The Weekender: “Bon Voyage Messy Garage” (Season 2, Episode 3)

I’m Monica Mangin and I believe that updating your home doesn’t have to take a ton of time or money. I show people how to get Pinterest-worthy spaces that are just right for them. This is unbelievable! Give me one-weekend, I’ll give you five projects and you’ll have a completely transformed space by Monday. Guys this weekend I’m in Austin,Texas helping out a family with a space that’s a little different for The Weekender. We’re actually working on their garage. This family doesn’t park in their garage so we can be a little more creative with the space. They have three small kids so it’s all about the organization. Hi my name is Alex, and I’m Jesse and we live in Austin, Texas. We have a four-year-old and one-year-old twins. So that’s why we’re always tired.. We go in-and-out thru the garage everyday. If you’re friends or family you’re likely going to go through the garage door into the house. And right now it’s just junk everywhere, it’s hideous. I like to keep things if I think i’ll ever use it, and Jesse likes to get rid of it if I haven’t looked at it in two weeks. Like crutches? We have crutches sitting out in the garage. Yea but somebody’s gonna break a foot one day. I don’t mind letting him keep a lot of stuff as long as it’s organized, So maybe at the end of this weekend you can keep your stuff as long as it has place. I’m cool with that. My big question is why the garage? If you could pick anything in your house you guys picked the garage. This is a project that she’s been hanging over our head since we moved here. We have three kids so we would like to use this space more. He loves wood-working, I love crafting, our kids love sports. So you want this to be an extension of your home… …but we’re not going carpet, couches. Right. Tell me what would this be? I do a lot of woodworking stuff so I’d like to have an organized space for that. But at the same time it’s gotta work for the kids stuff. Okay so SUPER kid-friendly space but woodworking is important to you. For me, organization. Then I enjoy crafting, painting, and doing makeover projects for furniture. I feel like this space when it is done could be family friendly and hopefully allow you guys get back to your hobbies. You can put the kids to bed… …come out here and do something together… A little DIY date-night. I’m really confident that these five projects I have planned are going to completely change this garage for you. One of the projects I’m not looking forward to is emptying your garage. There’s a lot of stuff to get out of here. The key to organization in a garage – also in your home – Is to have a place for everything. So it’s going to be interesting this weekend to see if I can get Alex to get rid of some stuff, and also to find a way so that Jesse doesn’t throw away all his stuff. Alllright…you ready? Nice. I mean, can it get any better than this? The fastest way to paint this garage is going to be to spray it. One for you…I’m going to finish, and you can put yours on. Let’s do this. Once you get over the pure joy of wearing your Oompa-Loompa suit, remember to keep your sprayer about 8 to 10 inches off the wall wall and spray in long, even strokes so the paint goes on lightly and evenly. Using a sprayer in a space this large is your best bet. Pretty easy right? Yeah awesome. What do you think of the color? I love it. Will really brighten up the space. I chose HGTV-Home by Sherwin-Williams White Cotton paint, because it will really lighten up this dark space. We’re using their Weather-Shield Exterior paint which is a dirt and stain-blocking paint-and-primer in one. It’s perfect for a garage. Alex’s first job is to go through all his stuff. And get rid of any of the junk he’s collected over the years that he just doesn’t need. Deep breaths, Alex. You got this. We are going to be building kind of an organizational system for you guys. You have a lot of stuff. Alex….how’s he doing sorting everything? I don’t know I’m hoping he gets rid of some stuff. I made him three piles…keep, donate, and trash. I saw him walking towards the keep pile an awful lot. I have a feeling a lot of what we took out a the garage is going back in, so I want to do it in a way that’s more organized. Ok, awesome. My secret to organizing is just hide all the crap. I give everything a place and make sure you can’t see it. We’re building a simple shelving unit by basically cutting 2×4’s to create a rectangular frame topped with plywood shelves. The shelves will hold plastic bins dedicated to specific items to keep everything organized and on the up-and-up. Wow, this is a ton of storage. Definitely can put a lot of crap in these boxes. That’s the idea. And the whole idea with the dark blue is that no one can see your crap. Alright, we have started transforming this space but there’s one more thing we need to do before you get to start bringing stuff back in, okay? That’s take care of the flooring in here. And I feel like a garage floor can be kind of tricky. Usually it’s just kind of gross. Yea there’s paint on it, and oil stains. Stuff like that. Want to see what we picked? Matt lets do a big reveal. Dum-dah-dum! Whoa, that awesome you can see the planks. Looks like wood, right? Yea looks like real wood. So what I ended up choosing is actually a vinyl sheet flooring. It’s kid friendly, it looks good, and it’s easy clean up. So you can do projects and not worry about “oh I spilled some paint”. You can clean it right up. The best part about this flooring style is that you don’t need any power tools. Just measure, cut it to size with a utility knife and then working in small sections trowel on the all-purpose flooring adhesive in nice even coats. Doing an entire garage makeover in a weekend means we have to work some late nights but i think it’s totally worth it because flooring is looking awesome. Alex what do you think? It looks great. Happy? Yeah looks really cool. Happy homeowner! It’s no rest for the weary or at least not for my carpenter Matt, he’s all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning working on a special little bonus side project for Alex. It’s like a little reward for all the stuff he was willing to part with. Well, poor Matt’s working. I’m glad he’s working. It’s kind of funny funny. We’re actually building a bin for scrap wood but it’s gonna keep it all organized for ya. I’ve needed one of those for years now but I’ve never built it. Yeah so he’s working on that, and we’re gonna go out and we’re going to build a cart for some of your tools. At first they were kinda all over the place here and we’re gonna really give you kind of one whole area that’s just for you. Awesome! Alrighty let’s finish this coffee we’ll go. This is another super simple carpentry project that will really help with organization. We’re building a rolling tool cart. Alright so now what we’re going to do is actually add pegboard to each end here. The pegboard is a great inexpensive way to add additional function this little cart. There’s tons of pegboard accessories that are perfect to hold all the tools and supplies you can need. My secret project for Jesse and Alex was pretty awesome they mentioned needing a place to hang up coats, put away shoes, and I thought that giving them kind of a faux mudroom in their garage will be a great surprise for them. The best part is we’re using a ton of stock items from Lowe’s to make this mudroom happen. We’re essentially building a large rectangle here and putting in dividers for each shoe cubby, but those will also give support. We picked up these pre-made boxes and they’re gonna fit in with plenty of room to spare for shoes and other accessories. Essentially we’re doing the exact same thing we did on the bottom but this time it’s just a larger upright rectangle. Flush with the front? Yeah. So now I have our big open rectangle, and we’re going to put in our beadboard panels that are going to go on the back of each locker. Ok, so there’s a visible seen here but that’s okay because when we put in the locker dividers it’s going to cover it right up. That’s why this measured ahead of time to see where we could leave a seam. Alright, we’re done with the actual stick building now and all we need to do is put our prefab kitchen wall cabinets up on top they’re going to provide some closed door storage. Alright so that’s pretty much the end of his built for us. We need to add a little bit of trim, finish things out, add some hooks, add some paint. So we’ve got to do that and get everything back into this garage and I’m excited! Ahh!!! Wow!! Oh my gosh I love it! This mudroom, oh my gosh. I love it. There’s space for everything. This will be so perfect for in-and-out when our kids our coming home. This is awesome. I love it. Thank you so much! As much as I am obsessed with the mini-mudroom ground, I gotta say that the wall paint and the new flooring.. Game-changer. Game-changer. Do you remember how dark it was before? Yeah that wood-oak walls made it so dark in here and then this just lightens it up completely. The nice thing about this flooring..’s really durable so it’s okay to get a little dirty. And these bins over here! This storage I mean it took a 15 minute build. It’s all the storage. I have a bucket for all the crap that you didn’t let me keep. Alex sorted and got rid of a lot of stuff I’m impressed! I did. Alex, how you feel about your new work zone? That’s a super industrial table and I love it. And I have a spot for all my cutoff wood. Matt made you a scrap bin. I always trip on the wood. Always thinking, we need to chuck this wood out! No I could use it for later project. Matt built that while you and I built the rolling tool cart which is cool too because you can roll it, you can spin it around. When we thought about the dream garage we really wanted something that was organized, kid-friendly, a place we can work and work on our hobbies. You guys hit the bar. I mean this is everything we could have asked for. So thank you. I love it. This weekend I’m in Austin, Texas helping out a first-time homeowner that’s looking to make her first place a lot more sophisticated and a whole lot less college dorm chic. Welcome home…oh my gosh! What!? Are you loving The Weekender? If so click like and subscribe to the Lowe’s Youtube channel. That way you’ll be notified when the next episode drops. And then I challenge you to become a weekender. 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