THE FINAL MOVING VLOG (lol): Home Decor Updates!

THE FINAL MOVING VLOG (lol): Home Decor Updates!

28 thoughts on “THE FINAL MOVING VLOG (lol): Home Decor Updates!

  1. Honestly keep your shorts hung up maybe 1 pair between jeans focusing on the middle of the rack with the jeans on both the outside ends I don’t like shorts folded on shelves (: keep the shelves for shoes also clear shelves on the wall for a few bags would be a nice addition great 👍 setup

  2. love these vlogs so much. ALSO i was your giveaway winner!! Most exciting thing that happened to me in such a long time!! Princess Polly is the best!

  3. hahaha i’ve been the exact same way with my new apartment! moved in in may and didn’t have it looking how i wanted it until last week! ❤️

  4. Does anyone else think that's super wasteful for a company to send a whole video screen with batteries just to teach you how to install a picture frame? Like, one sheet of paper would have been sufficient.

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