The Home Improvement Show on Montana This Morning

mark is here with us in studio talking about the fall home improvement show I was just telling you I can’t believe it’s already that time of year I feel like spring was just like I was just you’re talking about the spring show and now here we are fall well we’re still summer and the fall show is always in the summer and the spring show is always in the winter gotta get ahead of things got to get ahead of things and that’s the reason we do the show when we do is because if you want to get those projects done by Thanksgiving which most people like do you need to start in right now to get them done very good point and this year’s show happening the seventh and ninth of September but I want to talk about some of the displays and exhibits you have some of them are interactive right you know with 450 exhibits what’s not out there to be seen and and that’s really important too because when you go out there you can do what we’re doing the eyeball to eyeball you can see that person you can get a feel if you can work with them or not and my advice over the years and doing projects at the house is if you have a bad vibe with that person go on find somebody else that you can work with because that is so important and you’re talking about interactive things this is a family friendly show so we like to have the kids come out too so we like to have things for them to do we have guy doing balloon animals for the kids Home Depot does a workshop that’s just a real big hit out there and this year I’m really excited to get the virtual reality store out at Rimrock Mall to come in too so you know the kids and the kid in all of us can experience what virtual reality is all about awesome and I also wanted to mention a huge milestone 25th year for this fall 25th year yeah you weren’t even born when we started that show this show I was was bring show maybe not yeah and and talk about some of the prizes it’s not just going around to see things people can actually walk away with some prizes right best thing to do we have like 12 prices we’re giving away this year so go to our website Billings home improvement show calm and you can see all the different prizes not everybody wants to win maybe a certain prize so what we do on the registration blank is we have them X what prizes they want so that when we draw the prize out we say oh you won the Honda generator from Ace Hardware so that works out real well doesn’t become a wasted projects all right well mark thank you so much for joining us here this morning there’s all the information you need to know on your screen September seventh and ninth that’s a Friday through Sunday and check out the hours thanks for being here about always a pleasure to be here on channel 2 thank you thank you we’ll be right back after this break

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