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  1. #postmortem I checked out her YouTube channel it seemed more about paranormal stuff also she is very much into believing ghost and demons from a very young age so it might be possible that she is more frequently experiencing these activities and also influencing others due to her strong beliefs. As people say you attract the most what you believe in & these activities are now taking place and making her actually believe she is surrounded by an entity. What do ya'll think about it? Fan from India 😊

  2. #Postmortem Ryan and Shane since you guy guys have been collabing with someone with two seasons now, will guys collab with any shows like Ghost Adventures? (It would be hilarious to see Shane being a skeptic with the Ghost Adventures crew.)

  3. #postmortem #roastmortem why does Shane look like he’s trying to cosplay Shaggy? That obviously makes Ryan Scooby. And y’all didn’t solve any mysteries either, no Scooby snacks for you.

  4. Funny and compelling. I dont believe in ghosts but its interesting that the radio box sort of corroborated what Lowy said b4 the investigation. 'Drink', 'come in' etc. I do wonder if confirmation bias is at play and that makes me think you shouldn't subtitle the radio audio clips on the initial play. On the note of drinking, hypothetically, would an intoxicated person be easier prey for a demon? You should have busted out some shots to see if it escalated the situation.

  5. Shane is takin a risk there with his clothing choice, thought I was watching scooby doo and not the goul bois

  6. #Postmorom shane over here dressed as shaggy teaching ryan how to floss perfectly sums up how seriously he takes all of this #shaniac

  7. #postmortem did they check the building for carbon monoxide or mould etc? Cause her accounts sound either like she heard things in her actual sleep ("I woke up from-" yeah that's called waking up from a dream. I've woken up groggy and confused about what was still part of a dream and what was already real many times) or like mild poisoning from toxins.
    Or even just hearing your neighbours. Acoustics can make things sound creepy and right at your door sometimes.
    And dogs bark and growl at "nothing" all the time.

    Also flooding?? That just happens in bathrooms sometimes. Plumbing fails. American apartments are built bad.

  8. 13:04
    As he said some one knocking on the door, someone started knocking on my door… I'm not going to open it now.
    Wish me luck

  9. Okay im gonna be honest here im kinda getting sick of the subtitles for the spirit box being so off. The "growl" was just different noises mixed together or even more of a bzzzz, thats not what a growl sounds like, the damn "ha ha ha" was just "waaa" or "aaa" as if someone was singing, and the "come in" sounded like someone speaking spanish and saying "tambien"
    It's pretty disonest, yall, cmon, thats just gonna lead people into hearing that cuz its what they expect to after reading the subtitles (reason why i never look at the screen when they turn that damn thing on).

  10. Does anyone know what the flickering light behind Shane around 19:15 is? It’s right after both the flashlights go out

  11. Man I need to get you guys out to my apartment, it scares the crap out of me to be home alone. We call it the basement ghost, all of the activity is in our basement, we leave the door open because the cat litter is down there and the door constantly is slamming closed by itself. Shortly after I moved I put my cats litter down there and went to carry her down, I have never seen her more scared, I have scratches in my back. She was screaming and clawing into me. Wanna check it out?😂

    Also: Shane looks like Shaggy in this episode 😂

  12. it may be telling Loey to drink so she could get drunk and the ghost can start doing something when she is like drunk? maybe tho

  13. I feel like this is fake, just becouse shes a youtuber that films "scary paranolmal story" so I feel like this is just a grasp for attention.

  14. Just a thought, have you guys considered bringing holy items for your investigations? Might encourage better reactions from demons and such. #postmortem

  15. at 25:57 i think it says ”listen to me i’m-” (or ”listen to me in-”) instead of ”(unintelligible) come in” and it almost sounds frantic, like it’s a warning

  16. #postmortem Do you think the voices Loey heard on the box were her father and the female entity from before? #Reeder

  17. #postmortem Are Loey now living alone? When Loey were alone talking to the demon I'm not sure if it were only me, but it was as if I heard a kind "hah" sound going by her. Like someone breathing out. I'm not sure how to explain it…

  18. #postmortem Are Loey now living alone? When Loey were alone talking to the demon I'm not sure if it were only me, but it was as if I heard a kind "hah" sound going by her. Like someone breathing out. I'm not sure how to explain it…

  19. Why does Shane look like a homeless man they took off the street and gave a sponge bath, a new shirt, and a hat to cover his hair that looks like it hasn’t been washed since 2010 #boorue #boogara #loveyouguys #roastmortem

  20. Alright hear me out
    What if they spend a week in a haunted place bec a night sounds too short
    Maybe the ghosts are shy idk 😂

  21. #postmortem: After the investigation, did the "paranormal" happenings continue or did they stop? Btw, Shane love your outfit and those dance moves, very Shaggy.

  22. Only question is did Shane intentionally show up to this investigation dressed as Shaggy from Scooby Doo? If so, nice touch.

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