The Canyons at Castle Pines | Corbett Model | Shea Homes Colorado

The Canyons at Castle Pines | Corbett Model | Shea Homes Colorado

so you want to know about the Gallery
Collection by Shea Homes at The Canyons at Castle Pines? let’s take a tour! we’re
getting started right now. hey everybody welcome back to my channel I’m Alyson Wahl with Live South Denver. I’m a real estate strategist and realtor and I help
people make their move to South Denver. today we’re touring one of the homes in
the Gallery Collection by Shea in The Canyons at Castle Pines. before we get
into the tour I have a couple of things I really want to share with you about
new construction and I’m gonna plow through these really quickly. first, know
new construction can be a great route for so many reasons. two, plan on the
construction time being anywhere from nine months to a year. it’s possible it
could go longer it almost definitely will not be shorter than nine months.
these next few points I elaborated on quite a bit in the previous video so
definitely go check them out. three, the contract with the Builder is builder
friendly, not buyer-friendly. point four, the Builder is not going to let you
be a contingent buyer for very long unless you have quite a bit of cash on
hand. point five, a lot of the builders these days have partnerships with so
called Ibuyers – Zillow, open door, etc. what you’re gonna
hear about if you have a home to sell is the benefit of being able to sell your
home pretty much on your time frame. that is often one of the perks of an Ibuyer.
what you’re not going to hear about are the Ibuyer fees and how it eats into
the equity that you’re gonna get out of your home. go check out that video and
see what is really the common set of fees that do come out of your sale when
you sell with an Ibuyer. and then, point 6, when you go and visit homes with a new
home builder you really want to have your Realtor with you – the person you
know, like, trust, and plan to work with. so what happens if you don’t have a realtor
yet? mmm, well ideally you would have an agent with you or, if not, the second best
thing is to have their business card and let the Builder know this is who I’m
working with. it secures your opportunity to have someone
represent you, advocate for you, and if necessary fight for you. let’s go get on
this tour! welcome to the Corbett model in the
Gallery Collection by Shea Homes. you can see here several beautiful
elevations. we are starting our tour upstairs just as we did in the last
model, the Emerson model, right off the loft is this beautiful master suite.
again look at all of the natural light let in by all of these windows. Shea
Homes just does a wonderful job with natural light, abundant windows… it makes
for just beautiful bedrooms. though obviously if you like to sleep in the
dark you need a lot of window coverings 🙂 here is the master ensuite with the
pocket toilet just right off to the side as you come in. and this just decked out
master closet. to have the closet set up this way is an upgrade for the home, but
it shows really well what could be done if you do choose to have an upgraded
closet. the shower up ahead – again there’s natural light. you have a rain head that
is included, euro glass, a poured shower pan, which means you can tile it. and then
in this model a free-standing tub that does not come with all the models and is
somewhat newer for Shea. so we come out into this loft space which can be
converted into a fifth bedroom. so for families that have the need of more
sleeping space for a larger family you do have the option of closing this
off, but here it’s shown as a space for relaxing and enjoying TV and games. the
dining area and the downstairs opens up all the way to the second floor, gives a
beautiful open space. back upstairs we’re gonna see bedrooms two and three and
they’re joined here in the middle by this wonderful jack-and-jill bathroom.
the tiling of the shower all the way to the ceiling
is now a standard feature as well with this collection in The Canyons. these
bedrooms are a really good size as you can see so it gives quite a bit of space
for you to, in this case, put in bunk beds if you’d like. or for a child with a
single bed to have room for furniture toys decorations etc. so here’s the
upstairs laundry – it’s a true laundry room which is often prized because we do
sure make an abundance of laundry most families don’t we? there’s another view
of the loft. and then we’re going to take our quick run downstairs, and here’s an
overview of the great room / open floor plan feel of the Corbett model. so here
again we overlook the dining space and how it is right off of the patio and
then we come into the kitchen. now right around the corner here from the fridge
is a nook and then the walk-in pantry. so all of this cabinet space does not need
to be used for food storage all of that can be used for dishes and pots and pans
and baking items and all of those things that are essential. because we usually
have a lot don’t we? and then here is your garage entry / mudroom area. and then
this is a unique little space… it’s labeled as the study on the floor plan,
but it’s on the other side of the double-sided fireplace. so you can use
this for a game room, the homework space, an office / home office.
it wouldn’t be private, you’d have to add some kind of unique barn doors if you
wanted some privacy there. but there’s really a lot of opportunity here to make
something that’s creative and useful for the family and that has all that natural
light. it’s on the other side of this dividing wall that contains
your beautiful fireplace. and then from there we step right into the living room
and have another view of the open layout looking into the kitchen back out to the
beautiful front door. the dining space is over to the side here. and as we’re
heading up toward the front we come to another bedroom and a full bath. it would
be both the bath that guests would use as well as the bathroom for this front
bedroom. and this front bedroom is a great sized bedroom for family and
friends and guests right here on the main floor. well that’s the end of this tour thank
you so much for going with me! wasn’t it a beautiful home?! well what can I do for
you? now that we have seen some of the homes are you interested? do you have
some questions? are you getting serious about buying new construction? how can I serve you? one of the things we haven’t talked about and I don’t post it
publicly not on YouTube nor anywhere else…it’s just for folks who connect
with me to talk about what it might look like for me to represent you for your
real estate transaction… but I do give perks to my clients who specifically buy
new construction homes. so are you interested in knowing more about that?
then let’s connect. my contact information is in the description box
down below. you can reach me by email, you can text me, you can give me a call, and I
would love to share more about all the ways that I serve my clients. thank you
so much for watching! I truly appreciate every time you spend
a little bit of time with me and watch and I can’t wait to connect with you
again next Thursday.

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  1. Very helpful explanation on the “iBuyer”. We have clients who regretted using that program for the same reasons you explained. 👍

  2. What's your favorite part of this house – leave me a comment!
    New construction is a great buy all across Denver since there is still low home inventory. I'm ready to answer your questions on all things real estate! 303-246-6707, [email protected]

  3. I hate that when the new home builders require you to use an ibuyer when selling their home in order to buy a brand new construction.

  4. iBuyer fees are expensive! Love this tour of the The Canyons at Castle Pines. The natural light is amazing.

  5. Love the modern steel railings! Very chic!

  6. Nice tour of homes and great job explaining the I buyer program. It's definitely not for everybody and if you are going that route you're going to pay for the convenience of not putting your house on the market and you're going to pay to the tune of 6 to 8 even as much as 12%

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