The Hoppy Goat Farm Tour 6/11/17

there you go. What’s up guys? we are out
here at the Hoppy Goat Ranch with Eric and Lindsey Ludden we’re in Cornville
Arizona and we are going to do a little farm tour today kind of show you what
they’re doing this is Eric lots of chickens turkeys duck is happy goat farm
you can find them on Instagram under the hoppy goat farm and yellow what’s your
website the hatha-yoga are calm and so they are a newer farm they’ve really
been building up this property for about two years
well as their house and our dinner a fantastic job
and we’re going to kind of take a little tour their property their main focus so
far has been the animals but we’re going to start to kind of talk about some
different opportunities for them to expand their food production and like a
fruit and vegetable and then just different options with the kind of
property really unique so off of Creek in Arizona off of Oak Creek and it’s a
really really beautiful property and I’m just kind of excited to show off for you
guys so how long have you guys been on the property here but it was make it
land and we lived in our bill for 15 months while we built the house and
that’s right over there all right over there right on and that’s for sale if
anybody wants to buy contact the hoppy go farm and then kind of what made you
guys want to go you’re from you were living in Phoenix before we’re here
living in Phoenix and we just started doing a lot of research on our food
where it came from our health can we excited one day we just wanted to do
sustainable living and grow our own food have chicken for a and
don’t for during and what kind of been your biggest surprise becoming a new
farmer what’s been like your holiday Lior nothing too big you can handle
right on well it’s kind of if you guys want to kind of take a little kind of
stroll around here just tell us about maybe what’s going to go down here and
meet the goats yeah I dare not be good ranch so these are goats they’re
purebred Nubians um there’s some kids are not even a year old yet so we’ll be
bleeding them in September okay alright guys sorry about that we’re just doing
some Wi-Fi changes here we’re kind of out in the sticks that we don’t get
great reception but back to where we left off if you guys have questions
please ask through typing in our wonderful cinematographer stainable
let’s give us the question so anyways talk to the story of the ghost okay so
um this one stage right here we got her from veterans ranch as well as Luna and
then Shane little smuggler over here she is from the simple farm in Scottsville
so that’s where we bought her and yeah we’ll be breeding them in September
looking forward to that and so kind of what was your motivation to get goats
while we wanted we love cheese first of all can we want it yeah we wanted to do
dairy so with this milk we can make butter
keeper cheese yogurt caramel I mean there’s just so much you can do with
dairy so yeah we like the idea of having
oh good back here yeah there’s like this lawn Arizona or I
think it just changed but you can’t buy raw milk you have it has to be labeled
like for animal consumption only so but we’re you know we’re off to people so
you know we can just get them from our girl vehicle and woohoo – hey that’s a
sage bitch okay very cool and so these guys have left hi about I don’t know
what about 40 feet or something yeah I’ll call you by 50 pad and then a barn
when you want to go take a look at the barn real quick Joe’s gonna show where
they sleep at night now what kind of predators are you guys dealing with out
here what do you what are you really needed to keep protected from yeah they
just started living in character today laughing look at them that’s rather
Hayes yeah but they were in the garage and their family that’s a natural this
is live video folks this is good poop like it looks yeah I’m very healthy
smells ripe as well okay okay said to the right fella first right
here is where they sleep and um have a little wager and just for somebody that
I wanted to keep go you know how much work you guys put it into it the coffin
are you clean in the page or just ten well the one is the garage we clean it
every single day like that was part of our farm tours
this one we started using this horse bedding
it’s got like horses and motors together pocket right now it’s just worse those
oh they’re not right poultice no and this is we just move them into the other
branded it’s been about maybe two weeks and if there’s no so no that’s a pretty
good yeah I through I mean it’s awesome are you guys going to be doing any comp
you guys compost all this when you do scrape it up yes I never compost we have
a couple tips back that we just can’t skip everything up and let’s go we’ll
just check that out a little bit here right now oh just the chicken tickled oh
I like that thing where you do scooping yes shut that off actually this is a
really cool idea guy that’s not on their Instagram no it’s not kidding there it
is it’s called last week PDV it’s similar
in my tracks to fly pocketed so the chickens are going to roost up here at
night or you’re going to poop they poop all the time but this is going to be so
much easier to clean than scraping out a whole bunch of straw or whatever you can
just run through this with a little scooper can dish it out and then we play
in the compost and then that’s a wonderful addition for Campos of
nitrogen so this is a really cool idea I really think you guys should try that
good job Hermione says put some IMO’s down and never have to change that
bedding no and what is it IMO’s yeah well because I
in my opinions – do we don’t turn down it specific
I’m not sure I don’t have a carburetor but then you can also like inspect the
poop really well because then you can see if they are secular factor anything
which is one of the best ways I found for my chick is like if they’re not
doing well they have like a watery stool or seconds funky a good way to kind of
check it out we’ll go for old wig and poop on her – that’s the milking barn yeah I’m not
going yet right on and so how old will I be when they you
could read them in produced milk why any video at least 80 pounds okay what do
they know about it yeah really yeah she’s a little bit later you know a
couple of my fingers yes Ang’s under her go back up so how many
chickens you guys have right now 19 check out is how many ducks and then 130
and then we’ve got a green bean here who’s visiting but has to be cut up
because she likes with chase all the chickens around ok per minute you said
it indigenous microorganisms it’s a homing
I know like from Korean natural farming microbial inoculant oh so this is a coop
we actually built enormous gratitude from cows that’s awesome
so in a brute a broody hen basically means that she is on her eggs and
doesn’t really like to be bothered no she’s worried about it and everything good yeah we exist as you would not plan
Hagen described in birding Khloe screaming let her do her thing is yeah
we tried you know there’s Sir made suggestions on what to do figure out yeah 20 days from now
now my teenage how many eggs are there we’ve all kind of chicken is up well
they’re a mixed grade so we have purebred chicken ground procedures in
America these guys are in the cream and what
what is ducks are these the peeking and the runner and on the runner the brown
and in place yes okay the peeking now are you using those
for egg production or meat production either or we’re gonna do both because
after the girls we’re going to use four eggs and then the two runner back we
believe are basically we make a chokeslam God says I like right out okay
well let’s go kind of take a look I want to kind of show off some of the back of
the property here where is it you want to do a pumpkin patch and this is a
pretty raw piece of land we’re in Romans considered mid desert
like a high desert have worth um 3,100 feet so 3,100 feet elevation you get to
know you get a freeze but also you get over 100 degrees pretty frequently so
it’s a really interesting climate here but the cool thing is there’s actually
water all around here the Oak Creek which is uh runs all the way up almost a
Flagstaff if you have a well on property because it isn’t that common for Arizona
right in our Wow I left out today you guys wanted to do a pumpkin patch
here yeah and so what what is what you guys doing with just black glasses well
as you can see we are prolific around here so we were trying to cook them down
and meantime while we’re waiting for the right time of year to plant them so so
far it’s worked pretty well right on and yeah Somaly basically so you can call
the solarizing and you take the plastic and the only kind of thing I would say
about this particular application is provided it is variant so it almost like
creative distillery you don’t have it in here going in there but other than that
it’s a really good way to kill any kind of weed seeds or grasses or whatever any
kind of also like viruses if you play us something and you get some kind of like
a mosaic virus or different types of disease that can live in the soil bugs
that can live in the soil this can get rid of that so they want to do a pumpkin
patch here what we’re going to do is actually I’m going to be helping them
here and what we’re going to do is really mulch this really well with a lot
of them manures they have there’s also a lot of trees on property that are either
dead or they’re going to be cut and so we’re going to take that organic
material just like in Phoenix this soil here is not very it doesn’t have a lot
of structure to it so you have a lot of sand and silt and clay even but you
don’t have that organic matter coming from like these acacia
you know a little bit from the cottonwoods and whatnot but the organic
matter is what’s going to be lacking so we’re going to put in a bunch of
I like you bro with a lot of compost a lot of really rich soil so we’re going
to do like manures compost and malts and usually a rule of thumb for planting
pumpkins for Halloween it’s plant them on July 4 so definitely
and you guys give them a follow on Instagram it’s not hoppy goat farm to
kind of follow their journey and we’re going to kind of keep on walking here
should we go which way you guys going to lead the way how’s the Wi-Fi signal burn
pile so where’s your compost interact by that okay over here pour the hot Arden
right on but if you can see here that’s Oak Creek which then turns into the
Verde River this is a natural flowing desert River goes to a lot of the state
of Arizona and it is a very good water source for them and there’s a lot of
water kind of underneath here and aquifer and got like zoom and Cartesian
well which is pretty rare in a really really good score for these guys now I
see over here too I’ve got a little red we all do get out guys with this wheel
and still for sale here and actually it looks like you’re
growing some kind of squash out of there already and then this slides up so you
can get the compost from the bottom great this is a really simple but
effective way to compost you guys just three pallets well maybe for kind of a
base here this is a little bit more of a fancier version with this slider here
but this will do the trick and then I would let that grow I’ve had the best
class ever from the compost like that like a rotten pumpkin yeah we have one
other weird but wasn’t sure if we should transplant it or just let it go
yeah you can just let it go and another thing with turning compost compost will
all break down eventually and there’s some people kind of more purist that say
don’t turn it because then you’re kind of encouraging a more aggressive
decomposition I turn mine I’ve got things to do with that compost but that
just you know it’s not going to be bad if you don’t turn it rule of thumb with
the compost is usually one in about as wet as a wrung out sponge or if you get
it too wet it’ll actually go anaerobic and that is when you get funky smells
let’s take a look here high in the middle I want to it should be pretty hot
and this is mostly isolette state or in the middle oh yeah this is good and so
that’s where your primary decomposition and even though this is a lot of animal
manure it actually doesn’t smell like poop and as a almost has a sweet smell
to it and that’s what you want to look for in compost is not necessarily like a
soaking wet compost you want it to be you need air in there and you should
have at least thirty percent air space in your compost in your soil in the
ground air is a key to producing those aerobic microbes that are going to be so
good yeah maybe it is still – yes exactly and that is
the what’s the one thing to like when you have animals if you’re not
composting your material your time wasting and creating more waste for
other people a little angular lizard eat again okay cool well let’s go take a
look at this greenhouse over here and so you guys obviously are going to get into
more the food production in the zoo and this is going to be what probably like a
10 by 15 or 15 by 15 green oh yeah and when you guys put in a nice little tray
in here which is a key you got it on it like a slab of concrete we have a french
stream that just kind of doing too good a big three by four pit with OTO some
ground fabric and rocks yes awesome wave waterlines licorice we actually put this
on here humidity’s with the pretty fancy it is a water and electricity that’s
pretty cool now you guys had talked about doing some
vertical hydroponic farming in here right now what what kind of spurred that
has something that what motivated that idea well it was primarily just wanted
to have something in a controlled environment you don’t have to fight you
know certainly you know element elements yeah and I just have a continuous you
know sort of flow of a lot of the food that we eat no such items and how long in the season
here do you have like freezing temperatures I know it kind of varies
but like from win to win did you guys get cold last year it was like the
things I’m ready to February yeah it all pretty small window okay where’s the
freezing temps go right very cool yeah really cool well keep updated with them
to the progress of this I know I can’t wait to be done and then are so you guys
had also talked about doing some a light supplementing up here is what I like
so not all like possibly doing some LED lights in here or something yeah we have
as yeah yeah I’ve been looking into like somebody suffers neon anyway bit
microgreens and then you were going to be like a polycarbonate double great
yeah twin layer 2 layer polycarbonate walling and based on my
research is just diffused it’ll sunlight a lot better so you don’t get any hot
spots and cold lance but if account whatever your grass glass greenhouses
are if they’re beautiful and whatnot better that can be yeah yeah I’m stay of
their own challenges but they’re just definitely far more aesthetic reasons
they’re both right and I cool let’s kind of take a walk over to the irrigation
canal there oh yeah we’ve got the millennium again still for sale you guys also built this house yeah so
that’s when I lived in this trailer for two years and then built this house so
really what they wanted another thing that we’ve been talking about here is
it’s already set up but this is ready to go for rainwater harvesting so what
we’re going to do is put some some barrels and tanks here to really capture
that rainwater and mitigate use of the well mitigate use of any water really
because this is going to be full of minerals and atmospheric nitrogen that
actually makes your plants grow better so pretty pretty cool here well why can I come Bobby unfortunately by
cottonwood tree and then you guys have found some special treasures down here
oh sorry yeah no that was quite a treasure to find
around mushrooms I was actually down here weed whipping from tall grasses
underneath this big tree and I almost cleared them all on with a real whipper
but luckily I stopped and morels are actually a Michael Riedel mushrooms so
they’re really you can’t really grow them in a controlled environment they
need Michael Raizel mushrooms need another organism and symbiosis to
produce a mushroom whereas like something like an oyster mushroom does
not okay so how we doing on the Wi-Fi so Jack with a little determine hang here
and then go back outside and do the front so cultural bit about the fellow
creaks closure so this is actually an irrigation ditch it’s handmade and it
goes now like a mile up throughout corn though and we is happened to have four
tailing beautiful and we call it little creep
it’s primarily used by ranchers looking around the area you only are allowed to
captain derivative grandfathers in all right water right we don’t we don’t have
that suite of king but you haven’t artesian well exactly you got like the
gold star yeah that’s a cool thing about this property is when we bought it
all this was overgrown and we didn’t really even costed it so we have no idea
really what was backing on it and then we started clearing stuff out making
little prop ways and we found like this sea of black grapes which are right over
there yeah so we got some blackberry bushes there we’re kind of limited on
signal so I think we’ll probably kind of go back up and kind of go over the front
yard but that’s another thing when you’re looking at a property sometimes
you just find these predators like I grow the blackberry bushes or an old
tree you know what some of the things we’re talking about now to go into food
production is because there is an artesian spring here you know utilizing
that water to in some of this dead wood to inoculate that with mushrooms and
have like an ongoing mushroom harvest or redirecting some of the water to
basically allow some type of watering system that’s a little bit more passive
and naturally flechas it’s all ideas right now cuz you guys have a lot going
on you both have full-time jobs right okay so and you’re a teacher and you are
organized uniform IP so this is like a labor of love and a half it’s a lot of
hard work and I got to give him props guys for everything you’ve done already
and all like 50 ideas we’re going to give you all right so let’s go to the
front here and Lindsay know you you had really thought about making the front
yard more of your your garden your kitchen garden okay okay now what was
your thinking behind that Wow like this purple dry where people can
drive up and but the space is so huge and I’m like we need to utilize look for
food we need to drive way let’s get back I fully agree with that statement there
and so you know a little bit about this property it is in a flood zone correct
right that’s 500 years left 500 year flood zone so one of the things and we
got a little bit of garden stuff going on here
yeah some potatoes some flowers tomatoes and some hops yeah Eric you brew your
own beer with the top I do remember you asked me either
feelings I didn’t have any room for a new hop tired meadow and what kind of
hops are those that you’re growing here um neither I’m kind of trying every
title if you look at that but these are Galena and sterling okay are those
pretty standard or are they kind of you know I really haven’t groups in my seven
so I’m excited to get a good harvest and you ever come up with them right on
cheers to that yeah right on school I’m not a real fire
right here very cool okay so now this is all your property here about the price
of the lion is portrayed and then this whole area we’re gonna have two cents in
or the garden yeah so one of the things we were
talking about doing and kind of oh should president okay so one of the
things we’re going to be doing here guys is or we talked about is really you can
see there’s a little bit of a slope here kind of headed towards the house and in
Arizona would it rain it really comes down here so what we really want to do
is we want to slow that water down and put it where we want it okay and and how
we’re going to do that is a succession of burbs and swales and what that means
is almost just like up and down like a roller coaster and what will happen is
as that water kind of rushes down the hill towards their beautiful house we’re
going to take it and we’re going to use it to grow things and we’re gonna do it
passively so a lot of gardening if you think ahead and do these kind of
structural integrations to your property you can really a mitigate water use B
take advantage of a free resource and see you really possibly savior your
structures or house from any kind of damage you know it’s not like a
guaranteed thing but if you can set like planting the rain or one book that I
really recommend everybody that wants the garden read is Gaia’s garden GA I a
garden Gaia’s garden it’s by Toby Hemingway who enforces past this year
but he is a permaculture God in my book and that is a book that I use is kind of
my Bible but again you know when you start to think about it the water is
going to take the path of least resistance okay water abides by gravity
and if you can create these spaces where you want the water to be you’re going to
again you’re going to be better off you’re you’re you’re utilizing the
natural flow of things and in really taking advantage of the natural water
that’s coming from the sky let’s go over there and then we’ll probably wrap it up
if anybody has any questions well if I going to wrap it up here in a couple
and then some of them posted to YouTube so you’re going to be in charge of
saving it and so this is all you’ve got kind of it also the sloping Property
Group C right awesome so what do you have going on over here so I have
another half garden doing okay so Hari looks like I love the idea here
so forth well yeah all right well guys were having a little bit of connection
issues but just want to again guys the hoppy goat farm that th eh OPP y fa RM
Eric and Lindsay Laden thank you so much they’ve liked her hospitality fed us and
gave us a place to stay let green bean run around and slashing their creeks but
I’m going to put this up on YouTube I’ll let you guys know I want to do that and
thank you for everybody to stop by and we’ll see you soon oh my goodness a

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