The Cool Things You Can Do With Canvas

The Cool Things You Can Do With Canvas

This is the video where we’re supposed to show you all the cool things Canvas can do. But it’s actually more about the cool things you can do, with a little help from Canvas. With fewer clicks and steps, stuff like Speedgrader and drag-and-drop calendaring will give you more time in the day. You can do what you have to in a way you actually want to. The communication between teacher and learner is so critical. And with Canvas, it’s on your terms. Students can receive notifications, submit work, and interact with learning materials on the devices they use and in the ways they’re used to. Canvas’ open platform lets you provide feedback and other interaction using video, blogs, wikis, or several other ways. You know the learning experience you want to create, And Canvas is the perfect sidekick. Bring the best of the web into your lessons with open integrations. Reinvent assessments with richer content. Easily tie outcomes to your grading and then monitor it all with analytics. Teaching or learning is what you do. Helping you make it simple, smart, and transformative is what Canvas does. Give it a try see what Canvas can do for you.

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  1. Bright and cheery overview! Hey everyone, did you know that you can use Canvas for free? Check out this video to learn how…

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