The Perfect Fall Bookshelf | How To Take Your Home Decor to the Next Level | FabFitFun

The Perfect Fall Bookshelf | How To Take Your Home Decor to the Next Level | FabFitFun

TASHA: So a big part of nesting involves organizing
and decorating, and our next guest is amazing at it. Interior designer, Genna Margolis, is here
with us today, and she’s gonna show us how to style a bookshelf. NATALIE: Yes. TASHA: Which is actually pretty hard to do. NATALIE: It is. Yeah. I struggle with this. TASHA: So let’s head on over and meet up with
her. NATALIE: Let’s do it! Hi, Genna! GENNA: Hello! NATALIE: Thanks so much for being here today. GENNA: Well, thanks for having me. NATALIE: We’re very excited about this. GENNA: I’m excited. NATALIE: Yeah. TASHA: Well, so Genna is the owner of Shape
Side, which is a full-service interior design firm here in Los Angeles. You’ve styled some gorgeous homes. Let’s take a look at some! NATALIE: Yeah, let’s see these babies! GENNA: Okay. NATALIE: All right, so first up – let’s see
what – GENNA: First up, this is Cookjob Kitchen. It’s actually a venue in Marina Del Rey that
you rent out for actually places like FabFitFun, Hulu, Netflix. And it’s also a kitchen and hosting area. And because it’s in Marina Del Rey, the outside
– so the right of that window that you don’t see – is all tropical. And my client, Ashley, who owns Cookjob – she
is much more, like, rustic, farmhouse, so again – sorry, not again – happy medium is
we decided to take the outside in and be inspired by the outside but incorporate, like, farmhouse
kind of textures. So that’s why you see actually a – it’s called
faux bois, which is a fake wood wallpaper. But this is actually temporary. You can remove this. I got that from Target. So it’s fancy but not. And that was kind of like the inspiration. NATALIE: We love a good Target moment. TASHA: Very cool! Now tell us about this. We see some bookshelves here. Or some shelving. GENNA: Yeah. This is actually very challenging because
those bookshelves are actually, like, three feet high. This was for my client, Courtney. She is married with three kids. She loves the color blush, but we had to make
it a little bit more neutral because can’t be super girly. This is a beautiful home in Brentwood. Has amazing ceilings. And really the inspiration behind this was
she wanted it to feel really, like, open and airy. She wanted it to feel, like, interesting but
not weird. TASHA: Got it! GENNA: If that makes any sense! TASHA: Not too eccentric with too many different
pieces all over the place. GENNA: Exactly. NATALIE: Especially when you have kids. GENNA: Yeah, she wants it to be easy. So this is actually my house. NATALIE: Oh! When are we coming over? TASHA: Right? GENNA: Whenever you want! Just take your shoes off. NATALIE: I can do that! GENNA: Okay so my home is in Hancock Park,
and if you know anything about the area, it’s actually really – has a lot of character. The homes are Spanish revivals, and the inspiration
for this was I wanted it to, like, part of my design really is to feel open and airy,
welcoming, and so like, work with the character of the home. So my inspiration for this really was I wanted
to use a lot of vintage pieces, greenery. NATALIE: I love the cactus. GENNA: Thank you. Again, like, those are branches we actually,
like, found, like, hiking. But I wanted it to feel, like, modern too. So it’s a mix. This was a collaboration between me, myself,
and I. TASHA: Very cool! So where do you find your inspiration when
you’re designing a new room? NATALIE: I mean, you talked a little bit about
this, but – GENNA: Yes, so I would say it’s a mix of my
clients – what they want, my taste, and their actual houses. So a lot of times I’ll be working and – for
example, I’ve worked a lot in New York City. I work with a lot of clients who live in these
super modern, like, rentals. And they’re like, “Well, I just want, like,
a farmhouse.” So to actually do that would be a little weird,
so it’s – the inspiration of how do I make what they want fit the actual place that I’m
doing. TASHA: The space. Right. And what advice do you have for someone who
says, “I want to redecorate, but I don’t have the budget.” GENNA: So I would say this is everyone’s problem,
no matter the budget. I would say that basically you want to have
an overall goal and idea of what you want your house to be. And have a number in mind that you might not
necessarily have today, but will overall want to spend, even if it takes, like, five to
ten years from now. And decorate over time with the original goal
in mind. So if it’s a farmhouse ’cause I’ve been talking
a lot about this, know that you’re doing that and yeah! NATALIE: Like just kind of work backwards
almost. Start with that end goal in mind and then
work towards it. GENNA: Exactly! And don’t stray away because if you do, your
house starts to look messy. NATALIE: Which is I think a little bit where
I’ve ended up. Or that’s where my mom would say I’ve ended
up. All right, so I’m really inspired by all of
those beautiful photos. Let’s head over to this really bare bookshelf
we have, and we can see this in action. I see a lot of beautiful-looking things here. GENNA: Okay, so to start, we clearly have
a blank bookshelf. NATALIE: Yes. GENNA: One of the most important things I
will say – and I can’t say this enough. I probably say it everyday. Scaling is everything. Um, so you really want to find pieces that
really individually fit the space length, width, and depth-wise. That way, you don’t have to fill it with so
many smaller things, which make it feel more cluttered. NATALIE: Yep. You just described my bookshelf. GENNA: So secondly, have an idea in mind,
like the overall, like, vision of, “Do I want it all neutrals? Do I want neutrals with pops of color? Do I want primary colors?” Keep that in mind when buying what you want. But for this, we’re doing neutrals, pops of
colors, as you can see. And bringing in natural textures to really
make it feel warm. NATALIE: Love that. And while we’re doing this, if you guys have
questions for Genna, make sure you’re leaving them in the comment section. GENNA: Yeah, I have lots of answers. NATALIE: We’re getting a lot of love already
for your design spaces. GENNA: Okay! Well, thank you. Um, so first I’m gonna start with the bottom. Naturally, when you look at a bookshelf, you
don’t go to the bottom shelf, so I like to waste that with things I don’t really care
about. And I’m not judging any of these things right
here. TASHA: I feel very judged! NATALIE: No judgment! GENNA: But I’m gonna go with something big
that matches the background because it will fill the space in great. NATALIE: We love you all equally. GENNA: Why don’t you bring me that circular
thing? Yes. NATALIE: Ooh, this is hefty. GENNA: Hefty. NATALIE: I like it. GENNA: So we’re gonna put this on the bottom
here, and as you see, it perfectly fits, neutral, does its job. NATALIE: Love it. GENNA: So as that’s very structured, it’s
a balancing act. So there’s structure – sorry, I’m looking
at you. I don’t know. NATALIE: It’s okay! All of us! GENNA: Okay! If it’s with structure, um, take things like
greenery, flowers to kind of, like, loosen it up. So I am going to do that and put that next
to it. NATALIE: Easy. GENNA: Right? NATALIE: I love the little squat in the skirt. Yes. GENNA: Thank you. NATALIE: Very delicate. GENNA: I don’t know, is this camera ready? NATALIE: Yes, nailed it! GENNA: Okay! So next – I put two things – one on each. So I like to make it versatile with the number
of things I put per shelf too. NATALIE: You don’t want to just do the same
thing all the way up. GENNA: Yeah. ‘Cause that’s basic, right? Who wants to do that stuff? So I’m gonna take these lovely logs right
here, and I’m gonna just center it in the middle. TASHA: And now where can our audience find
items like this? Where would you go to find items like this? GENNA: So I would say that if you have a big
bookshelf ’cause this is actually pretty big, you want big pieces. I would highly recommend Crate & Barrel. They do everything much bigger scale. For smaller things, I would recommend Target,
CB2 because they actually are the apartment-size version of Crate & Barrel. NATALIE: That’s a great way to think about
it. I never thought about that before. GENNA: Yeah! So like Target is great. I also like to go online and even check, like,
Ebay, Etsy. They’re all really great, and once you know
the dimensions of, like, what you need, everything makes a lot more sense. NATALIE: All right, what’s next? GEENA: What’s next? So I’m trying to think what I want to do here. Okay so now we need to make this a little
more real. NATALIE: All right, I’m ready. GEENA: So I guess bookshelves means books,
right? NATALIE: I guess. Kind of. GENNA: So why don’t – Natalie, give me those
two coffee table books? NATALIE: These guys? GENNA: Yes. TASHA: And we have a comment from Cammie Belle
who says, “Your home is beautiful, and great tip Genna! Thank you. I’m definitely on a budget.” GENNA: Oh, great! NATALIE: Aren’t we all? GENNA: Okay so I like to always stack coffee
table books. Again, the thicker the book, the better ’cause
you get to use a lot less and spend less money. But I always like to finish it off with, like,
an object or sculpture. So I’m going to take this here and add it
on the top. Candles are always great for that. So again, like to mix it up. Natalie, why don’t you hand me that vase? NATALIE: This guy? GENNA: Yeah, whatever. Jar? NATALIE: Jug? Whatever it is? Beautiful! GENNA: And we’re gonna put it right next to
here. And we’re gonna move it. NATALIE: It’s all about the placement. GENNA: It’s all about the placement. Do we think this looks okay? NATALIE: Yes! TASHA: Lauren Hughes Mickle says, “I love
the rustic yet calming, beautiful feel of this so far!” NATALIE: That’s true! GENNA: Oh, thank you! NATALIE: I like where this is going. GENNA: So again, I put two and two. I’m gonna do one now. This is a real gamechanger. TASHA: We’re ready for that. GENNA: So again, structure meets looseness. So what I’m gonna do is I am going to put
this right here. NATALIE: This is so pretty. GENNA: Um, and then I’m gonna use some flowers. NATALIE: We’re gonna do a little bouquet action. GENNA: Yeah, I always like to be cohesive
with the flowers. Don’t want to go, like, tropical when I have
these warmer things going on. So why don’t we – TASHA: And you can switch the flowers up with
the season too, which would be fine. NATALIE: Oh yeah, that’s a great way to redec
– we had questions, like, I remember from a little while ago – how do I redecorate for
each season? I feel like that’s a great way to do it, is
just change those up. GENNA: I am totally making a mess. NATALIE: Oh, that’s okay. GENNA: Sorry, guys! TASHA: You’re making it feel more like what
my home actually looks like. NATALIE: Those are so pretty! GENNA: So again, if it’s a structure – we
have a tray and we’re making it much looser with lots of flowers. I might change that up in a little bit to
make it a little cleaner, but this is our placement. NATALIE: This is our placeholder for now. GENNA: Yeah, I might – there’s a way… NATALIE: Flip-flop them? GENNA: Why is this not in my favor? These flowers don’t like me, do they? TASHA: Well, if we were at home, you would
also have, like, scissors so you could adjust as needed. GENNA: We’re gonna leave it like this. NATALIE: Okay. GENNA: Okay, so we have a lot of, like, natural
elements going on. I want to incorporate books because it is
still a bookshelf. NATALIE: Yes, it is. GENNA: And for everyone at home out there,
you probably mostly want to use it for books. NATALIE: Well, unless you’re me. Then you don’t want to use it for books. GENNA: So now that I put these horizontal,
I’m gonna do them vertical now. So you use a lot smaller books for this, any
size works. Really keep in mind to keep the colors as
best you can within the – NATALIE: Like a neutral. TASHA: So you don’t have to put all of the
books that you own. You can pick the ones that are – NATALIE: Look the best. TASHA: Right, and then put the other ones
on a second shelf. GENNA: Yes. So I like to mix in both books with, like,
sculptures and objects, just because it makes it feel a little bit more put together. But again, if you really do read, good for
you. You probably won’t do this. So I’m gonna add this vase right here, and
then I’m gonna put books on the other side. NATALIE: Okay. I see where we’re going here. I see a Marie Kondo hidden in there. TASHA: Oh, she would love this. NATALIE: Yes, she would I feel. GENNA: Okay. And the other thing I’m gonna say is always
put in size order. NATALIE: From biggest working to smallest? GENNA: Yes, exactly. So I need an object for this. Natalie, you pick. TASHA: Ooh, we do have some actual book ends
here, it looks like. NATALIE: Well, I was gonna say maybe one of
these guys. GENNA: She’s like, “No!” NATALIE: Wait, what about this one? GENNA: Okay, I like that the best. NATALIE: Did I pass? GENNA: You’re doing good! I’m looking for someone! NATALIE: Yay, I did it! GENNA: Okay, so we have this on each end,
and now let’s put something in the middle. NATALIE: Yeah, it feels a little naked in
the middle. GENNA: So I’m gonna do something simple here. Here we go. TASHA: Love it. This is looking so beautiful; I just – NATALIE: I know, right? TASHA: I don’t know if I could do this. NATALIE: I have faith in you, Tasha. TASHA: Okay. GENNA: Think of it as Tetris. You’re putting things in certain places, and
it has to fit perfectly. NATALIE: Love that. GENNA: Okay so last but not least, now that
I got the books out of the way, I want to go back to natural elements that look pretty
but you’re not gonna use. NATALIE: So probably something in this wood
field. GENNA: Yes. Okay. So I’m gonna use the wood, but again, I’m
gonna add a little bit of, like, natural elements. I’m a little short, so Natalie, you’re tall. NATALIE: I’m cheating today. GENNA: Okay so this is what I want to do. We have three. Two are the same, and one is different, right? NATALIE: Okay, these are the same. GENNA: So I want to put – I want to space
them out evenly, and I want to put one on each end. NATALIE: Flat side in or out? GENNA: So I want to see the rawness. NATALIE: You want to see this side? GENNA: No, turn it. Yes! No, don’t turn. Yes, yes. TASHA: It is a test. GENNA: This is 100%. NATALIE: I just failed. It’s fine. So then same? This way? GENNA: Okay, we might kind of want to move
it in a little. Okay, okay. Even on each side? NATALIE: Maybe. You tell me. GENNA: Okay so now let’s put the different
one in the middle. NATALIE: This way? GENNA: Whichever way you want. You pick now. Ooh, okay. Well, now we just have to push it back a little. We gotta make it camera ready. Yeah. Okay! Yeah! Just move it a little to the side. NATALIE: This way? GENNA: Yeah. Okay and essentially, we are done! We’ve added in books, natural elements, flowers,
vases. TASHA: So beautiful! Let’s move this so they can get the whole
picture here. NATALIE: The full shebang? So pretty! TASHA: Wow! NATALIE: Margaret Stern says, “This is amazing. I needed some help.” I mean, really, when I go to do something
like this, I don’t think about mixing, like, natural elements and sculptures. I just – my brain doesn’t go there naturally,
but once you see it all done, it’s so beautiful. TASHA: This is giving me so many ideas. I have a black bookshelf at home, and now
I think I want to paint it white because this is just giving me so much inspiration. GENNA: White is always the best because it’s
like – it’s a clear background, so anything looks good. Black is awesome, but then you have to go,
like, white – really like gray, really bright woods. It has to pop. TASHA: Totally. That makes sense. I think I can do it. NATALIE: I have faith in you, and I feel like
I know what we’re both gonna do this weekend. TASHA: Oh, I absolutely know what I’m gonna
do this weekend. NATALIE: We got a new project for ourselves
here. TASHA: Yeah, thank you so much for sharing
with us! GENNA: Thank you! TASHA: This has been amazing.

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