The Log Cabin in the Forest Gets a Facelift, Cottage Life

The Log Cabin in the Forest Gets a Facelift, Cottage Life

100 thoughts on “The Log Cabin in the Forest Gets a Facelift, Cottage Life

  1. It's inspiration.. have you ever thought of having a BEE hive? It would be excellent out there.. it would keep giving.. more of nature's candy.. God Blessings. Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

  2. Shawn, when do we get to see some of the outtakes, bloopers, brain farts, you know I bet they would be hilarious ……. Steve

  3. I hear you. Makes perfect sense. True freedom seems to be hard to come by or find rather thanks to the good old Government these days…. They want to control Everything!! That truly rubs me the wrong way. There is people in the United States that are being placed in jail for having a windmill or solar panels or any self generating power sources ( Off-Grid )it's ridiculous. The way it appears is they don't want you to be self-reliant and want you to rely upon them for support and help…. all about the money.!! Power.!! Control.!! 😟 What is the world coming to…? It's exactly why I want to just get out into the woods and build me a log cabin as far away from everybody as I can and try to live and have some peace and quiet and happiness.

  4. I "found" your channel a few days ago. I have to say – watching every episode is like a meditation. Someone who is caring, respecting and celebrating our mother nature and sharing this with other people is so inspiring! We are all connected on a deeper level! Blessings from Germany!!!

  5. Thanks' Shawn!You have a great message that is applicable to everyone,in one way,or another!Thanks' for all that you are doing!Take Care and keep-up the great work!

  6. One thing I have noticed in watch your progression of videos and building your cabin is that you have put on alot of muscle. Just proves that you don't have to lift weights to become muscular! Nice!

  7. Do you know where I may get money for the land and to travel up there from Mobile, AL. so I may live a life like you do?

  8. I am very proud of you sir. You are the boss of your own creativity and can create things that are available in the woods without financial support from the company or business. You do not need a city to have a prosperity life because you are very lucky in the woods with your beautiful cabin molded by your own hands and a good taste of maple syrup especially made from fresh sap of trees there. 🙂 God be with you always and grant you a good health…

  9. you know what- i am maybe not 40 , but nature and silence will grab me much earlier! I am absolutely agree with every your word , so goal is the main coin in every humans casino.

  10. I'll say this: I thoroughly enjoy your videos aesthetically. Your videos are very soothing, and tranquil. I love the outdoors. I live in NJ and have hiked all of the AT in NJ, part of PA and NY. One of my goals was to hike as much as I have and keep on hiking and backpacking.. Which Im still doing. I went to movies one day and watched Free Solo, now Ive been rock climbing( bouldering) for nearly 4 months and up to doing v3+ climbs regularly. Im 44, turning 45 this year. Two kids, job in IT. I love my life. I really want to learnt to ride and repair motorcycles like in Zen and the Art. So Im saving to buy a dirtbike. I guess my point is find your goals and maybe those big lofty dreams but if you cant be independently wealthy and live off grid at least pursue small goals and small dreams build upon them to have a happy existence. That's what I do, always live for another goal and another dream. We have many dreams pursue as many as you can in life. Thanks for providing such relaxing and fun videos..

  11. Ich kann mich in diese komplette Videoserie hineinsetzen, wunderbar und für mich auch viel zu lernen, dankeschön . . . I could sit in these videos and feel so good . . .and I can also learn much from them, tx for that 🙂

  12. Thank you for sharing your adventure. You have a wonderful channel. I wish I could give a thousand thumbs up.👍🏻

  13. Eu fico imaginando como deve ser gostoso tomar o café nessa forma feita com o fogo de lenha.
    Eu adoro tomar café e eu tomo muitas xícaras no decorrer do dia pois essa é a minha bebida preferida. Eu não bebo álcool.
    Essas imagens são espetaculares e o sol é a estrela do cenário do dia.
    Na noite as luzes dão um toque de aconchego e romanticismo dentro da cabana.
    Vi que no dormitório tem luzes formando um triângulo luminoso como o de uma cabana.
    É lindo de ver como trabalha com empenho e amor.
    As comidas rancheiros e campestres se vêm deliciosas e muito práticas.
    Eu adorei cada vídeo que assisti e o cachorrinho eu fiquei realmente enfarinhada como ele é um companheiro fiel e agradável.
    Sem dúvida eu posso felicitar você por ser um grande e adorável canadense.

  14. Always be True to Yourself, Love others but Love You first, only then can you appreciate the feelings others share with you. Money has no value, a hug, a shared moment is priceless. Giving is far better than receiving, but at some time, probably regularly all of us need to take a moment, and ask yourself what you would do with winning the biggest lottery jackpot, and then realise you probably would not want to change a lot, that you like most of what you have and how you live, then appreciate how fortunate you are. Always have dreams though, and make them with passion then they will find their way to you. Great videos, and love how you are open – some of which you can only be because of your life trials. I have been there with a successful business that was there one moment and then some ones greed destroyed, unfortunately I then lost my eldest Son aged 18. Some things you never get over. But there is a sunrise every morning and a new day of hope and opportunity. Living it is the only way to go. Your comments and honesty I am sure help many many others and then we see the love of your most loyal friend Cali – it helps to be a little nuts. Thank you for sharing with us all.

  15. Some people have no heart, they have never opened a cold place they have within, and the Goodness of You being You is a threat, they probably do not under stand 'Honesty' or 'Love'. 10 minutes with Cali i am sure will crack any iceberg into a smile.

  16. I wished you answered questions.
    1. How old is Cali. We hav 11 yr old Chihuha and 4 yr old poodle.
    2. How do you get finances going.
    3. We are almost debt free. Only house and car….

    Your videos are inspiring. Angelika from Ut

  17. Thank you for sharing your life with me. I am an elderly woman and I've always tried to enjoy life with my family. I admire your skills.

  18. Now I get it….things we could accomplish if we didn't watch TV! From passive observer to
    active participant of life. Congratulations! Thanks for setting a fine example.

  19. You have become a mirror for those who don´t like what they see in it when they look at themselves . That might explain the ones with down fingers . . .otherwise . . . who careeees ! ! ? ?

  20. tech off-grid, every time you say that
    l think about what our ancestors did on a clear night
    the Stars told them what to do while fire dancing yup on a clear starlit night…l imagine some did not dance
    the wallflowers,,, most likely the tribe nerds geeks Tribal Shaman totally focused on the night sky…anyway it was a party

  21. Ok i fully understand this guy , had his bussinees some years ago. it went damn wrong in his eyes. But what come out of it? A lifestyle beyond all of the stressful thinking of clocks ,schemes and all that shit . So in the other ends who is the winner of all this ,
    just curious? I dont know? Probably not the world he was into

  22. Hey. Nice that u build that cabin an around the beard house. Im a native man frm. Az. Real nice c it👋☉⛆🌳

  23. Awesome share…..them haters….if the respected themselves they would learn to respect others. Keep up the hard work, very much enjoy watching your videos and sharing your story✌🏻✌🏻

  24. Well done, I am 52, just saw your first video today, I spent about 5 hours watching many more of your other vids, , its good to see this video with some talking although I did enjoy your first long post without almost any speach.
    I expect this year to start the journey, your an inspiration certainly for your personal goals.
    Cheers to you and cali, love her,
    Geoff from Australia now living Bulgaria

  25. Very impressive what youv'e done. Do you need some sort of confirmation or formal document from the authorities to be able to build a cabin in the woods? Can you register a cabin like this as your formal address?

  26. Hello Shawn 😉 Thank you for your reflection, I am a new fan here, watching your videos every day from the beginning of your cabin build. 
    Dear Schawn your comments at the end of this episode made me realise so strongly that I need to push harder towards my dream life. I am 38 Polish guy living with my wife and daughter in Switzerland trying to make a career in music as a opera singers which is not easy … in the same time I am a guy just like you, who is longing for a freedom and enjoying the nature side at my cabin in countryside.
    I am not there yet where I would love to be with my life, but just after hearing you I looked up into the mirror and took a deep breath and said, Ok ok Pawel, time to work;). Before, I was following many motivational speakers, but you Shawn by your natural talk to all of us, you are making me believe in me and that appreciate, like you just said in this episode, all those things around us, especially our family that we have beside us.
    Thank you for that.

  27. Your skill at your craft is incredible, I have friends who are carpenter's, but you're on a whole other level.

  28. The sights of spring, the birds and snow melting. Such great sights and sounds. 5 senses awaken from a winter slumber. 💞🐱

  29. Oh,,, you now need to go into the, cosmetic industry, for your cream. 🤩❤️😍 On tv cooking shows. 😏🤭💝💝💖

  30. I like watching pewdiepie, Peter Mckinon, Matti Hapooja, caleb from dslr video shooter etc beacause I'm a filmmaker myself and like to be entertained but your videos is so much different from theirs and other channels, it is very unique and it relaxes me watching you craft the cabin and everything else from scratch, there is nothing wrong with your hands and work ethic. You inspire me when I feel like procrastinating in my work witch is video and photo editing 70 percent of the time and I wish I can get away to go camping a bit more often. I love your property its so beautiful there. One of my friends moved from South Africa to Ontario, its beautiful there and would love to own some land there one day.

  31. Hey Shawn. Really great series you provide every days. it is like we are travelling in Canada here from France. Where can we send you some stuff ?

  32. I din’t Know how they can give it a thumbs down. Your videos are awesome. I enjoy them so much. I love that you are a positive guy and love how you get things done. God is good to give you strength to do all that you do.

  33. Thank you for sharing your story with us
    It's so inspiring not just for me but i think for everyone who says your videos
    Thank you again , don't stop making this great videos for us, Take care.

  34. There will always be haters…..  ignore them, they are worth no one's time.  Just remember…. they have no redeeming qualities and when they leave this earth they will not be missed by anyone…..

  35. Hi Shawn, been watching your Video on self reliance they are amazing to watch as so many people on here have question is l’m from Australia 🇦🇺 and we don’t have Bears 🐻 here, have you had any incidents with bears on your property?
    What about Cali has she had close encounters ?
    I know these question my sound funny to some people, but all l’m thinking is Grizzly Bear 🐻 😱 lol 😂
    thank you

  36. Meu amigo…. seus videos fazem bem pra alma…sim , como fazem … é um remedio,,,ou melhor , é uma cura!

  37. I love watching your videos! I've always been interested in off grid living but now I've become totally addicted to the Tiny House movement, off grid living, and permaculture ❤ As a 56 year old female, who knows little about construction, I'm absolutely fascinated with the work you are doing and love your outlook on life. Keep the videos coming ❤💕😀🙏

  38. Yesss, this thought s part you did, I really felt this…I had the the tears of being proud of you as you were realizing how far you have come and how your dream is coming true💓

  39. If I ate as much food as you eat I´d weigh 500 lbs. Don´t get me wrong, enjoy my friend, I´m just sayin I have gained 20 lbs just watching you eat. HA!!!! I love it!!!!




  43. my dog and my wife both love this show. dog says that's the best life ever a dog could have, and wife says i need to get off my but and make some improvments

  44. Life is good at 64. Living the dream and with a touch of a button I can have a young man take me away to his cabin. Thank you. Oh BTW, Did I see you on naked & afraid? Asking for a friend.

  45. I’m 85 – too old to create a "Nature Life" now, but over the years I made TWO tipis, an eight-foot diameter for camping and the other, a twelve-foot diameter for a more permanent stay. Time spent in either of them was sublime!! If I were younger I’d seriously consider a yurt.

  46. You are awsome & I'm sure our Lord & savior is smiling down on you.thats the way to live & enjoy God's creation. Jesus was a carpenter & so are you Shawn. You are the prime example of what a man should be. God bless you & keep you Shawn. I love watching all of you videos & would you Give call I a big hug for me.

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