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When in doubt Use brute Force What’s up guys Welcome back to the Shop for part Two of our Flamethrower build Video you remember in Our Last Video We took A 20 Pound Co2 Tank A Scuba Harness and Some other Miscellaneous fittings and Put it all together to Make a basic Flamethrower Assembly in This Video Today, we’re Tying up the loose Ends with A Slightly More Complicated Assembly and Getting This Thing Ready for Action now. Once again Just want to give A big Shout-out to They in no Way Sponsored This Video but it was Their Idea And Made This Video Possible Today. So our Flamethrower Is pretty much assemble There’s Really only Two things that We need to do left at This Point and that is to Take the Hose from our Pressure Washer and Connect it to the Co2 Tank then Take a propane Torch and Mount it underneath the pressure Washer but it’s not Nearly as Easy as it sounds Because We’re Actually gonna have to do A lot of Modifications to the nozzle Itself Alright so first Things first let’s Jump Over to our tank and drill some holes Now I’m gonna be Shooting this Thing right Handed when the sticks on my back I want the Hose to connect to the right Side Right Down here so the first Thing I’m going to, do Is put the Paintball tank across from me on the Opposite Side I’m going to take my left hand go all the way to the Bottom and Measure Up from the Bottom One inch Now that We got our Position Mark I’m going to be using a thirty seven sixty Four Drill bit to drill in Tap a hole Yay Success That Took far longer Than I was expecting You know it’s Really weird about that Is I think We caught it on the Curve There’s like half an inch here but then it Curves in Obviously The Bottom is Thicker and then the walls are Cuz the Top part of the Wall here is only About half an inch Thick but then that back end is like an inch and A half I’m not sweating at all So quick Update Guys I Finally got Through this tank here, was A lot more difficult than I was Expecting here’s why? When I drill down Into the saloon I was expecting it to maybe be half an inch Thick but it just kept Going and Going And i think the Reason is because the Bottom of This tank is actually Sloped on the inside so there’s much more Metal near the Bottom and Even Though the Instructions Safe to drill at the One-inch Point Just be Prepared that it’s gonna be A lot more Work than You Think We used our Thirty seven Sixty Four-bit to go in and Then I use this 3/8 inch 18 Npt to Actually cut some Threads so Theoretically The end of our pressure washer hood Should Now Screw in Perfectly but The Problem With Drilling and Tapping our Own hole Is it’s put a lot of aluminum Shavings inside The Tank so actually Had to Take a pair of Channellocks and A rubber Mallet and Knock the Top valve Loose To open A, hole big Enough, We could turn the tank Upside Down and Shake all Those Shavings out so here We are Guys it took quite A bit of Work but We now have the Hose attached to the tank Few Surprises Along the way the tank Is very very Thick it’s very difficult to tap this Thing and Screwing the Hose on Only Got Within About a Quarter of an inch of the tank Itself but There’s Quite A bit of Pipe Thread tape on There and It’s sealed Up pretty Nice and tight so i think it’s gonna do the Job and now We can move on to adding the propane Torch to the actual Flamethrower Nozzle Itself Now Looking at the Plans I think This might be One of the Harder two ways to go and might be a little bit Easier To Stick Some Kind of Electric igniter near The end of the Tips as the gas links Coming out it Auto Ignites With High volts Electricity However I am Gonna stay True to the Plans We’re Gonna Finish this thing out With a propane Torch now the basic Modification We need to
Make With the Torch Itself is Actually to bend This Part Forward Because When it’s Resting up against here you can See the Flame Goes Straight Through the Gasoline We want it to be more in Line With the flow but Unfortunately it’s not Quite as Easy as Just Taking this Tube and Bending It There Are Things on the inside that we need to tweak, we? Also want to modify the Handle so it Offsets About 130 degrees if We can use it more of the Handle for striking the Flame on our Flamethrower So, we’re Gonna get Down here we’re Gonna Undo the nuts and the bolts, we’re Gonna Pull out the electrical Cable We’re Gonna heat this thing up with another Torch bend it Let it cool Down and then We’re Gonna drill a tap a hole and reassemble everything and Hopefully it Works So what I just Did Is took a little allen wrench and I ended this set Screw Which allowed me to remove the entire Nozzle at that Point I Unscrewed the Tip and We could See down Inside There was a little green wire which Is used to Make the Electric spark to Actually Light off the Propane or the map gas? That Little Green wire needed to come out so we took a little Elbow bracket pull the Cap off That and then unscrewed it so That We could push the green wire up through the Top of the Nozzle and that’s what We have now so at this Point we’re Gonna Make Two Main? Modifications To it we’re Gonna Heat up this Elbow to the point Where We can bend it Up a couple of inches and Straighten it out They’re Gonna Drill and Tap a hole Into the side of the Brass so when, We put the whole Thing back Together it Would be offset to the point Where? We can start off our Flamethrower with the press of a Button? Alright Guys so here is where, we’re at with our Nozzle We took the other Propane Torch We heated this Up and then? We used A wrench to bend it over about two inches or so just so it Flattens out the Angle then We located the original Hope for That 90-Degree Elbow and We Flipped it over About a hundred and Thirty degrees and Drilled and tapped A New hole Into the Top Drilled with A 7/32 inch Drill bit and Tapped with a, quarter inch F28 I Also Had a little bit of Heat Shrink Tubing Onto the green Cable Itself and that’s Just to Help Protect it from Any Scratches and Give it a little bit more Thermal Insulation so the last step Now Is Just to rerun that Green wire Through everything and use the New hole for our 90-Degree Elbow and We Basically put The propane Torch back Together, oh? Success Is actually Looking Really good oh Right-Handed Oops I think I made it Left-Handed Well I messed that up so, we’re Gonna have to do all over again There You go all Fixed Our torts Modifications are Complete and I just Gotta Say word of Caution don’t do what I do When you’re Drilling and Tapping the new hole for the 90-Degree Elbow Make sure you’re Drilling it in the right Place When all Said and Done You want your torch to be able to sit in your hand With your Middle Finger or a pointer Finger on the Button There and The Torch Angling Upward it Should Look something like This And Just to Make Sure the electrical went Back Together I took the Nozzle Off and as you look Down and click it We Can Actually See the green wire Sparking against the Outside of the Tube and Clicking it ten Times in A row We see at fire ten Times that’s a pretty good sign so at this Point We can put The Nozzle Back on Screw it Onto a tank of Propane and See if it Still lights off? All right moment of Truth and Pull the trigger if This Thing lights Off We Should be good? Looks Like it’s Firing off Just About every Time so let’s go Ahead and Strap it up Strapping This Propane Tank To our pressure Washer is as simple as using two of These large Quick-Release Bands There We have it guys you can See I’Ve Got the Propane Tank Connected now to the pressure washer? Nozzle I just use two of These bands to show up nice and Tight and i tried to line it up so that the Nozzle And the Propane Nozzle are in Line With each other and Looks like We did Pretty good Job Now in Essence This is it and Just for fun I’m going to Strap this to my back and Just get A feel for how It Works but before I actually use this Before I fill it full of Gasoline and Diesel I’m gonna do pressure Test With Water Look for Any leaks and then charge up this Co2 Container Here The Basic Idea of how the System Works Is this big Co2 Canister here Provides Pressure inside the tank Which pushes the Gasoline and Diesel Mixture Through This host of the pressure Washer out the Nozzle and Into the Flame of the propane Torch Below And if This Thing does what it Claims, We Should be able to Shoot Flames About 50 feet Long What’s Really Nice About this Is it’s very Ergonomically Placed, We got the propane Torch right Up here in the Left Hand We got the pressure washer in The right Hand and Just Feels very very Comfortable and to Make this Thing Spray We just Disengage the Safety Pull the Handle to get the Gasoline Shooting Ignite the propane Torch And Throw some Flames so using pressure Washer Parts and A Co2 Tank we’ve Been able to Make a Flamethrower Using Instructions off The Internet and the next Time You see this Thing will Be in Action Putting up the test With Diesel and Gasoline Thanks for Joining Me for This Build Video I’ll be Looking for the next One Talk to you then in Case We haven’t met yet? I’m Nate and I’m here working With brandt on some awesome New Projects Yes I am excited to have nate Joining Us here on the King of Random if You will have him and With Any Luck He’ll Be Seen Coming the next Video back to then Real Quick Update Guys That Came out Here To pressure Test the System and Found that I made A few of the Connections a little bit Differently Than the Instructions Suggest Down Here to the tank I just had the Hose Connected straight To it and what I’ve Done Is I’Ve Taken two of the fittings and I’ve Put a male Fitting and then this quick Connect adapter so that now This Flamethrower Does Match the Plans Perfectly you

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