The Healthy Minimalist Home Tour (65 sqm / 700 sqf) | Singapore 3-Room HDB

The Healthy Minimalist Home Tour (65 sqm / 700 sqf) | Singapore 3-Room HDB

Hi, welcome to our home, which is also our office, and our playground, and we’re really excited to show you our humble
space. We moved into this 700 square foot (65sqm) space earlier this year, and upon
stepping in, I think the most common comment that we get is that it’s pretty
empty. But it’s definitely by design as we’ve been trying to be more conscious
about the stuff that we own. When conceptualizing, having the space be conducive to living an active, healthy lifestyle, was kind of a defining feature
of the home. And we only 700 square foot (65sqm) to work with, we decided to make the
living room a flexible space. On most days, this is how the living room looks
like, with just a couple of bean bags for lounging, a bare-bones media rack, a
utility shelf where we house our everyday carry, and some plants, more
plants, and an open space for us to work out in. We forgoed the conventional couch and TV combination, instead we use a portable projector when we are in the
mood for some movies, and this is also where Glo occasionally relax and listen to some music. When we are expecting guests, we’ll set up our dining
table and chairs. The table has easily detachable legs, so we can keep it in our
storage when not in use. When it’s just the two of us, we’ll have our meals over at
the bar counter instead, which brings us to our open kitchen. Yes, this is probably the space I spend the most time in, as we prepare our own meals almost every day.
Our friends at Komorebi has done a really impressive job with
the design and execution of the kitchen, as it usually gets the most attention and
praise from our guests. We also have a peg board system, which is very versatile
and takes up very little space. There’s not much to say about the laundry area, but
here is where we have the habit of separating our trash and our recyclables.
Moving on to the other rooms, we decided to use the smaller room for our bedroom as we don’t spend a lot of time in here other than for sleeping. The low oak bed
provides additional storage space, and we are totally in love with the looks and
functionality of it. Our wardrobe, I think, could be considered pretty minimalist. I think
it’s quite common to have more clothes than necessary and because we’re trying
to be more conscious about what we buy, limited wardrobe space kind of forces us
to be more mindful about the clothes that we purchase. Over in the next room is our office. What stands out is probably that we don’t have regular height desks and chairs. Yes, we actually prefer sitting on the floor instead. For us, this is
basically a variation of the standing desk. We all know that sitting in one
position for too long isn’t good for our health, and this setup allows us to adopt multiple different positions when working at our desks. We’ll probably make a future video talking more about why we choose to sit on the floor. Over at the
side we have some storage, this is where we keep our work related items, like our cameras and lenses. And that just about concludes this quick tour of a home. Hope you enjoyed the tour if you have any questions, just leave them in the comment section and we’ll do our best to help. Thanks for watching! Hello! You’ve come to the end of the
video, if you liked the video at all, please don’t hesitate to hit the like
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100 thoughts on “The Healthy Minimalist Home Tour (65 sqm / 700 sqf) | Singapore 3-Room HDB

  1. 500,000+ views update!

    When we made this video, we never expected it to be viewed more than half a million times 😱 it was just meant to be a quick look at the design of our apartment. There is now a follow up video where we talk a little more about our 'minimalist lifestyle' that you can watch here:

    *This is not a complete home tour! We do own stuff, like normal people do 😅 Our two very bland bathrooms, and a small storage room were not shown in this video. We will do a complete home tour in the future :)*

    A huge thanks to everyone for watching and commenting!

    P.S. we're swarmed with questions asking about where we get some of our furniture. They're all either from Muji or IKEA 🙂

  2. Your black P.C. with all the cables and monitor already betrays your claim of ‘minimalism’. Get a Mac instead! And when i started my own journey of minimalistic living, the first thing I sold was my cameras and lenses. Why you need them when smartphones can already take great pictures? I think you have some more work to do towards true minimalism.

  3. This leftist small home mentality is worthless and
    Completely Unfounded and Absurd, you have done
    Nothing, accomplished nothing.

  4. I like minimalism but in my opinion this is too much. I mean it looks really boring. And I'm that type of person who likes to dress funky and not just black and white. Just that, but in general, your home is nice. Functionalizy

  5. Super. Especially, the sitting on the floor/desks. My home looks the opposite. But I really would love to live like this.

  6. Hhhh. Minimalist. I live on 52sqm with huband and two little kids. This is minimalism. You live in extreme comfort so this is not minimalism. But your home is really beautiful, you've designed it greatly. I really love it. It is inspiration for me.

  7. Love this guys. Could you do a video on how you installed the rings please? Love that you’re into gymnastic training

  8. Your clothes in open wardrobe may smell of spices from your open kitchen. It used to happen to my clothes when my flatmates used to cook spicy food.

  9. This is a great thought process. I've been having a hard time, getting rid of useless stuff which has been accumulated by my parents over many years.

  10. To each its own! Def not a way I would want to live. That home seems depressing as hell. But if it matches your personality it's a win for u 2.

  11. Depends on people I guess but minimalism is catchy for some reason. For my taste it's really great to have more space, little bit of chaos in apartment, it gives you a feeling of freedom. By someone's apartment you can tell what kind of people they are. Minimalists try to keep things simple, in my opinion they're right. It's really bad to have a chaos in head. You tend to keep physical things clear and much simple around you for better thinking so that they don't bother your mind. Because you are overloaded.

  12. I CAN'T live like this my goal for my bedroom is to becom like Studio Ghibli's movies roomes. More like a souvenir shop ,full of books and lovely things.🧡⭐️

  13. Hey! You guys really have a beautiful home and I love how big it looks even though it only has 3 rooms. I also really love you office space and i'm very intressted in the chairs. Where did you get them (if I may ask) ?

  14. For what seems to be the average minimalist: Minimize your thinking about minimalism. That is your obsession which becomes cult like and takes the place of; instead of thinking about all your stuff, your mind becomes enslaved to thinking about your lack of things. The key would be to get control of your mind and then you can have lots of stuff or little and be equally fine.

  15. great video, thank you for sharing your home. I was a bit confused about the layout of the home. I would love to see an above view of the layout of the wall design. Thank you again

  16. Not sure about the ergonomics of sitting on the floor. I guess it depends on the hours you spend and the posture. I would like to know more about this!

  17. it's cool but not for everyone, I don't think there wouldn't be a lot of people who call this house a home

  18. I find your place inspiring, even though, I may perfectly dine on the floor, but not work on the floor. It's awful for your back.

  19. They want us all in boxes stacked on top of each other thinking it's awesome, like this.

    Populations are easier to manipulate and control this way.

  20. Just a quick tip about the video. This upbeat music makes it hard to hear what you talk about. Great movement with the minimalist home. Me and my boyfriend are planning on doing that from February when we move to another city.

  21. what is the total cost(including the flooring tiles, kitchen cabinet, sink etc etc) that the flatowner paid for this flat interior?

  22. I think this is just wonderful- your living space fitting into your desired lifestyle and not the other way around. Just wanted to ask about the brand of the projector and does it work for all walls? Thinking of getting rid of my TV..

  23. Thanks for sharing this video. Among many things, I also share the idea of living TV free and just streaming movies or series when I'm up for it, and so I'm looking to buy a projector as well. Where did you get yours? Which brand and size is it? Do you like the quality of the images?

  24. I grew up in a 65sqm appartment and we were a family of 5!! (Even 6 when my grandfather was living with us). How is 65sqm for only two people considered small? 😱 I can't believe this postmodernist posh people always trying to get the admiration of others out of the most normal things. 65sqm for two is a luxury. I live with my partner in a 44sqm appartment, it's just normal. Looks like nowadays you're only a minimalist if all your furniture is white.

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