The Weekender: “The Industrial Revelation” (Season 4, Episode 6)

The Weekender: “The Industrial Revelation” (Season 4, Episode 6)

[upbeat music] – I’m Monica Mangin,
and I believe that updating your home doesn’t have to take
a ton of time or money. I show people how to get
Pinterest-worthy spaces that are just right for them. – This doesn’t even
look like our house. – Are you kidding me?
– Whoa! [laughter]
– Give me one weekend, I’ll give you five projects,
and you’ll have a completely transformed space by Monday. [upbeat music] ♪ ♪ This weekend, I’m in New Jersey
helping out a couple with their master bedroom,
and I don’t know what it is, but master bedrooms
are the number one most forgotten room, and
they have lived in their home for nine years
and have not done a thing to it. This couple describes
their style as “minimalist wannabes.” Right now, they have
a whole lot going on in their room
and in their life, but they’d really like
to simplify and make this just a very streamlined,
tranquil place that they can get away
at the end of the day. ♪ ♪ – Here we go.
– So, I like what you’ve done with the place.
– Yeah. – I’m actually kind
of surprised. You guys said you’ve been
here nine years and haven’t touched it at all.
– We’ve done stuff in just about every other
part of our house, except for this bedroom. – It’s literally the case
with every master bedroom. Everybody puts it
on the back burner. They’re like,
“I can just close the door.” But nine years is a long time
to be closing the door. – Right?
– Yes. – Hey, I’m Bryce.
– And I’m Kim. – We’re here in
Gloucester City, New Jersey. This bedroom is hungry
for a makeover. – We’ve had a little bit
of damage. The outside has been
taken care of, but sort of the cosmetic end
on the inside, never been touched.
This room hasn’t seen a drop of paint.
Some of the furniture, I’ve had since high school.
– Wow. – Organization
in the closet is nil. – We just have been very busy.
We have three kids. – Mm-hmm.
– We spend so much time in our lives giving to
our family, giving to others. Having a little haven
just for us feels so necessary, you know?
– We both need workspaces at home.
– Okay. – For me, I’d really like
to have a standing desk– is always an idea,
that I’ve love to have something like that.
– Okay. So, style-wise, you guys said
that you’d describe yourself as “minimalist wannabes,”
which I think is kind of awesome.
I think everybody wishes they were a little bit
more minimalist. – Yeah.
– I can’t turn you into minimalists.
After I leave, that’s all up to you.
But I do wanna kind of run with that theme design-wise
throughout the weekend. So instead of layering
a ton of stuff into the room, we’re actually gonna layer
a ton of texture into the room, so hopefully that all the style
comes from kind of low-profile things that
aren’t adding to the space, and then it’s your perfect
backdrop to become minimalists. – [laughs]
– All right. – Great.
– All right, well, you guys aren’t actually
minimalists yet, so we have a good amount
of stuff we need to take out of
this bedroom. First thing we’ll do is
box everything up, get it all out of here.
We’ll have an empty space and start on the first project.
Okay? – Great.
– All right, sounds good. – Grab something,
and here’s to minimalism. ♪ ♪ [band vocalizing]
– Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo. Whoo-hoo-hoo. – All right, I promised you,
once we emptied this room, we would get onto
our first project. There’s a little bit more prep
we have to do, though, before we can get to that.
We are actually gonna say good-bye to this carpet.
– Yes! – Whoo-hoo.
– [laughs] Good. I didn’t think–
I mean, some people are not thrilled
to lose the carpet, but this looks like it’s
had a long, hard life. – It sure has, yeah.
– It’s served its purpose. – So what’s gonna happen next?
What are you gon– what are we gonna do
with the floor? – Good question.
– Well, that depends what we find underneath
the carpet. – Okay.
– It does. We kind of have a plan A
and a plan B. I’m really hoping
that plan A works out, but if not, there’s gonna
be a plan B. We’ll come up with one, right?
– Hoping for plan A. – [laughs]
– Yeah, absolutely. – Fair enough.
– We’ll make up a plan B on the fly if need be,
but I think plan A is gonna work great. So I know that there’s gonna
be hardwood under this carpet because of where we’re located and the age of this home,
but I don’t know what condition it’s gonna be in, and that
could be a total game changer. All right, guys.
So this is the moment of truth. This is gonna determine
whether we’re going with plan A or whether we make up a plan B.
[laughs] – All right.
– All right, let’s see what we got. – Ooh-whee!
– Hey! – Ooh.
They are a mess, though. – No, they’re awesome.
– No? Okay. – That is plan A, right there.
– Awesome. – That has “plan A”
written all over it. So these are some crazy-beat
old floors. – They sure are.
– But they’re wood, and I can totally
work with this. – Okay.
– It’s definitely gonna work. I talked about texture.
– Yeah. – We got all the texture
right here. [laughs] – Okay.
– [laughs] Okay? – Yeah.
– So now, we just gotta get all this padding up.
I’ll grab a trash bag. We’ll get it out.
And we need to also work on the tack strip
along the edges. [mellow rock music] – I really can’t imagine what
she might do with the floor, because it’s not in
the greatest shape. – Yeah.
– She tells me that it’s something
that she can work with, and I trust her,
but at this point, I’m not so sure. ♪ ♪ – All right,
you all cleaned up? – All cleaned up.
– Well, we’re about to make a big ole mess again. [laughs]
– All right. I like it.
– So now, you can kind of see what we’re dealing with here.
How’re you feeling about this? – I’m–I don’t feel convinced
that we can get all of this off the floor.
– So the plan with this is that I wanna get all
the orange paint up, all the spackle up.
So we aren’t getting it to, like, the original
restored wood. We don’t have time
for that in a weekend, okay? So what we wanna do now is, we have a pretty
heavy-duty grit on our sandpaper,
and we are just gonna get all the chunky stuff off
of here. – All right.
– If we need a coarser grit, like a–like a– we have,
what, a 120 on right now? – We have 120,
and we have some 80s… both: And then 60s. – So the lower number
is a heavier grit. It’ll rip it up harder,
but we’re gonna start high and work our way down, so…
we don’t wanna go too aggressive to start with. ♪ ♪ All right, that took me about
two seconds to realize that we needed a lower grit,
so we’re going with the 60.
It’s really gonna get the paint off. [sander whirring loudly] ♪ ♪ Hey, guys! Cut it, cut it.
It’s hard to hear, huh? So just thought we’d have
a little team powwow, here. How is it going for you guys?
Is everything coming up? What’s your situation?
– I can get the spackled stuff, but the orange paint
is really difficult. – Yeah, it’s not moving.
It’s not budging. – Mm-mm.
– So I’m gonna give you a couple options here, okay? My plan was to sand it all and then do a whitewash
on your floor, which basically
is watered-down paint. But I actually think,
with the whole situation we have going on here,
we should try and get all the spackle up,
and then without watering down the paint, paint the floors. The other option would
be to get, like, a big, like, drum sander
and all this and that, but even then, we don’t really
have enough time for that with everything else
I have planned for this room. So how do you feel about
white painted floors, and then we can come back
and distress spots, if you even want to. – I’m down with that.
– Sure. Mm-hmm.
– Are we down with that? – Yeah, totally.
– Okay. – So right now, we would just
get the spackle up? – So we’re gonna focus more
on the white spots. – Okay.
– Basically, what we wanna do now is, it doesn’t matter
how it looks. It’s gonna matter how it feels.
We wanna get it pretty smooth. – Gotcha.
– Okay? So any of the chunks
and stuff like that. – Okay.
– So this is called “designing on the fly.”
[laughs] And going, “Oh, crap.
Plan A isn’t gonna work.” So this is like plan A.5.
– And a half? – Yeah, A 1/2.
– [laughs] – All right? ♪ ♪ The bummer is,
this paint is not coming up, and that means I’m not gonna be able to do
the whitewash treatment that I had in mind,
but it’s kind of just what you have to do when you
deal with these old homes– just design on the fly.
It’s kind of my specialty. [electronic music] ♪ ♪ All right, so you and I are
gonna work on a project in here, and we’re gonna
focus just on this one wall right now, okay? We need to do it before
we paint the floors ’cause it’s gonna take
a little while to dry. – Got it.
– All right? So I have a whole
bunch of stuff here. I have trowels,
I have joint compound, I have tinters.
And what we’re actually going to do is try and get
the look of faux-cement. – Mm.
– So I wanna get the look of that without
actually bringing cement in, so I thought joint compound
tinted gray would look a heck of a lot like cement.
– Yo, all right. – Okay?
– All right. – Now, I’ve never done this, and I don’t know if anyone’s
ever done this, but I’m pretty confident that
we can figure out a method that’s gonna look awesome. What do you think
Kim’s gonna think? – Yo, I think this is beyond
what she even thought of, so I’m excited.
– You mean she didn’t think “faux-concrete wall”? [laughs]
– I don’t think she was heading that way, but
I think she’ll be impressed. ♪ ♪ – Joint compound always
makes me crave a peanut butter
and fluff sandwich. Every single time.
– Yum! Yes! – I’m like, “Oh, we really need
a fluff sandwich.” – Yes. – So this is
liquid cement color. It’s basically
a tinter for cement. We are gonna use
the same product, but to tint our joint compound.
It’s very concentrated. A little will go a long way. That looks awesome.
– That’s pretty great. – So, yeah, we have, like,
a nice light gray color. So we’re gonna tint
this one differently, because to get the look
of concrete, we wanna have a major variance
in the color. We’re gonna put just barely
any tinter in this one. It’s getting a bit of
a gray tint. – Yeah, a little bit. – The idea here is to use
different shades of gray that we can blend together
on the wall to get the look of concrete. So let’s start getting some
up on the wall, see which color
we like on the wall, ’cause right now, we’re just
seeing it in the bucket, and the blue color
is kind of impacting it. And then we’ll go from there. ♪ ♪ Usually when you’re working
with joint compound, you don’t want air bubbles,
you don’t want lines. We do.
We want texture. So what do you think?
– I’m feeling it. I’m seeing where this is going.
– Are you seeing it? – Do you want more
or less wall, or… – I mean, that’s really
up to you. Maybe we do some of these big,
kind of overarching strokes that you’re doing,
but then in some areas, just leave it plain, and see
when we mix in together? That’s gonna look great. We’re finding that starting
with long, vertical strokes of the darker shade, then
coming over the top of them with shorter strokes
of the lighter shades is giving us the most
concrete-like look. Remember, this is just
our method. Yours could be totally
different. This project is the epitome
of perfectly imperfect. Just don’t overthink it. What do you think?
– Wow. Yeah.
It’s a great texture. I love the color.
That, you know, the blended, not blended.
– I feel like it just took a little while, and then
we got into the groove, right? – Uh-huh, uh-huh.
– I really like it. This is gonna take
a while to dry, so Kim and I are gonna
start working on the floor, so we’ll clear all
this stuff out of here. – Beautiful. ♪ ♪ – The room looks already really
different, doesn’t it? – Yeah, definitely.
It doesn’t even look like the same room.
So now, this is gonna really be a game changer.
This is gonna clean and crisp up this space, and the number one thing
to remember when painting a floor– and I learned this
from experience– is don’t paint yourself
in a corner. – Literally.
– So we’ll start up there and then work our way
backwards and out, okay? – Okay.
– One thing I didn’t mention is that we’re using
porch paint. So this is intended
for high traffic. – Right, yeah.
– It’s really gonna hold up, kind of like that orange paint.
– Good idea. [laughter] – So there’s a whole team
of people that are like, “You cannot paint
hardwood floors!” And I know that some of you
out there right now are freaking out that I’m
going to paint these floors, but honestly, they’re not
the best hardwood floors, and it would take
an entire weekend-plus to strip them down, sand them,
refinish them, and guys, this is
“The Weekender.” I need to finish five projects,
not just one, in a weekend, and I promise,
even if you’re thinking that I’m crazy for painting it,
it’s gonna turn out awesome in the end.
Just you wait and see. ♪ ♪ We’re rolling into Sunday with
a fresh coat of white paint that will be
the perfect backdrop for my minimalist design. [band vocalizing] And Bryce is out back
cutting and staining some long pieces of lumber
for a top-secret project. He’s got no idea what
I plan to do with it, and that’s just the way
I like it. [band vocalizing] ♪ ♪ [electronic music] Okay, we are gonna kick off
this morning with some home organization.
both: All right. – So I needed this to kind of
be a quick and easy project, ’cause we have a lot of
other big ones going on I need to wrap up.
I picked up a closet kit, and it’s considered
a no-cut kit, so we don’t have to deal
with, like, metal snips and resizing things. It’s completely adjustable
in the closet. Basically, it’s like
a track system. Everything is gonna run off of
these little guys, here, okay? – Mm-hmm.
– I think it should be quick and easy and really,
really organized. And I knew we didn’t need
anything too fancy, ’cause you’re wannabe
minimalists, so, simple. – Exactly. ♪ ♪ – All right, now what we’ll
do–again, since this is a no-cut kit–
is just overlap this. Okay, so these are
the verticals now that literally just
clip right on. The next piece are
these little brackets. These are our shelf brackets.
These literally go like this. The beauty about this is
it’s completely customizable, so as we go, I mean,
we’re gonna make this work for you guys.
– Mm-hmm. ♪ ♪ – Okay, so I feel like we
figured out the organization. – Love it.
– But let’s see now, like, if this is actually gonna
be practical. Let’s throw on some hangers,
some bins. So here’s my thought: your clothes, her clothes,
and then over here, we have an area
for longer things. Dresses, coats,
things like that. I think it’s gonna be
a lot more functional. – Voilà.
There we go. – Not too shabby, right?
– Love it. ♪ ♪ – All right, kicking off
the day with another project. You ready?
– Yes. – Okay, we’re using
a project panel. This is, like,
my go-to at Lowe’s when I need to do
an easy build. – Okay.
– And because of how hard we worked yesterday, we
needed an easy one, okay? – All right.
– So this project, you and I are working on it together
’cause it’s actually kind of specifically for Bryce.
– Yeah. – This is going to become
his new standing desk, okay? – Awesome.
Yeah, he will be pumped about that, yeah.
– He mentioned that he really wanted one.
This is gonna be the world’s easiest
standing desk. – Okay.
– This is basically the desk. – I like easy.
– So we have this project panel.
They come, like, pre-wrapped. Sometimes, I have to, like,
cut them down to size. This is actually exactly
the size I want for his desk. – That works out well.
– So you know where your bookshelf was?
– Yes. – The antique bookshelf?
– Yes, yes, uh-huh. – That is gonna become
his new work nook, right there. The only thing that we’re
gonna potentially do a little bit differently here
is do a combination of two different stain
colors, okay? – Oh, okay, cool.
Never done that before. – A lot of–it’s such
an easy thing to do, and there’s a certain color
I want to go with some other things
that are in the room. – Okay.
– So I just like to mix and match. ♪ ♪ All right, so let’s
bring this in, and we’re gonna be
working back here. – Okay.
– So this is the new home office in this area.
– Awesome. – All right?
So come on in, and you can kind of see…
– Okay. – Here, hold one end,
and I’ll hold the other. – Yeah, mm-hmm.
– One of the biggest things with the standing desk
is the ergonomics. You want it to be
just the right height. – Right.
– Which is gonna be a little tricky, now that I don’t
want Bryce to see it. – Yeah.
– How tall are you? – I’m about 5’2″, and
Bryce is about six feet tall. – 6′ feet.
Jason, how tall are you? – Why?
– [laughs] Just tell me.
How tall are you? – Are you sure?
– Can you just come in here for a second? I think that just was a little
harder than I need it to be. Hello!
– Hello, hi. – You look like a nice
six feet tall. – I’m exactly six feet tall.
– Great. So is Bryce.
– With my lifts. – [laughing] With your lifts.
– [laughs] – So Bryce is six feet tall
too, and I need this desk to be perfectly ergonomic,
so here’s the way you figure out the height.
What you wanna do is, when you are working, you wanna
hold your hands by your side, and then you’re gonna
bring your hands at a 90-degree angle.
– 90 degrees. – Okay.
They feel comfortable? – Yeah.
– Okay, that should be right where the height
of your keyboard is. – My laptop would
be right here. – So this is a funny,
exact science. – Yeah.
– Not quite exact, but 43 inches is where
we’re gonna put it. – Sounds good. ♪ ♪ – To support the desktop,
we’ll start by adding a ledger board on the wall,
making sure that we hit studs with our nails. Next, we’re drilling two holes on opposite corners
of the desktop. We’re securing eye hooks
into the holes. Then we’re taking chin
that we’ve cut to size and securing that
onto each eye hook. After nailing the desk top to
the ledgerboard, we’re looping
the chain onto hooks that we’ve attached
to the wall. And there we have it: a fancy
little standing desk. ♪ ♪ All right, so I said I was
gonna add texture to this room, and we have added a lot.
We’ve addressed the walls and the floor,
but I’m not done there. We are going up to the ceiling.
I am going to add some kind of minimalist,
thin planks that are really just gonna bring
this entire room together. I did have Bryce
stain this wood, but I wouldn’t tell him
what it was for. So what I have here
are 16-foot lengths of 1×6 pine, and I’m going
to run these planks coming out of the cement
accent wall. All right, so the wood
is ready to go. Jason, how are we gonna
put these up? – We are going to add
a little bit of.. – Liquid nails!
– Liquid nails to the backs of them.
– Yup. – And we have our finish gun.
– Yup. – We’re gonna tack them
into the joists. – Yup.
All right, it’s super important if you’re ever putting anything
up on the ceiling to make sure that it
is super secure, so that’s why we’re doubling up
with the liquid nails and nails that are definitely
gonna be right into a joist. So it’s kind of
a low-profile beam. It’s not like a big,
thick chunky beam, and that really fits
with the minimalist style that we’re going for here.
All right, cool. So we have our first beam up, and I’ve pre-measured
the ceiling, and I know that I want them
about 7 1/2 inches apart. So you know me
and my cheater blocks. I cut a 7 1/2 inch
cheater block so that we can just hold it up
and put the next board up, and we’ll have equal spacing
all the way around. Cool.
All right, so you can see now that you get a little bit of
ceiling, a little bit of wood, and I really like the spacing.
I didn’t want them too close together,
or it’d be overwhelming. This is gonna be
the perfect accent. I think it’s gonna be awesome. ♪ ♪ All right, one, two, three. – [laughing] What?
– [laughing] Holy crap.
– Oh, my gosh. Look at that ceiling!
You’re kidding me with the ceiling.
– [laughs] – [exhales] I’m so shaky.
– It looks like the room is bigger.
– Look at the wall! I can’t even…
– What do you think of that wall, honey?
– Like, I don’t even have any words.
– I feel like I’m in another country. The texture of it…
– Uh-huh. – Like–like some of it
in some areas, some of it not in other areas.
Like, the fact that it wasn’t straight lines was…
– And I didn’t do anything to the wall
after we finished. – Really? Yeah?
– So it just took time to dry. So you kind of had
to trust the process, trust it to do what
I was hoping it was gonna do. Turned out awesome, right?
– Totally worked out. Oh, my gosh.
– I feel like I can’t even take it.
There’s too much to take in. [laughter]
– But there’s so little. – But it’s so little too!
[gasps] Look at your desk! – Yay!
– Oh, babe, look at that. – Oh, my gosh.
– Let’s see. – Yeah, we need to test it.
– We did an ergonomic test. Is it correct for you?
– Should I try it out? Just walk up to it.
Yes! – Basically perfect.
– Perfect 90. – Basically perfect.
– We talked about pulling everything out
of the room and layering in texture, and you can kind of hopefully
see where we did that. – Uh-huh.
– We did the wall, the ceiling, the floors.
– The floors! That’s what I’m, like,
stuck on right now. – Oh, oh my gosh.
– Look at our floors. – Oh, my gosh, yeah.
You were right about the floors.
– That’s amazing. – I was skeptical.
I’ll be honest. – Yeah, he even told me.
– I was like, “I don’t know how this
is gonna work out.” – [laughing] Not sure
about the floors! – “I really don’t know.”
But… – So you guys were
chatting behind me back? – Yeah, but just
about the floor. – Yeah.
– I was like, “Let’s just trust her.” [laughs]
– Yeah. – [gasps] Wait, did
the closet get done? – [gasps] “Wait!”
– [laughs] – Actually, yes.
I gave you some organization and style and loads
of functionality. – Oh, my gosh! Holy crap.
– Yeah. – So really organized,
tons of bins for your small-scale accessories.
– Uh-huh, uh-huh. – His and her.
Your shoes… – Oh, my gosh.
– Your laundry basket fits. – It’s, like, exactly
what we could have… – Everything fits.
– Wanted. Oh, my gosh.
Thank you, Monica. – You’re welcome.
– Oh, my gosh! I love it.
I can’t even believe this is our house.
– I wanted to find an easy, high-impact way to add some sophistication
to this space and really make it feel–
you wanted to, like, get away from the busy life.
And in here, I feel like it feels like
you’re, like, on this amazing trip, or you’re
at a hotel. So kind of just getaway.
– That’s exactly– that’s what we need
in our lives, so… [laughter]
We need to get away every single night. [laughter]
– Well, now you can. – Yup.
– Guys, this might be my favorite “Weekender”
transformation to date, but I wanna know
what you think, so leave my a comment below,
and let me know what you think of this entire
master bedroom transformation. And as always, make sure
you’re subscribed to the Lowe’s YouTube channel.
You don’t wanna miss a single episode
of the “Weekender.” This weekend, I am working
on a master bathroom, which, a bathroom in
a weekend is no joke. It’s a lot to do,
but the good news is, this bathroom is already
headed in the right direction. The homeowners know where
they want it to end up, they just need my help
getting it there. [hammer smashing] Nice.
You can open up your eyes and check out your new
master bathroom. – Oh, my gosh!
– Wow!

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  14. Monica refered to waiting to do the master bedroom till last and said, "It's literally the case with every master bedroom Everyone just puts it in the background". Why do they make blanket comments like this??? Some people (like us) put the master BR right at the top of the 'to do' list. I will say she's got some cute ideas 🙂 We too painted our master BR wood floors (white) and we love it…even with 3 dogs who go in there sometimes.

  15. I love all the things done but m scared at the integrity of those floor they seems to crack any moment

  16. Then she goes on to say she doesn't want to use a professional floor sanding drum sander I work in restoration of flooring and construction I could get that floor sanded to the original wood in 5 hours tops

  17. I'm sorry but those floors look like s*** I would be pissed if that was my room. the rest of the room looks good

  18. How the heck do I get on this show🤗🤗🤗 She's the best!!! Please come remodel my new house before I mess I mess it up with horrible decor.

  19. The missing beam in the middle gives me anxiety, i could NEVER sleep in that room looking at the ceiling that way.

  20. loved the room , the couple had 9 years, try 29 years! I have done everything in every other room except my bedroom, help! Rosa in NH

  21. That's a winner! Love everything about that room, thanks for the inspiration. Fun show, great job team!

  22. Love this! I wonder though. I am preparing to do an overhaul on my master bedroom with en-suite, and both the bath and bedroom have a hideous plaster star type sponging that I detest. It is all over the ceilings in my house… any suggestions on how to get rid of the ugly?

  23. The joint filler will rub off on everything and eventually crack and fall off.
    They should have sealed it.

  24. The woman owner looks so annoyed when sanding the floors, she can’t hide her dissatisfaction with Monica’s idea of painting the floors

  25. Out of all the comments, no one is saying why not just put down laminate flooring? All the time wasted sanding and those gaps are an invite to ants and other bugs.

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  29. Has anyone tried to do the faux cement wall? I’m going to do it but just wondering should we let the different layers of drywall mud dry in between application or just do it all in one go.

  30. I'm hoping and wish if ever you can come to my house too and make the wonderful transformation ever!!! You're the best! Love it!

  31. But my house is in the Philippines. Sad part. I think I really love what skills do you have. What a nice job! Can't get over!! Please reply to me at jofrim[email protected] I will appreciate you so much! 🙂

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