THE LION KING in GTA 5! Mod Gameplay!

THE LION KING in GTA 5! Mod Gameplay!

J: I want you to imagine the sun J: Rising over the Sahara B: So beautiful! J: And there’s a bunch of animals… J: That are standing underneath a stone J: And one animal steps forth J: Then he takes from behind… J: He raises it up to the sun! J: It’s Elton John but with a baby body! B: What the fuck!? B: Why’s it so ugly? E: I have one piece of advice for you for this mod E: Be… Prepared A: Like little mermaid? Something like that… E: It’s Scars song. From the Lion King! J: Scar’s song!? E: He goes Be Prepared! (J: That’s the one song no one knows!) J: From that whole thing E: (Laughing) Look at his face! E: In Lion king… Simba’s father, Mufasa, E: Is killed by his brother… Scar. B: (Gasps) A: Are we in the lion king? Hey, it’s the lion king A: Here he is. – J: Go on, Elyse. E: And who has to go avenge his death? – Timon! E: Okay, Adam before we… oh. E: That’s not how Timon would behave! J: It’s the circle of life! B: Hakuna Matata E: I spewed on her tata’s! (Laughing) B: Look at him, Timon’s getting up to mischief! E: You need to go murder Scar. A: Let’s go kill Scar J: Murder Scar? Oh! E: To avenge Mufasa’s death. E: Mufasa! (Strange laugh) B: What the hell is that? E: You don’t remember the movie? E: Mufasa! (Giggle again) E: B: What the fuck? J: It’s a Lion King mod, Elyse. J: Look at the lion king mod. B: Is super run on, or something? J: It’s still Harry Potter. B: Oh, yeah. Right. A: So is Mufasa’s face in the cloud or something? J: The Hollywood sign! E: No! You have to do it real, like Timon! B: No he’s doing it. J: This is what Timon would do. J: He’ll steal a magical car. B: Uh oh, it’s on fire. E: Can you at least us the parachute instead or whatever? B: That person was like “What the fuck?” J: Nathan… J: Who is… J: Who is Nathan Lane? E: What Nathan lane in lion king? B: No, he was Timon J: Was he Timon? B&A: Yes! B: Because Pumba is (Mocks voice) B: And Nathan Lane is like (High pitched voice) B: Alright, we made It to the sign. J: Over there, it’s Scar! B: Oh, wait, whose that?! J: It’s Scar! J: Adam, just throw a grenade down there. E: No! Adam, Please! B: No, Adam don’t kill him. I’m guessing it’s not Scar. J: You don’t want to get too close to scar so just blow him- B: Burn him a little bit. E: No, Adam, please. B: Look at that! B: Whoa! And a Monkey! J: Rafiki B: Oh, sure, yeah… whatever. E: It’s your old… B: What did you just fire? (J: What are you doing?) A: He’s got a uh… B: Oh, it’s a fire extinguisher. B: There they are! J: (Pumpa impression) Hey there, Little buddy! J: How did he sound? I don’t know A: That’s about right E: (Singing) When I was a young warthog B: The cops are on ya! J: They work for Scar! B: Ooh, boy. J: You shot Rafiki. B: Oh no! Rafiki! J: You gassed him E: He didn’t even have time to tell you the clue! J: What’s the next clue? E: Well… B: Now Pumba’s dead. J: Do it in Rafiki’s voice! (E: No…) B: Don’t do it in Rafiki’s voice… B: Don’t do it. J: Why? If it’s not racist then do it! E: Who killed Pumba? A: He passed out because he farted so hard. E: Well what Rafiki would have told you E: If he wasn’t gunned down by the police E: J: Top of the mountain B: That’s got to be mount chiliad A: Mount Chiliad, yeah E: No… That’s not what it is. J: Top of the building. Top of the Maze bank E: No, come on guys. Think about it! J: See the clearest… B: Um… B: The Ocean? B: Airplane? J: It’s the top of the building. B: It’s gotta be the top of a building! E: It’s the top of a building but.. J: Yeah, Maze Bank. A: Okay. E: No that’s not what it is. A: Thank you James, smartest man in the world. J: Solved it B: I don’t know, Elyse… E: Shall I just tell you guys? J: Yeah, Sure. E: The Observatory B: Oh, Right! E: Observe… See! B: The most clearly! E: The telescopes. B: Fly back up there. A: One sec… B: Oh my gosh… (E: Come on!) J: Hakuna Matata! E: What does this have to do with finding Scar? J: It means no worries! (Explosions) (game: Retreat!) B: They say retreat, you bet! B: If I saw what ever the fuck Timon is flying around B: With a parachute on his back… E: Is he a Meerkat? B: Who gives a shit? J: There he is! (B: Oh!) A: Father! B: Wow that was a nice jump Adam, Good job. A: Aaand pull the chute B: What are you doing? B: Oh my gosh. B: How are you going so fast B: Wait… why are they ‘Human centipede-ing’ E: I accidentally spawned two… E: I didn’t know how to get rid of one. B: How do animals… How do lions have sex? J: Have you not seen a video of a lion having sex? It’s awesome! J: It’s Scar! B: Oh, it is Scar! Fight him! J: Why is he- B: There’s two of them, kill him! J: Light him on fire so we can fuck him B&J: That was easy. J: He was endangered so you’re actually under arrest. B: (Laughing) Oh no! E: Uh… Revenge is satisfied. E: Mufasa will see him in the sky now… E: His spirit can rest… J: Where is he J: Is he up there? E: That’s not a thing, that’s not in the mod E: But it should be A: We can photoshop it in real quick J: There he is! B: It’s beautiful B: You can’t see Timon… That’s scary! J: It’s like in, what is it, lost world J: When the raptors are taking everyone. J: There’s something in the bushes! B: It’s Nathan Lane! B: Can we put Timon in the ironman suit? E: I don’t… think so B: Well then spawn ironman and Timon will fight him! (Laughing) J: Don’t worry screwattack! We’ll settle this death battle ourselves J: Who is that? (E,B&A:) It’s ironman J: Oh shit, J: Oh he’s dead… (B: Good shot!) J: Oh there he is! B: He’s up there flying. J: He looks like scrap in the air. B: (Laughing) Why wont he come to you? B: He only flies around you. A: Can I be Pumba? E: You can be Rafiki J: You can only be the ones that walk on their hind legs E: You can be Pumba if you want but you won’t be able to use a weapon. B: What about Young Simba E: You won’t be able to hold a weapon B: Can Timon fight the hulk? B: Or Ironman? B: Or Green goblin? (A: Stop a train…) A: Can I be Rafiki? How do I do that? E: He is best man I think J: You’re damn right he is. J: Gosh. B: Look at the blood that came out him J: (Accent) Ay, Yo! It’s me! Rafiki! B: He doesn’t talk like that… B: Oooh, Rafiki! J: He wrote peace J: He wrote the symbol on his face B: Where’s the hulk? B: I wanna see the hulk. (Laughing) B: Wait who else is there? B: Uh ironman… Oh, superman! J: There’s a guy right behind you. B: This is just like Avengers! (J: He’s coming for you Adam!) B: You better hurry! J: He’s coming! B: Spawn enemy B&J: Whoa! B: It’s a good thing that fence was there! J: That was close! B: Super close. E: Y-You know what could be fun? E: If we just spawned all the characters E: And had them all standing next to each other E: So we could see the full cast B: Wow you must have been really fun when you were a kid. A: I found somebody… B: Who is that? B: It’s the flash? A: Oh it’s Harry Potter guy! J: Oh, yeah! It’s Gringotts! B: Oh yeah it’s the goblin! J: Get his ass! J: Give me your old, Goblin! J: You gotta shoot him in the back, yeah. J: Take his gold (Laughing) B: Oh shit! A: Oh, no. It’s like a dead child B: Rafiki and Spider-Man are Best friends J: Are we just in Hollywood and highland right now? A: Uh, Scar might be dead. B: Look at his tail… Rigor mortis set in-aw J: Help! Help! My paw’s stuck! B: Mash him into the ground A: The cars so much harder to drive in this mode J: Scar, get in B: Oh no he’s dead J: Scar! – A: Come on buddy! J: So here’s the game, alright, J: Land on the end of the train. J: Spawn as Simba J: You won’t have a gun… J: You have to get to the front of the train as Simba J: By only jumping… If you don’t then Mufasa dies B: That’s impossible – J: We put a bullet in his head A,B&J: Aw, He’s so cute! J: Uh, he’s not that cute. B: He’s still holding a weapon though B: (Simba Voice) I’ve got a rifle! J: Oh, he’s down. A: And then he died J: So you can’t climb B: Slammed right into that wall there J: He maintains a positive demeanour though E: He reminds me of Benson… B: You can’t jump over it? J: You can’t jump A: There’s no jump option B: Lions can’t jump? J: Yeah… It’s science. A: Go save your dad! B&J: Whoaaaa! E: Extreme Simba! J: Land it Simba! (B: Uh oh…) J: Simba there is still time, J: A cat always lands on its feet! (B: That’s true) J: Watch… J: Always J: Oof (Laughter) J: After this we will look up lions having sex. B: Oh man I cant wait, I’m looking forward to that. B: We haven’t seen Mufasa or Simba, Have we? J&E: That’s Simba!
B: No, the older Simba! E: So… I can’t do Mufasa, Simba and Scar all together… J: Cause it brings back too many memories? E: No… J: Because they cover up the same character model in the game? E: Yeah… B: Oh that makes sense…
J: So you pick Scar!? J: Over Mufasa!? J: King of the Lions!
B: Yeah, King of the lions! E: It’s just canon for Timon to go kill him B: That’s one thing we want to stick to in these GTA mods… canon J: We only have 8 movies
B: Now Spawn in Ironman and the flash! J: We only have 8 movies worth of Lore to work with J: Oh, he’s coming in! B: There he was! B: I think he already lazered you. J: There he is! I recognise his suit! J: You’re losing health real fast! J: You gotta get up and run, Simba! J: We can’t even see him! (Ooooh!) E: Wow superman just kneed him in the face B: (Laughing) In cargo shorts! (Laughter) B: Well was that good? Did we do it?
A: I think we did it.

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  1. And of course lion king ended in the same way, superman flew in in a tank top and cargo shorts and killed simba by punching him as hard as possible in his ribs……

  2. By far my favorite series on the channel! I love seeing all of Elyse's hard work, and seeing how they can fuck it all up! Funniest shit in YouTube!!

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  4. These GTA Mod videos are some of my favorite Funhaus content, Elyse is a puppetmaster! Also, the editing is brilliant as usual. #ScarCameBeforeReggae

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  6. I am now commenting on every Funhaus video until I get on the comment show. Just please don't choose this one.

  7. I found myself actively rooting for Rafiki to gun down a hapless little person and laughed with joy when it happened. Thank you Funhaus.

  8. Eylse, did you say "superman" or "P.K. Subban?" This is because the playoffs are comings and it's very important.

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  10. "Be Prepared" is straight up Nazi imagery ripped off from Triumph of the Will. How can it not be memorable, for James of all people?!?

  11. I think this was my favorite GTA Mods episode to date. Everything after he turns into Rafiki was incredible.

  12. 🔝 TOP Mod Menu (90mil. in 1sec. , lvl 1 – 999 ) 🔝.

  13. Sometimes I'm so sick, I feel like I want/am waiting to die… but sometimes Funhaus helps ease the pain, so thank you <3

  14. Adam and Elyse are way cooler than James and Bruce. James and Bruce are too egotistical and they think that everyone's jokes and ideas are not as good as them. I love Elyse, Adam, and Lawrence. J and B try too hard to be funny, or cool, and dostastefully, it shows. I bet Funhaus won't even respond to this. This video makes me want to fart on Bruce, cus that's all he does, besides bitch and wine like 14 year old with terrible self esteem. otherwise, great video…yeah right.

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  16. why are they not all playing? people can actually stand to just watch? I'd go insane if I couldn't also play. Video games are the only thing, the ONLY thing, that justify staying alive in this fucked up reality.

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