The Heart Topiary Tree That Almost Wasn’t!! DIY VALENTINES DECOR

The Heart Topiary Tree That Almost Wasn’t!!  DIY VALENTINES DECOR

Coming up on this episode of Designed to
the Nines… I am just absolutely loving how my huge heart-shaped topiary turned
out in the end but I did have some challenges along the way so if you want
to see how I overcame those challenges and how you can avoid them then you’re
going to want to stay tuned! Welcome to Designed to the Nines, I’m
NataLee Callahan in it this is the first time we’re meeting welcome to my channel
in today’s episode we are going to be building a giant heart topiary and of
course we’re always keeping budget in mind and I’m really excited about this
and I picked up a couple of supplies at mostly Walmart this time I picked up
this pot for two dollars and 97 cents and it’s cute but I thought we could
dress it up just a little bit so I found this terracotta saucer which will
actually serve two fold this is kind of lightweight plastic and this is
terracotta so it’s a little bit heavier but I thought we could make a little
pedestal base by using this… somewhere around here I’ve got a dowel so I will
need to find that but I’ve got a really cool fun tool that I’ve never used
before that you are gonna use and experience with me for the very first
time so I’m excited to try that so the first thing we’re gonna do is paint our
little terracotta saucers just on the outside we don’t really need to do the
top or the bottom because it won’t be seen just the edges then we’re gonna
glue the pot to the saucer and create a base and I just like the way this looks
a lot better while we’re painting things up I’m going
to use this antique wax by Waverly to put on the dowel to kind of give it more
of like natural feel and I decided to use that instead of stain because I feel
like it will dry a little quicker than stain and that will speed up the process
for us next up I start by gluing together two
pieces of this white crafting foam that I already had on hand however I end up
not liking this product at all for this project so stick with me to the end I
have a better solution for you so if you end up recreating this look you’re
definitely gonna want to know what that is
then I took some leftover wrapping paper from a Christmas and I cut it out into
17 by 22 inches this is approximately the size of the heart that I am aiming
for and then I fold it in half with a grid exposed this will help when you’re
drawing out your heart as a template I happen to already have this Dollar Tree
felt heart on hand that I kind of used as a guide but it was really not
necessary using a sharpie I traced this template onto my foam and now you’re
gonna want to meet me outside for my new tool I decided to do this outside but
you don’t necessarily need to do that you just need to be careful because we
are going to be using a hot knife so this is plugged in it’s turned on and
this is meant for cutting styrofoam with it was not very expensive and I’m going
to be using this for a couple of projects so I decided to go ahead and do
that you can do this without this hot Knife you can use just a regular
serrated edge and cut it or utility knife but I decided to use the hot knife
because it’s gonna make the job easier and I’m gonna go ahead and use that tool
for other things now we’re gonna use this for the very first time I’ve never
used a hot knife before I hear it’s pretty awesome to work with but we’ll
see how it goes so so we’re gonna just take our hot knife be very careful you
don’t want to burn yourself I don’t know how hot it gets we’re just
gonna start by poking it ooh oh my word it melts like butter this is
awesome holy moly this works better than I thought oh I made a boo-boo but that’s
okay this doesn’t have to be like super super perfect so this is a good thing to
practice on because we’re gonna be putting some boxwood greenery over the
top of it but with some practice I do want to be precise because I have some
projects where I’m gonna need to be pretty precise it is seriously cutting
so smoothly oh it’s a little stinky so it’s good that we’re doing this outside
it just melts it away that’s crazy this tool it’s so cool! okay here comes
our heart boom so that’s our first area now we’re gonna do the outside
it melts quickly so don’t leave it in the same spot for a long period of time
and we’re gonna go ahead and just finish this out okay so this part is gonna seem
a little crazy and just just hear me out and go with it I’ve got some moss I
picked up at the Dollar Tree and it comes in thick clumps and we can glue it
on like that but I think I want a finer misting and
then we have styrofoam and it’s white and we don’t want the white poking
through with our boxwood that we’re gonna put on top of it so my thought was
that we’d break up the moss by throwing it in the food processor and then we’d
put like a coating of moss on this so we’re just bringing this our moss
processor so we’ll just kind of break this up into chunks in here and we’ll
pulse it all right so we’ve got our styrofoam
heart here and we are just gonna take some matte Mod Podge whatever a Mod
Podge you have and I’m just gonna toss it on here (laughing) I’m making a mess that’s why
we’re outside we’ll take some of our moss and just kind of press it on and we
don’t need to be perfect about getting this Moss on just because it’s just kind
of to help fill in some of the gaps and we’re gonna be putting green over the
top of it anyways yeah this just not feel like it’s gonna stick very good I’m
not feeling confident about this see this is the thing with crafting like a
lot of DIY-ers will show you the beautiful end product
but not the process of getting it to the beautiful end product so I don’t know if
I’m liking this I like the idea of the moss the reality of the moss I’m not
sure why that’s drying I am gonna tell you what we’re gonna be covering with
and maybe we can start on this side while it’s drying and see if that helps
so these bushes are 97 cents at Walmart and you actually get kind of a lot on it
so I pretty much bought everything they had and I cleared them out twice so I
bought a lot and we’ll see how many we use so I’m not gonna lie to you this
part is going to take a long time but the key here is to avoid sticking the
boxwood straight out you want to place them in on an angle also I cut the tips
off of all of them to allow it to be a little bit tighter and for me to use
less boxwood overall because you can spread it out a little bit better This is the project that never ends…I’ve
got glue all over… my fingers like this I am optimistic about the end result but I
would definitely approach this differently if I were to do it again…so stick with me for my lessons learned so now that I’m ready to work on the other side I’ve decided it’s
time to assemble our topiary so I’ve got our pot here that we put together
and then I’ve got a bag of sand now back when there was a category-5 hurricane
headed straight for our community we got a whole bunch of sandbags so I have a
ton of it on hand it’s free thankfully the hurricane missed and did not hit our
community so we didn’t really need them but now I’m gonna take advantage of it
this is plastic and it’s pretty lightweight so we want to give it a
solid base plus we want to support our dowel so I’m just gonna put some of this
sand in here now feel free to use rocks or whatever you have on hand I don’t
know if I can lift this (laughing) I’m a wimp! I am a wimp! Alright.. okay…. I got it! Alright, so we know that this is gonna be nice and
sturdy because that was heavy for me to lift and I’m gonna fill this about half
up there’s like a nice seam that’s a perfect place for me to stop get this in
there and then we’re gonna put some foam on top of this that we’ll cover up with
moss I’m just going to take the two tops of the hearts that were scrapped and
kind of measure that so we’ll cut that kind of to fit we’ll use our hot knife
again and we’ll just cut it down as we need because our knife will help us waste not want not we could have used a fresh piece of styrofoam but I just
didn’t see the purpose in it especially since we’re gonna just take the
remainder of our moss and put it in here to cover it up dollar tree Moss I’m
kind of tired of bending over and we need to do the other side anyways and so
now it’s time to attach this we’re gonna attempt to put this on we’ll see what
happens uh-oh okay I’m gonna troubleshoot this okay
so this ended up being my solution it’s not pretty I’m not happy about this but
what I did is I bought a dowel that was rather large and I knew it was gonna be
kind of cutting it close but unfortunately it’s just a little bit too
big if I were to go back I’d probably do a 5/8 dowel instead of a 7/8 dowel but I
really wanted it to be beefy kind of like an actual topiary would grow off of
an actual branch so I mean it’s not pretty I think when it’s all said and
done you won’t be able to tell but we’re gonna have to cover that up and what I’m
gonna do is just cover it up with some more of this moss but unfortunately this
is not going to poke through that so we’ll end up having to hot glue on all
of the boxwood in this area and because that’s their
really our only option at this point If I were to make another one of these I
would do many things different lucky for you you get to learn from my mistakes
yay first I wouldn’t use white foam I would use the green floral foam it’s
much sturdier stiffer and already green to begin with second you really don’t
need to blend the moss and I wouldn’t even glue it on I don’t know why I
didn’t do this in the first place having worked professionally as a floral
designer for several years I should have known better but I should have just used
floral pins to pin the moss into place finally I would attach the stiffer green
foam to the dowel before ever putting on any greenery at all while I would give my final aesthetic
result an a-minus I would probably give myself a c-minus at best for execution
so I hope you can learn a little bit from my mistakes if you enjoyed this
episode I really think you’ll love my way cool dirt cheap Valentine’s decor
ideas you can check that episode out right here and until next time bye

77 thoughts on “The Heart Topiary Tree That Almost Wasn’t!! DIY VALENTINES DECOR

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