The Case for Yoko Ono | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

The Case for Yoko Ono | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

100 thoughts on “The Case for Yoko Ono | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

  1. Art is subjective to interpretation but I personally find Yoko an interesting person who is also very strong and resilient.

  2. Great video! However, I personally feel like the background music was unfitting, unnecessary and distracting. But still, great video.

  3. But then on the other hand, she referred to John's first son as a mistake child, fought him for years to keep him from inheriting any of his father's money, and sold all of his son's letters he had written to his father instead of doing the right thing by giving them back.

    She is a garbage person.

  4. Seems to me like she just throws a lot of shit at the wall and counts on some of it to stick. I don't think she's a total hack, she has some ideas I can understand and respect, but a lot of what she does is just meaningless and random.

  5. So she would not be known if it was not for John Lennon. Can her work stand on its own? I think not. Theres more talented artist in her style who most will never know. But they were not lucky enough to marry a famous artist.

  6. I think she is truly one of the most progressive artists around, but I hate her and John as people because of the way they abusively treated their son, Julian.

  7. She is AMAZING as an artist and has brilliant ideas and thoughts, but has a very poor personality towards other. And tbh, her works were super fine before she met John but when it comes to John and his life, she just ruined it.

  8. I respect PBS, so I watched this with an open mind, but I differ on your opinion off Yoko, I cannot like her work or even formally find any merit in it, visually or musically.

  9. Her piece Cut Piece is one of the most uncomfortable performance art I have seen in my life. The things people are capable of when you let them do what they want to you. They do it without restraint. After watching that video in YouTube I have a new found respect for her as an artist and a bigger respect for her art.

  10. I have more respect for artists that can use ordinary forms to create exceptional work than those that try to create their own forms, but do so poorly.
    This doesn't have much to do with Yoko Ono, really, but it reminded me of this thing I think sometimes.

  11. One of the more unlikely people Yoko Ono influenced and inspired was actually none other than Kurt Cobain. Kurt Cobain had a high affection for the work of Yoko which I find really interesting. Kurt was extremely interested in the artists who pissed off most people. Another example of an artist like that which Kurt loved was The Shaggs.

  12. Dislike her music, but most of her performances, "instructions" and other visual pieces seem to be amazing! I'm definitely researching further

  13. I think what has largely still bothered me about Yoko was the very real presentation of her own ego. I am not suggesting she needed to take a backseat to her male counterpart, I just think that in her mind the work she was doing off the commercial scale was way more important than anything you could quantify (like Beatles record sales). To this day, I maintain the Chuck Barry debacle as something she probably should of quietly observed. Her lover, fan, partner, emotional support, friend and husband was playing with one of his idols and she took it as an opportunity to steal the show instead of witnessing a major milestone. This case happens over and over again. She didn't want to share the spotlight. She wanted her own, which is understandable when you're trying to make a name for yourself and you dedicated your entire life to being *heard*. This is also why she let John run away with his lover. She needed her alone time once she had the fame. It seems meticulously calculated in my opinion. While I understand her part in the art cannon and respect it, I just know this type of person in my own artworld experience and the last thing they need or needed was more spotlight and validation for fledging works that are good but not great. I like this video and it gave me some perspective, I just find certain things egregious and at the very least completely fucking annoying.

  14. Do you know the song I Won’t Be Your Yoko Ono by Dar Williams? It really captures the spirit of her work and the influence she had on young artists and musicians. It’s one of my favorite songs.

  15. You know I think it’s sexist that I know that I needed to hate yoko even though I don’t know why or even is a big enough fan of John Lennon to care

    I just

    I learned to hate her cause everybody did

  16. I remember as a young kid going to the wish tree in Washington DC and wishing for world domination, not quite the place for that as I can see now

  17. She also likes to sue subcultural bars in Hamburg btw:

    Of cause she can behave like that, but then she's kind of an ass. It's like Stanley Kubrick's inheritors would sue The Muppetshow for Dr. Julius Strangepork or Priscilla Presley would sue some Elvis impersonator.

    How does this fit into the "Love the Art, Hate the Artist" context?

  18. She destroyed something that is truly beautiful … There is no case for that … no matter how what bs you say with your pretentious analysis …

  19. I found a mistake in the title. It should read "the case AGAINST Yoko Ono". Btw most people from here in Japan are embarrassed of her.

  20. I really didn't know anything about Yoko Ono, apart from her being with John Lennon. Her art sounds super interesting so I will definitely do some more research on her work!

  21. I love the fact that you forgot the fact that she didn't even leave any of John's legacy to his first family and she used John's blood stained glasses for her first album cover and the other vile things she's done to John's first family!!

  22. I saw Yoko Ono's work at the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, Canada) back in 2002 and fell in love with her work. She may be a schmuck personally but there are few artists who aren't/weren't. At any rate, she is a brilliant conceptual artist.

  23. I love this channel and art but considering im a Beatles fan I know shes a jerk to anyone who doesn't think like her. She also legit thought John Lennon was cheating on her with PAUL MCCARTNEY. She just made allot of assumptions and was very controllive of John. But I do understand why you would make a video about her so no hate to you just thought I would share.

  24. "Her sound contained traces of opera, German lieder, and other styles she learned in her youth."

    LOL okay, sure. A tub of hot diarrhea with a dash of cognac is still shit, though.

  25. Maybe her museum art have some sort of beauty in them, but her songs really don’t. You said it yourself, Art must be beautiful

  26. My contention with artists like Yoko Ono is that most of their art is incredibly dull and meaningless when it has no context. In my opinion, good art is timeless and doesn't need to be embellished with any contextual narrative for it to be appreciated.

  27. I like Yoko Ono as an artist, she’s always been very creative and I think it’s awful that everyone associates her with the break up of the Beatles when they were breaking up ALREADY.

  28. Soooo… She is the daughter of a rich banker. She used her trust fund to make crap "art". She dated a famous guy, and that garnered her fame, too. And she's loathed by almost everyone on planet Earth.

  29. Well, I think you made a case for her sense of humor. Some of the things you showed were unexpectedly nice or positive or showed an interesting sort of lateral thinking. But at the end of the day I do still think she's full of crap. Some of it is intentional and she likes it that way and some of it represents everything that is pretentious about modern art installations. I kinda wish we could separate the kind of art that is simply looking to create a sensation and the kind that is trying to display artistic skill and years of work to hone that skill. Then the people who like to display huge wads of copper wire or an arrangement of bright latex painted furniture or a word on the effing ceiling and call it art will be able to have their fun out of the way of those of us who are just trying to make actual freaking art that required us to practice and study, dammit. We could call the second one "Art" and the other "I Pulled This Out of My Ass, Give Me Lots of Money and Praise Me in Periodicals and Tell Naysayers That They're Being Closed-Minded."

    Maybe something shorter. But certainly not Art.

  30. Are these „The case for“ videos just meant to show what a person has done? Because you didn‘t make any case at all, you just told me that she did several things.
    Maybe it‘s because I‘m not a native speaker, but that‘s not what „making a case“ means, right?

  31. My main issues with Ono have more to do with her treatment of people like Julian Lenin, something that John was very bad about as well. She actually brought legal action against Julian, trying to sue him for a cut of the profits of songs he wrote and performed himself, purely because he is John's son. John himself was an abuser and an abandoner, and while that onus mainly falls upon him, her actions against Julian seem to echo her enabling of his abuse.

    Also, while I'm sure she has some profound artistic reason for the sounds she makes, her music is extraordinarily grating.

  32. Not convinced yet. Should the intent to make a gesture, or the full gesture that should be regarded as art? Most of Ono´s work is only an intent, an "invitation" as she puts it, to complete the work she won’t do, so in order to shy away from really making a serious statement. There is a difference between making a serious invitation for the creation of a poetic image, and to just leave your work half finished. That is the difference between Mallarmé and Breton, between Picasso and Dali. Ono is not destined to last, if not as a figurant from the big names of the 60´s and 70´s.

  33. I was instantly reminded of this singer, SOKO, so I wanted to share one of her works >

  34. What she did tu Julian was cruel and I don’t know why she did that. Of course her screaming isn’t pleasing to the ears but when she sings (in the typical way) I think it sounds pretty good. She was ahead of her time. No matter what anyone says, women’s liberation conceptual art.. and also it wasn’t her who broke up the Beatles!

  35. What she did tu Julian was cruel and I don’t know why she did that. Of course her screaming isn’t pleasing to the ears but when she sings (in the typical way) I think it sounds pretty good. She was ahead of her time. No matter what anyone says, women’s liberation conceptual art.. and also it wasn’t her who broke up the Beatles!

  36. What she did tu Julian was cruel and I don’t know why she did that. Of course her screaming isn’t pleasing to the ears but when she sings (in the typical way) I think it sounds pretty good. She was ahead of her time. No matter what anyone says, women’s liberation conceptual art.. and also it wasn’t her who broke up the Beatles!

  37. I still feel she is a talent-less hack that gave humanity nothing. Where is any kind of skill in what she is doing? Where is any real innovation? Avant-garde art should be something you might move to after mastering particular art first. If not than there is no worth and no substance in it. How is writing stupid instructions an art if instructions are everywhere? How is "Wish Tree" an art piece if people in Japan hang their wishes on trees for centuries? How is screaming an art when people scream all the time? Some call it art because it is sold as 'exhibition' and sheeples are clapping. That kind of bullshit should be treated with disdain.

  38. Fun fact: The ceiling painting they talk about at 3:09 is where John Lennon first met her and her art and reportedly fell in love. When he started on the ladder he thought it was stupid intellectual shite but seeing the YES at the top apparently changed his mind. If it had been a NO, he said, it would've been different.

  39. It's hard for me to respect Yoko as a person, due to a lot of hardship she reportedly brought on people (I'm talking about her not giving John's first son his father's letters to him, or joining in on throwing anti-Semitic remarks towards Eastman). Her art often does what she wants it to do, make the audience think and be confused and be a bit uncomfortable, so I can't fault her there. But she is a confusing and other worldly person herself I can't say isn't beautiful.

  40. Wow. She completely conformed to the anti-culture "nonsense is sense" attitude. Not that impressive when you melt your brain with lsd. She never saw that what she was doing was nothing special. Lsd is powerful and great, but not when you take it every day. She also cheated on Lennon with some dude she immediately started sleeping with the day after Lennon was killed. Oh and she had this long time lover of hers wear Lennon's clothes. That is someone in need of a therapist. Oh, and she sang, well as she elegantly put it..she "drowned on stage", until producers shut off her mic and stopped her from ruining shows. There is art that is challenging to create. And then there is Yoko's form of "art" which is challenged because all it does is challenge the definition of art by splatting out diahria in the form of sound and visuals and calling it expression. Drugs dont make good music and good art. Good art and good music by really hard working and talented people makes drugs more enjoyable. Bottom line is that she had no talent at all, she just conformed to a very very common idea of nonconforming. Completely uninspiring and untalented. Nice work spinning her life into somthing.. inspirational? I think that's what your goal was. And I have to say you did a damn good job. You would do very very well in a political career of some kind. But hearing the words you had do use to describe her life and the words that made up her quotes and "instruction" kinda killed the whole emotional enlightenment you were going for. You left out the tuna fish sandwich instruction thing and it still sounded like she was a horrific human being. And its not your fault, it's just who yoko is. she (in her own words) would "drown on stage", sit there while other people stripped her, and she fooled around with another person under a garbage bag. Oh and she ruined chess. Why is she not doing that "cut/strip my clothes off for the audience" routine when she is 70? Why is she not being shown naked in 2015? Oh because the only reason she ever did that was because she thought she was hot and it had nothing to do with nudity or woman empowerment. She thought she was hot stuff, otherwise she would still be getting naked on stage today. The sole reason she ever became well known is because she grew up in america. A country so damn successful and amazing that people who do absolutely nothing can get famous and rich off of all the extra money people are making. Any other country in the world that is south of the US, or west of the US, or anywhere other than the US, and she would have just been seen for what she is, a psycho. A psycho who ruined chess, acting, singing, and many performances with john lennon and other talented artists. If you really want the things she did to have the right to be called art, then everyone in the world has the right to call it what it is, garbage. And you cant say they are wrong just because you dont like their opinion. Just shrug it off and keep enjoying the "art" of your choice. But be honest about ALL of it, not just the stuff you can spin into a glory story. Add that tuna fish sandwich instructional thing to the video please. You know, the one where she instructs you to "imagine the sky is a thousand suns all melting into you. Make a tuna sandwich. Eat". And that's the whole piece of "art"/delusion. Add that bit and see if the spin is just as easy.

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