100 thoughts on “THE ULTIMATE BEDROOM MAKEOVER + room tour

  1. This video was actually so informative and aesthetically pleasing because I'm just now in the process of moving apartments and only have clothes and a bed so I'm trying to get ideas for what to put in my new space

  2. Love how it turned out. There are foam brick walls you can buy online if you want to avoid the fumes and effort. It's very cheap in our country but maybe for the US you can get it off aliexpress for cheap.

  3. I hadn’t laughed so hard at a YouTube video in awhile. This makeover was so well done and I love the makeover! Totally subscribed 👏🏽

  4. I don’t have my own place yet and I don’t have an income, but this helps gives me an idea for when im older! I love the room and its hilarious you moved out already

  5. you can find 3d wallpaper on amazon which saves a lot of time instead of all that work for the faux brick wall….it's probably not gonna be as cheap but it does have great adhesive at the back and it's waterproof

  6. You’re room is beautiful 😍😍😍 I would love to recreate this for my guest room or master bedroom (if I can ever make up my mind 😂)

  7. i really wanted a clothing rack but I couldn't find one ANYWHERE this is such a great option and it looks good too thank you so much for the idea

  8. if you ever lose a screw or something shiny in a carpet just wait until its dark and shine a flashlight! trust me its saved me a couple times

  9. I’m in awe of you and your room decor video! Like dayum it’s beautiful! So cute and inspiring self done work!

  10. You did an awesome job and all by yourself! Everything looks so good except for the curtains in the wall and the plant in between the bed and seat, please don’t kill it hahaha I looooove your videos, you are adorable and super fun to watch!

  11. She made her own clothing rack. She could’ve bought it. BUT SHE MADE HER OWN CLOTBING RACK!!!

    I love u bro🤩💀

  12. she said she got the big ass mirror from Craigslist but when she's giving the tour she said she got it from Ikea 😩 WHICH ONE?!?!?!? IM TRYNA GET A BIG ASS MIRROR LIKE THAT

  13. But why is no one in the comments commenting on the fact you casually got plants from Damon and Jo… 🧐 So many questions…!!! Haha

  14. I know you’re probably not going to respond because I’m very late, but how much did it cost you to makeover your room? I would really love to makeover my room, but my family doesn’t really have a lot of money. ❤️

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