing here and there’s a lot of doubt when you’re
creating work but christina has been pretty much a rock for me for the past
few years if anything’s on our mind whether it be work-related
school-related relationships just inner turmoil in
general we’ll usually talk about that which I’ll just called me late and I’m
like you want to go for a pub and like yes please because then we can like deep
brief about our days we get really excited about the same things and our
level of excitement well like yep each other up so then would be like yes yes
that’s such a great idea Oh like to it and if you get excited I
mean like exciting and that’s something I oh I can’t live without this I’m
actually made its second year it’s a weird piece but I have it up in
the face because it just makes me so happy I
have a little pug that looks sad because he looks with two cats and I just I look
at it and I’m yeah right now I’m finishing out my masters of information
I’m hoping to be working in the information field particularly in
libraries and also at the same times work in the fine art world or hopefully
we’ll see we’ll see that come to life next we’re turning up the heat with
Kristen Moss in her artwork I do do a lot of like sexually suggestive
paintings a lot of nudes and everyone likes butts so I’ve painted a lot of fun I’ve always loved stripper shoes they’re
tacky and plastic and ridiculous but there’s something about them that are
just awesome I really like this bathing and like obviously it’s not for sale I
don’t think anyone would want a portrait of Howard Stern’s head and they’re
hopeful but I do I met Kristin through the pub that we
both work at servin pints and having a nice time I commissioned her to make a
piece for me for my for my fifth anniversary as a gift for my fiance so I
took a picture that I had taken years ago when I was in my prime and I had her
paint it for me so I thought she did a really really really good job like it
looks like me it’s accurate but it’s her own style like it’s her own artistic
twist if you will it hangs on our bedroom so I think he liked it the
hardest part for me is having to like let go of my paintings you fall in love
with them you spend hours and hours especially if your meat was the slowest
painter all the time and then some ones might be interested in buying it but you
know but you get so attached to it and then you let it go so that part is kind
of hard it’s nice when I can come back and see them again
so like this big painting I sold to a friend and I went back and took it back
I’m Nick Taylor owner of dying wish tattoo kristin is my girl she’s like
well-rounded her Styles all over the place really
it’s a she’s very like she explores a lot of different like avenues of art
it’s cool because she’s got her own thing going on it’s pretty cool to see
you know you know I have suffered from anxiety and depression and when I’m
painting hours and hours and hours can go by like I will I have painted for 16
hours straight luckily I found an outlet that helped me that you know turn my
turn my brain off for a while so like it’s looking around and seeing all this
color around me like it’s the best kind of therapy Wow
wasn’t that a colorful segment we’ll see you after the break coming up on the big
canvas we get right into one of the most unique painters of the brush-off
competition stay tuned for more of the big canvas right here on Rogers TV welcome back next we meet with Jason one
of the most exciting competitors from the brush-off my family was actually
sent to Australia in 1812 as convicts from England but in my work I like to
show motifs of sailing that connects into our history find that art is like
life you don’t really know what’s gonna happen until you actually get to the
point you may make a plan for something to happen in a certain way but as things
go things change and life happens seven years is a long time the breakup
and that it really puts things in perspective it feels like being an ocean
or you’re like you know you’re not a crest of a wave like right now then you
fall down into those troughs every once in a while but sometimes when you can
you can find those things and try and use those as as fuel there is like an
energy that comes out in the work that you normally can’t find my good friend
and local artist Jim Tubb told me just paint like paint like a madman this is pw’s original painting
competition the brush-off is currently in seventh years they compete in four
rounds and at the end of the night we have 35 incredible original works of art
that goes up on the wall and people can bid on them and take them home and hang
them up on their living room wall the best part of the event is not only
new artists families and friends come but people from all over Kitchener
Waterloo Cambridge 12 Stratford they come to this event to the museum to
check out art being painted live the artists are always out of their comfort
zone they’re getting messy they’re running at their campuses and some don’t
use cameras at all – okay I need your help
I need something to paint with anything you got pop tab receipt anything you got
your purse wallet whatever whatever will be come on somebody got something you
guys got some cups cups I want to take it ball seriously
I’ll give you like a hundred bucks for it okay here here give me the phone
I think Jason’s arts really good abstract he’s got a really great style
and he’s really good at mixing his palette and it’s different colors
together wasn’t that crazy he even started
painting with a cell phone we’ll see you after the break we wrap things up right
after these short messages right here on Rogers TV the big canvas was able to find many
talented artists throughout our community I hope you’re able to take
something away from this program and to create your own masterpieces thanks for
watching we’ll see you soon

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