The Human Slingshot

The Human Slingshot

This is a slingshot. This is a human. [DING] [SLURP] And this is the Human Slingshot. [CHATTERING] The outdoor game has
you and your friends flinging one another around
in a giant, stretchable band. You’ll use your momentum
to launch your friends across the band, and when
they reach the other side, it’s your turn. Here’s how it works. You and three daredevils
step inside the band, and pull the elastic up
and around your bodies to form a wall, leaning
back to create tension. The first pair of runners
rushes toward the opposite end of the circle,
passing on the right. When they reach the other
side, they’ll turn their bodies and push against the wall,
creating tension, and launching you when your partner
across the circle, in turn. Once you get the
hang of it, you’ll find it’s incredibly
simple, and incredibly fun. The action continues until– Here it comes. Oh! Then they dust themselves
off, and the fun continues. Of course, the human slingshot
is a blast on its own. But for an extra challenge,
try adding a ball to the mix. The human slingshot is made from
a durable, polyester-spandex blend, with a felt seam
that’s built to last. So, even though we
don’t recommend it, the slingshot can withstand
the force of this, uh, bobsled team. When you’re finally
ready to packet it in, the Human Slingshot also
includes a durable knapsack carrying case. Buy the adrenaline-pumping Human
Slingshot now, at (SINGING)

39 thoughts on “The Human Slingshot

  1. I'm disappointed, I thought I was gonna loot a baby and DESTROY an annoying kid in the park and be like: PARRY THAT YOU F*CKING CASUAL

  2. This was on a tv show called the worlds dumbest…….

    I’m not lying searching it on Hulu episode of commercial

  3. Me and my imaginary friends and my imaginary human slingshot playing but it’s actually just me running back and forth in the middle of a field

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