The Weekender: “Halfway to Rustic” (Season 4, Episode 7)

[jaunty music] – I’m Monica Mangin,
and I believe that updating your home doesn’t have to take
a ton of time or money. I show people how to get
Pinterest-worthy spaces that are just right for them. – This doesn’t even look
like our house! – Are you kidding me?
– Whoa. – You’re good? – Give me one weekend. I’ll give you five projects, and you’ll have
a completely transformed space by Monday. [bold music] This weekend, I am working
on a master bathroom, which–a bathroom
in a weekend is no joke. It’s a lot to do,
but the good news is, this bathroom is already headed
in the right direction. The homeowners know
where they want it to end up. They just need my help
getting it there. It’s a lot of work,
but we got this. [bold music] [tranquil percussive music] – Okay, so here’s the space. – All right.
It’s a pretty good size. – Great size.
We– we really love
the size of it. It’s much larger
than what we were used to about a year or so ago.
– Yeah. – It’s very beige.
– It is a lot–it has a lot of brown going on.
– It’s beige on beige on beige.
– Yeah. – Hi, I’m Mark.
– And I’m Tara, and we’re super excited to see some changes
in our master bathroom. – Currently, the bathroom’s
not bright enough for what we need. – We kind of call it
the “beige cave.” There is probably
seven different shades of brown in our bathroom. Um, the floors are
a shade of brown, the walls are a shade of brown, so everything is brown, but not all even
cohesively brown together. – But you guys have started
renovating in here, so you’ve made, like, steps. This–this subway tile
was not here. This is all you, right? – We thought this would,
like… – Seal the deal?
– Kind of make it all better. It didn’t really make it
all better. – So you were, like,
“I’ll subway tile, and instantly, the bathroom
will be exactly what we want.” – Yes, yes.
– Exactly, and that’s clearly not what happened.
We’re–we’re just looking for more coloring, more brightness, more character.
– Okay, yeah. Another thing
that I noticed in here are these mirrors. I mean, they’re adorable, but I don’t even think– yeah, no. I-I only can see myself
from here to here, so I can only imagine they don’t work for you.
– They don’t. – But I can see myself.
– Did I wear green? – [laughs]
– I mean, from here down, I’m killing it today,
but I have no idea what’s happening up there. So they were–
– See, I can see per– I can see my whole body…
– Oh, yeah. Look at that.
– Almost, right? See, it’s perfect. It works.
– You’re great. It works for me.
It wasn’t an issue. – How’s it been working? Get up clo–oh.
– Just a little– a little like this. – Just a little bend.
That’s all. – Yeah, it’s not–
– A little bend. – It’s not optimal.
– [laughing] It’s not optimal. The other thing I noticed not just the mirror height, but this is almost, like,
a kid-height vanity. Like, did you know
they make them in two different heights
like that? – No.
– No, but I did always feel like that was very low. – Yeah, it’s like,
you actually do have to bend to do anything here.
– Mm-hm. – But–yeah, this is
a kid-height vanity. – Oh.
– What a terrible thing to put in a master bath. – Yeah, it’s–
it’s very, very low, so you–there’s that. – We’re looking for
a more rustic feel in our bathroom, and when you think “rustic,”
I think you think browns and natural tones, but what we have
just really is not working. – So we have
a good bit of stuff we need to load out of here, and actually,
we’re gonna combine our loadout with some demo, too. – Great.
– There’s a few things I wanna knock out
and take out, so– and then, on top of all that, we have five projects. – Fantastic.
– So it’s gonna be a busy weekend.
– Love it. Sounds good.
– Great. [modern dance music] – So mini-vanity
is going to go. Okay? Completely out.
– Okay. – And completely useless
privacy wall. Gonna go.
– I like–that sounds great. – So the wall’s
gonna come out first. – Yeah, I have
the plumbing unhooked. We’ll take this wall down, and then we can lift
that top up. – There is one outlet
in the wall, because they couldn’t
make it easy on us. – So all we’ll do
is we’ll relocate that, so you can still have
an area to get ready. – Yeah, that’s it. – Nice. – One…
– Okay. – Two, three! – Whoa, okay.
Easier than I thought. – And we’ll go out.
– Ready? Tara, you have it?
– Yeah, I’m fine. I got it. – All right. [rock music] – Nice. – Got it. [rock music] – Whoo!
– Out of here. There we go. – There you are, boys. [rock music] Jason’s gonna be smooth. All right, one more thing
we gotta get rid of. We are getting rid
of your toilet. All right, guys, we got
this place prepped for paint, and are you sad
to see this brown go? – No.
– Not at all. – You’re not sad at all, huh?
– Not sad at all, no. – I think
you’re really gonna like what I picked out
for this room. It’s gonna make
a pretty dramatic impact. All right, you guys ready? – Yep.
– Yes. – Excited?
– Uh-huh. – Very excited.
– This is a game-changer in the room, you know. All right, and here’s
what I got for you. – Oh, nice. Nice and clean.
– I like it. – Nice and clean, light.
– Yeah. – Bright.
Nothing too crazy. But there’s gonna be
a little bit of contrast… – Okay.
– Between the tile and the white that we put up.
– Okay. – It’s not gonna just
kind of disappear into it, ’cause I still want
the subway tile to be the star of the show.
– Mm-hm. – Um, but right now,
it kind of just sticks out, like, oh, subway tile, brown.
– Mm. – So right now, we’re gonna
make this flow together a lot nicer, but it’s not
the exact same tone as your tile, so you’ll still
have a bit of a pop from it. – Okay, great. [spacey modern music] – All right, so this is
gonna dry a little bit differently. See how it’s
a little different in– – Yeah.
– In–different tone than your tile? – Right.
– Yeah. – I wanted there
to still be some contrast, so that was on purpose. – Perfect.
– All right? – I like it. – Some people might think
that white’s boring, but I absolutely love using it
in so many of my designs. It’s always trending
because it’s a classic look that can work
in pretty much any space. [upbeat modern music] All right, so how do you feel
about a big old mirror making its way
into your bathroom? – I feel great about it.
– You think Mark’s gonna like it?
– Yes, I do. – All right, good. So this is just a basic, kind of builder-grade
rectangular mirror, and you could totally
just use clips and put it up
and have it flow, but I think we can
add to it style-wise very easily,
and make it fit in kind of with
the whole style theme we’re going with
with the whole bathroom. – Great.
– Okay? So we’re gonna start with pine that we’re going to use
to frame out around it. We’re gonna do
this kind of rustic-looking, so, like, no fancy cuts. Everything’s just gonna
butt up against each other, and then we’re actually
gonna distress it and try and make it look
like old wood. All right?
– I love it. – Think it’ll work?
– Yep. – It better work, right?
[laughs] First step is gonna be
making some cuts over at the saw,
and for this, we’re just gonna do
basic, straight cuts. I don’t want
any mitered cuts. Like, no fancy corners, because I think
that having a straight cut will be more rustic
in its look. Atta girl. So in two seconds flat, we have all of our wood cut. [laughs]
– Amazing. – So we basically want
to make this wood that I just picked up
off the shelf today look like it’s 100 years old, so we’re gonna distress it.
– Okay. – Have you ever done
any distressing before? – I have not.
[laughs] – It’s really fun. All right,
so what I picked here is a soft pine, so we want it to be easy
to kind of injure, if you will. So the chain kind of makes
big divots in it and kind of big indents, and the screws–
you can kind of hammer them in and get the thread
of the screw, which looks really cool,
and then the nails– you can either hammer them in
on the side, or also just hammer them
directly in. It gives it
a little indent, too. [rock music] So I feel like we have pretty even distressing
everywhere. I mean, it’s, like,
perfectly imperfect, if you ask me.
– Yes. – So now I think we can move
to the next step, and that’s going to be paint, and then a distressing wax that we’re gonna put
over top. I want to use
the same white paint that we used
on the bathroom walls, but it’s gonna look
very different once we glaze over it. Instead of using
a paintbrush, we’re actually gonna use rags
to put on the paint, because I just want
to basically give the pine a white tone,
not truly paint it. The distressing wax
is gonna go into all the little areas
that we just distressed and kind of really bring out
the color. You want to get it into
the nooks and crannies there. – Uh-huh.
– And then, you can really see it. Now, we can kind of decide
how dark or how light we want to go with it. Again, I would start light, and we can go darker
as we go. This is wood that we just picked up
at Lowe’s two hours ago. This is wood
that has aged in a barn decades.
– Hundreds of years. – Hundr–there’s so much
history in this wood. All right, so these
are looking pretty good, and now,
what we’re gonna do is actually attach them
onto the mirror. So we’re gonna be working
on the back side of the wood, so the side we didn’t finish.
– Okay. – And what we’re going to do
is use contractor adhesive, and this is intended for marble, granite, mirrors– something that’s
a little bit more slick. We can’t, obviously,
nail or screw into the mirror, so the adhesive–
this is gonna hold a permanent, permanent bond. All right, so now
everything’s in place, and the contractor glue
is gonna do its job and hold nice and securely.
What do you think? – I think it’s awesome.
I love it. I think it looks so good,
and it was so easy. – It was so easy.
– And we can see our entire face in it. – Yes!
– Added bonus. [laughs] – I think we look great.
What do you think? – I think we do, too.
– I think we look stellar. – [laughs] [percussive music] – You good for us?
– Good for you. Come on in.
– All right. So Jason’s been in here, prepping for your new flooring. – Amazing.
Okay. – Okay, this,
outside of paint, is gonna make
the biggest difference. – Okay.
– So paint and flooring are completely gonna change
this space up. So here’s what
we’re gonna do. We are actually going
to install this directly over
your existing floor. – Okay.
– Sometimes you can do that. Sometimes you can’t.
In our case, this floor is really,
really secure, really level… – Okay.
– So the easiest thing, and the most, you know,
time-, weekender-friendly, is to go right over top.
– Sure, okay. – J has put a line here that we’re gonna work off of,
reason being, your bathroom’s
not super straight. – Okay.
– Not super square. Okay?
Tell us what you got there, friend.
– This is, like, a universal mortar, so this is good for
doing tile over tile. – Okay, perfect.
– Yeah. – So the mortar
is basically, like, the glue that goes down first.
– Sure. – And then we’re gonna layer
a tile on top of it. – Okay.
– Wanna see what it looks like?
– Yes. – I really like it. All right, ready? – Mm-hm.
– One, two, three. Ta-da!
– Oh, man. Looks perfect. [rock music] – We’re troweling the mortar
right on top of the old tiles. These new ones
are four feet long, so we’re also back-buttering
each one with a thin layer of mortar
for extra hold. For our next row,
we want to make sure that we trim our tile down. Otherwise, our seams
will just start creating one straight line
down the middle. It won’t be secure, and it’ll
also look like garbage. To cut our tile, we don’t even
need a power tool– just a simple snap cutter that scores and snaps
the tile for us. Super homeowner-friendly. We’re doing 1/8-inch spacers
on the tile. I don’t want huge grout lines
for this, because the thinner lines
will make the tile appear–look more
like a true hardwood floor. All right, that one’s in.
How are you feeling about it? Now you can kind of see
what it’s going to look like. I’m loving it right now.
I mean, just a couple boards in, and it’s already
transforming the room. – I think it looks amazing
so far, but I’m not gonna lie to you.
It’s gonna take us a while, the better part
of the rest of today, to finish.
What do you think, J? – Yeah, we got a few hours.
Maybe, uh, dinnertime. – Yeah.
– Okay. – You gonna feed us dinner?
I hope so. – Dinner–
we’ll take care of it. – We’ll do the floor
with your help and you feed us dinner.
– Deal. – Awesome. [rock music] [percussive music] – All right.
Whoo. She’s a beast, right?
– She is, but she’s beautiful. – Yeah, and she doesn’t even
have the doors on yet. I had to keep them off, ’cause we need to do
all the plumbing and hookup… – Oh, sure.
– But, if you remember,
I was able to sit on your vanity yesterday.
– Yeah. – Like, without problem. Look at this.
This is, like, grown-up height. [laughs]
– Perfect. – Um, all right.
So have you ever done any plumbing? – No, plumbing’s definitely
not my thing. – Okay, well,
the good news is, I have, so we’ll go through it
together. – Okay.
– Um, the first thing that we need to do, though, is lift the vanity up and over
onto the supply. – Okay.
– The pipes that are coming up and out,
and if you look behind, there’s holes in there. All right, now the beast
is in place. – Yeah.
– It gets a little bit easier from here. So, picked out
these faucets, and they’re gonna look great…
– Wow. – Matching, kind of,
with the dark color here that we’ll reb–bronze.
– Yeah. – All right, this part’s
gonna be really, really simple. This is basically your drain,
and it’s one of those, like, really easy pop ones.
– Oh. – All right, we’re just gonna
drop it down. Okay, so now,
we’re gonna work under here, and actually,
it’s a little bit easier if we bring a flashlight. Okay, so now, rubber washer’s
going to go on. – Mm.
– Okay. Okay, so what I’m doing is fastening the drain in now, so, you can see,
you can’t pull it out now. How’s it working?
– Oh, it’s great. – Like a charm, right?
– Yeah. – So the next step is that
we are securing the faucet from beneath. I was kind enough to let you
do this awkward step. – Thank you for that. – [laughs]
– And there. [upbeat music] Okay. – Okay, so we need to get
the caps off of the copper pipes
that are down there, and the SharkBite
comes with a little tool to do that…
– Okay. – And then this comes off.
– Okay. – Okay?
So that’s just the cap. We don’t need that now. What we do need now is a little SharkBite
connector, and this is, like,
the on-off valve. – Okay.
– I mean, the beauty of these SharkBites is that you don’t have
to solder anymore, so they’re super
homeowner-friendly. What we should do is sand the copper pipe
just a little bit. And now,
another little tip: we want to go down
about an inch with this. – Okay.
– So I’m gonna mark a little line with a Sharpie just so that I know,
once it’s going on, if I’ve gone down
about an inch. So now that we have
our line marked, we’ll take this
and press it down on the copper until we hit the line.
– Okay. – And then just pop
this cap on, and we got it secure. Okay, and now comes the line.
– Okay. – Okay?
The larger end goes up towards the actual faucet.
– Okay. – And the smaller one
goes onto our SharkBite. So I’m just screwing
the bigger end into the faucet. Okay. Whoo!
You gotta kind of do, like, a no-look there. All right?
So I did one. Your turn.
– Okay. – Small line
goes under the SharkBite. So that one gets put on. Got it?
– Got it. – And then the wide one– now you get to do
your up and under, but you can probably
even see over there. [laughs] Got it? – Got it.
– Cool. You officially hooked up
a supply line. – Great.
– Now we need to just put on the trap, okay? And basically,
this makes sure that none of the smell from, like, dirty water comes back up and in. Okay. As far as that’ll go. And this should come here… And… [percussive modern music] Get it all secure… All right, Mark.
There we go. – Mm-hm.
Presto drain-o. – Presto drain-o.
I like it. All right,
everything is hooked up. – Moment.
– Now’s the moment of truth. Want to give it a whirl? You do it.
Well, we’ll do it together. – Three.
[water hissing] Whoa!
– That’s… pretty good. Okay.
– [laughs] – So it’s not gonna stay
like that. It’s coming out
all crazy like that because it needs an aerator. – Okay.
– I took it out, so we’ll pop it back in, and then you’ll have a nice,
normal, functional sink. Now, I have a bunch more
that I need to do in here, so you’re out of here…
– Okay. – And J and I are going
to finish up the space. – All right, great.
Thanks. – All right. [smooth music] All right, guys,
secret project time. This is one of
my favorite times during the weekend,
because it’s a little project that I have tucked
in my back pocket, and for this one,
we’re building something really cool. We are going to build air plant wall art. So I don’t know
if you’re familiar with them, but air plants are becoming my go-to, number one
favorite plant, because I can’t kill them.
[laughs] At least, so far, I can’t.
Look. Still alive.
[laughs] Sorry, little guy.
[laughs] But seriously, here’s
the down-low on the air plants. They don’t have a root system
at all, so all they need
is the air to live, and occasionally,
spritz them with water. Uh, the first step
in this project is very similar
to our mirror project that we did yesterday, and I’m starting out
by dry-brushing a piece of wood with the same white paint that we used on the mirror. Before, we went through
a whole distressing process, and dinged it up.
For these, I wanted to have a really similar look
with the end result, with the paint
and the antiquing glaze, but I’m not distressing it
quite as much. I’m going a little heavier
with the wax on this, because this artwork
is going to be over in the area
of the tub, where there’s
a large white wall, and I want there
to be enough contrast. So now, we’re gonna head over
to the saw and cut this
into smaller squares, 7 1/2 by 7 1/2. [modern dance music] So now, what we’re going to do is attach some twine
onto the backs of these. Basically, they’re gonna
act as a hanger, and I think that twine
works really nicely with the rustic style
of this bathroom. We’re gonna cut it
and attach it with a staple gun
to the back. So I stapled that across, and then,
to make it extra secure, tie a knot in your twine.
Okay? The staple will probably
hold it plenty, but it gives it
just a little added strength. Just like that,
you have a hanger. [modern dance music] Now that we have
the strings on, we are going to create
a little area where the air plants
can sit, and to do that,
I am going to attach a very simple piece
of cabinet hardware– it’s about as simple
as you can get– right here onto the front, and then, the air plant’s
just gonna rest right on it. It’s kind of gonna look cool,
it’s gonna tie into all of the fixtures and things that we’re putting into
the bathroom. Okay.
I’ma use the screws that came with the hardware and thread it through
the back. Two. All right, so now we have our hardware, our hanger, and the last step is simply… to tuck in the cutest little air plants. Seriously, it’s like
the easiest garden you will ever plant. This is my kind of gardening,
guys. Also, you can see now
why we took the time to distress the wood
and give it that aged look. The wood is actually
part of the art in here. [spacey music] You can open up your eyes and check out your new
master bathroom. – Oh, my gosh.
– Wow. – This doesn’t even look
like the same place. – Oh, this looks amazing.
– This is amazing. This is so amazing!
– This looks like– – Oh, my God.
– It’s like a farmhouse bathroom. – Honestly, I can’t believe how big it feels in here.
– It really does. – I think that now,
your subway tile totally works.
– Oh, yeah. – Like, it looks like
it all makes sense now. It absolutely does. – I mean, a bathroom is a lot to do in a weekend,
but thankfully, you guys had us headed
in the right direction, and, I mean, a couple projects
really changed this. I think, specifically,
the flooring. – The floors are unbelievable.
– Yeah. Yeah.
– Unbelievable. – They look like wide-plank,
rustic wood. – Yes.
– Yeah. – Which is what we love
so much, so it’s unbelievable.
This is, like, the floors were like
our vision, like, sometime down the road…
– Yeah. – And, like, a countertop
that actually– like, you’re not
bending down to. – I know, right?
– Which is so cool. I love it.
– Now that this is in, like, you can totally tell
the real height. Like, when we
were installing this, – Right.
– There’s such a difference between what you had before.
– Such a difference. – Yes.
– And, I mean, it just is a really cool piece,
too. – No, it’s–
– Like, the barn door track on the vanity…
– I love it. – So cute.
– I love it. [upbeat music] – And then, the mirror that we built together, that came out–
– We are really– – Good job.
– We are really good. – We are really good
at this stuff together. – We are.
You should continue doing this kind of stuff.
– [laughs] Okay, good. I have your vote of confidence. – It looks awesome. – Everything really ties
together, and I think that we were able
to keep some, like, dark, rich kind of nods
to rustic, like the dark wood here, the wood floors, but, overall,
this space feels, like, bright and inviting and, like, a great place…
– Yes. – That I’d want to get ready
in the morning. – Yes.
– Yeah, definitely. – And losing the privacy wall. Isn’t that crazy?
– It is. – Like, I almost forgot
throughout today, like, when I was
pulling this together, that there used to be
a wall right there. – Yeah, and I think that helps
make it look so much bigger, ’cause it doesn’t
cut the room off. – Yeah.
– Which, you know, I never thought about before. I didn’t even, like, think,
like, “oh, take the wall out, It would make so much sense.” – And then I saw that you had
a bunch of plants throughout your home,
and so I used some of the scrap wood
from our mirror and made
some air plant hangers over there,
which the air plants… – I love it.
– Are, like, my favorite, because they don’t die. – Uh, I kill everything, so…
– Not here. – Perfect.
Yeah, I love that. – It looks great.
– It looks awesome. Monica, we can’t
thank you enough. This is amazing. I mean, amazing.
– What an amazing upgrade. You did such a great job. – Well, you guys helped. – Yeah.
– A lot. – We’re so happy
with the end product. – Well, thanks, you guys.
I’m glad– glad we could hook you up. What a difference a weekend
can make, right, guys? This space looks so different, and I love how it turned out. If you like this makeover
and want to know more about it, check out our new miniseries,
“Behind the Design,” where I’m gonna give you
all the, like, inside scoop, behind-the-scenes peeks
of this “Weekenders” makeover. And make sure
that you’re subscribed to the Lowe’s YouTube channel. You don’t want to miss
a single episode. Guys, I might be crazy, because this weekend,
we are tackling a kitchen in just a weekend.
[laughs] It needs a ton of work, but I can see
the potential it has, and I just think
it’s gonna be awesome– if we finish on time. Are you scared yet? – Well, we did
tear everything down. We only have a weekend.
– [laughs] This looks way–

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