The making of the flower wall backdrop – Mrs. Warren’s Profession

The making of the flower wall backdrop – Mrs. Warren’s Profession

For Mrs Warren’s Profession we
start in an English courtyard, go to an interior of a cottage, then move on to a
rectory garden and then, later in the piece, to London. For a quick switch, we
thought let’s just stick with more of an expression of space and so we decided
to look at external environments and we’ve gone with the concept of a rose
hedge or a rose wall, so to speak, for the space. We start in the cottage garden and
this takes up the whole cross stage of the venue which is
approximately 17 meters. From floor to ceiling as well. So, it’s quite
a spectacle. I’ve worked on some pretty large things but the concept of putting thousands and thousands of flowers onto a floral background … I thought
“Oh, I’ll probably go a bit mad!” but actually it’s not that bad. It feels
quite creative and quite beautiful. It’s a digital print and I basically
went to the flower markets one morning and picked up bunches of these beautiful
pink roses, took a photo, multiplied it so many times over the scale of this space
and sent it to a digital printer that prints onto fabric. And now Hilary and
Ashley have slowly been going through the process of attaching roses and
petals onto this. And once we throw stage light on it that will completely change the look of it again so I’m really excited
to see what that’s going to turn out like. It’s just like building up a large
painting really, “Oh another one belongs here.” “Let’s do a few petals here” and it’s
just been growing like a real garden.

7 thoughts on “The making of the flower wall backdrop – Mrs. Warren’s Profession

  1. Gorgeous! Pls, I want to know, what is that tool you were using to fix the flowers on the fabric in the background?

  2. this is absolutely stunning, can you please tell me what material you use for this and do you do it for sale at all.

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