The Weekender: “The Modern Man Cave” (Season 4, Episode 10)

The Weekender: “The Modern Man Cave” (Season 4, Episode 10)

– I’m Monica Mangin, and I
believe that updating your home doesn’t have to take a ton
of time or money. I show people how to get
Pinterest-worthy spaces that are just right for them. – This doesn’t even look like
our house. – Are you kidding me?
– Whoa. – I’m a little dizzy! – Give me one weekend,
I’ll give you five projects, and you’ll have a completely
transformed space by Monday. This weekend I’m helping out
a couple with their finished basement. They’re looking for the
ultimate gaming and entertaining space. The couple said that they want
something kind of outside of the box, and they’re willing
to go a little bit bold with their design. Well, they called the right
girl. I am so excited about some of
the crazy and unique ideas I have planned for this space. [pop music] – All right, this is the
basement. – As you can see, we haven’t
done much to it; it’s pretty basic. This was supposed to be Keith’s
project, and… He hasn’t gotten very far.
– I haven’t started. But I do have a beautiful TV. – Wow. That is maybe the
biggest TV I’ve ever seen in real life.
– I’m glad you appreciate it, ’cause she doesn’t. – I didn’t necessarily say
I appreciate it. I said it was huge.
[laughter] – Hi, I’m Codi.
– And I’m Keith. – And we’re so excited Monica’s
here to redo our basement. – So neither of us are handy
at all. I thought I was, but I got here
and honestly it hasn’t gone the way I thought it was
going to, so we’re excited to work
with Monica and for her to help us out. – So this is kind of
your space, but you want to make it
a little bit more friendly for you too.
– Definitely. And for when we have guests
over, this is where we kind of
come and hang out. – Okay. So man cave but also
an entertaining space? – Definitely.
– Okay. – So he’s a big gamer
and I am not, and I wanted a space that,
you know, I can entertain and feel comfortable in
as well. – So I mostly like to go in
the basement to play Xbox. I like to play my “Madden.” I like to play my
“Call of Duty” down there. So we’d like to get a space
where we can kind of integrate both and have people over
and still have– Codi would be able to come over
with her friends. – All right, so I know that you
want to use this space for gaming, but as far as what
you’re looking for down here, kind of talk to me style-wise
in what you’d like. – Well, I just want to make it
a little bit more inviting. The white, just no décor
down here, it’s like, kind of like, uh, I don’t
really want to be down here. I feel like sometimes when
I take over spaces, they’re very girly
and completely not what he’s looking for. – Definitely.
– So that’s where I feel like we’ve struggled with trying to
find something to do down here. – Well, it’s cool because this
is not on the main level of your home, and so it doesn’t
necessarily need to flow perfectly with the other rooms,
so we can get a little more funky, have a little more fun,
and I’m gonna be really careful not to go too man cave but not
to go too, like, glamalicious on us either.
I think we can find a space in the middle
that’s very, very cool and super great for
entertaining and gaming. Sounds good?
both: Yes. – All right, so I need to grab
Jason. The first thing we need to do
is get everything out of here, so we’ll clear the whole space and then we’ll get started on
our first project. – All right.
– Sound good? – Sounds good.
– Cool. – Okay. Got some pillows.
All right. – Yeah, grab the heavy stuff,
buddy. One tricky thing is this
weekend I need to make sure that I’m kind of bringing
together both of their desires for this space, and so at
the end of the weekend they’re both incredibly in love
with this new room. It’s the last time you’re gonna
see that TV down here. [laughter] All right, ready to start
transforming this space? – Yes.
– Quickest and easiest way is gonna be with paint.
All right? You’re tired of these
white walls? – Yes.
– Okay. So we are not gonna be painting
all of the walls, just some of them. So the big wall over there,
no paint needed. I have something else in mind
for that. – Okay.
– So this is really gonna start the transformation process. You good? Anyone nervous? – No.
– I’m a little nervous. – You’re a little nervous?
– Now, ’cause… [laughter] – All right, well, dramatic
transformation coming your way. – Black. I guessed it. – You were thinking that?
– Kind of. I–just throwing that
out there. – Here’s the thing,
we are not painting all of your walls black, okay? I wouldn’t do that to you.
[laughter] I might. I actually might. But I just don’t happen to be
doing that to you. And you have a lot of
natural light in here. You have it from both sides, so it can handle
a dramatic color like this. Okay? Trusting me?
– I do. – We’re starting off with
something pretty dramatic and drastic, but you guys said
you wanted, like, fun and funky and out of the box. – We do.
– We’re up for it. – You’re up for it. I think you’re gonna love it
in the end. So have you guys done much in
the way of painting, DIY? How’s our skill level?
– Uh, a one. – A one.
What scale are we working on? Hopefully, like, a one to two? – One to ten.
[laughter] – I think I’m pretty good at
painting. – Okay, pretty good painter. Well, I’ll just go over
a couple things with you. So I taped the baseboard, used a really good
painter’s tape, and then a couple key things to
getting, like, a pro paint finish, is using a really good
paintbrush. So one of us will work on
cutting the edges, all right, and I have, like, a two-inch
angled brush. This, I really like a brush
that has an angle because it allows you to cut in
really neatly. But I still taped it out
for you. So it’s kind of like bumpers
when you’re bowling. Like, just, you know,
a little cushion. [pop music] Are we ready for this?
– We’re ready. – Ready.
– On the count of three, three, two, one. Go! – Oh, my.
Look. [laughter] I like it.
– I like it too. – I like it.
Something very different. – Super different.
– Very different. – The key for this black paint
to work with my design is that we’re gonna put it on
every wall; just half of the room. I really don’t want the space
to feel like a cave, so I’ve got a great idea for
the other half of the room that will be something that’s
lighter and adds some texture. We’ll get to that later today. While Keith finishes painting, Codi and I are going to get
started on our first big build
of the weekend. If there’s one theme for this
weekend, it’s plywood. So many of my projects are
involving plywood– lots and lots of plywood. All right, let’s turn this
over. All right, slide it back a bit. Okay, so we’ve built
a rectangle, and I know I didn’t tell you
what we’re building it for, but now I’m ready to. So this is gonna be your new
media unit, and I feel like it really
embodies what we’re going for in this entire basement: Half is gonna be dedicated to
video gaming, half is gonna be dedicated to
entertaining in style. – I love it.
– Okay? – So a lot of these things that
we cut are actually functional pieces that are gonna go in
here. So for example, this little guy
is our divider. All right, it’s gonna slide in
here. So the first step we’ll do is
attaching this divide here, and we’ll do that with our nail
gun, okay? So I’m gonna nail straight
down. All right, we’re officially
divided. Keith’s side; Codi’s side. Okay?
– Okay. – So what we also cut
are shelves. So we’re gonna put two shelves
in here, where he can put the consoles. And what we’ll do is we’ll nail
one side and then the other. When we get this into the room, I’ll also bring a little
drill bit and we can drill a spot for
the cords once we see kind of where they’re gonna
come out of. – Okay.
– But this is where I think is really–the fun begins. So I bought these light strips. Well, I thought it would be
super cool if in here his gaming areas
were lit, and it even comes with
a remote control so that he can, like, totally
choose his colors. – He’s gonna love it.
He loves lights. – Does he?
– Yes. – I was doing, like, a little
bit of research about gamers, and it seems like everybody
was like ten times cooler if their console was lit. Whoa! Okay, so we can go, like,
all different colors. We can get our blue shades
in here, and they can go off and on. We can do, like, a quick pulse. We can do so many
different colors. – He’s gonna have so much fun
with this. – Okay, to install this,
we’re actually gonna use Velcro strips. Ooh, that already looks
so freaking cool. So this gives you the idea.
What do you think? – I love it.
He’s gonna love it. – When we get in house, I think
where it’s a little bit warmer, we’ll finish putting
all these up. I’m just a little hesitant to
use the Velcro out here where it’s so cold. So this piece here,
the larger piece we’ve cut, is actually a sliding door.
Okay? So you know how we use that
router and made a little beveled area? And we did it on the top
and the bottom. And that’s gonna allow this
door to slide and hide.
Okay? And then… Slide it. So now we have this cool modern
media cabinet that you’d have no idea there’s
gaming stuff. And my idea for here is we’re
gonna leave that completely open and shelf-less and I
bought some really cool accessories that can go in
there and it can look great. It’s kind of a pretty great
combo, right? So for the last part of the
build, I want to add some simple legs underneath. I’m gonna put two of these
pieces together. So do that, all we’ll need to
do is put a little bit of wood glue in here, and I’m
gonna nail down straight through these. All right, so we’re gonna take
our legs here– I can give you one– and I’ve marked
where it’s going. So we’re always gonna go on the
side that doesn’t have the X. And put a little bit of glue
on this, and we’re gonna go through
kind of from the other side with a few screws, but this
will kind of hold it on to start with. Okay. You can really tell how the
legs kind of finish it, right? – Definitely.
– Lift it up off the ground. Do you think Keith is gonna
like it? – He’s gonna love it,
and I love it. – Oh, good!
I’m so glad, because, I mean, half of this
is for you, completely, and I know that your side looks
a little empty right now, but I promise I got you some
great stuff. – I trust you.
I’m excited. – Last sheet.
So you gotta be wondering what we’re doing with all this
plywood we just carried in. – I–it’s a lot of plywood.
– It’s a lot of plywood. Any guesses? – I don’t know. I’m trusting that you have
a great idea though, so… – I do, I do. So we painted half
of the walls. They look great now that
they’ve dried up. You did a good job on that. We are gonna do a project on
the plain walls here. – Okay.
– Okay? We’re actually going to give
you plywood walls. – I like it.
– You like it? – I like it.
– That’s quick and easy. – I like it.
– I feel like the combination of the black and the wood
texture is gonna be really cool. It can have, like, a cool
modern, like, hip edge to it, but also be, like,
man cave friendly. – I get it.
– Okay? So we’re gonna put this plywood
up, and Jay picked out kind of a
specific plywood that’s gonna make our lives a
lot easier. Want to tell him about it? – So we picked 1/4″
oak plywood. It’s nice and smooth, has a
nice finish to it, and you can see there’s a piece
of 3/4 that we’re using for our table, but we don’t
need to kill ourselves putting this on the wall. This is gonna look just like
plywood. – There are a bunch of
different types of plywood running all the way from,
like, a subfloor which is really, really rough to a really nice finished grade
plywood. This weekend in all the
projects that I’m tackling, I’m using the more finished
grade plywood. I don’t want to have to spend a
ton of time sanding and edging and bonding and things like
that. So all of these are pre-cut to
the size that we need them, and there may be a little
gapping, but it’s cool because trim’s
gonna go over it at the end. So the first thing we need to
do is get this up on the wall temporarily, and then I’m gonna
show you my detailing. We’re just gonna tack this in
so it stays in place, and we keep lining ’em up. I’ve got a technique that I
need to have all the wood up so I can figure out my lines
and keep everything straight, and then we gotta take it off
the wall, do the technique, put it back up. All right, so phase one is up. How are you feeling about it?
What do you think? – I’m feeling good.
I think it looks definitely way different than
it did before, so I can’t imagine what it’s
gonna look like after we finish.
– Yeah. So now is where we’re gonna add
the detailing. What I want to do is actually
use a router, okay? A router kind of bevels into
wood. We’re gonna use it for
detailing. – Okay.
– Okay? So what I want to do is snap
chalk line across the entire wall and also
on some verticals so that we’ll have some really
cool detailing in it. And then take the pieces down
one at a time, use the router, then we’re
gonna go in and fill those grooves in
with black paint. Okay. So here’s where we’re gonna be
routing. – Mm-kay.
– Okay? And it’s the darker line.
– Darker line? – So we’re gonna clamp this
rip guide. It just will basically give us a straight line to work
against, 2 3/4 up. This router is gonna cut into
the wood, but not cut through it.
– Okay. – Especially since we only got
the 1/4″, we’re gonna set it so that the
bit is kind of held up just enough so it makes
detailing and creates a routed area
for us that doesn’t go through
the wood. You’ll see, too, that, like,
the router, there’s a little bit of kind
of rough edges there. We’ll just take a little
sandpaper, cleans it right up. ♪ ♪ All right, so the tape kind of
prepped us for our last step, which is painting
where we use the router and making it have some
emphasis, and it’s gonna tie together
the black walls. But here’s the thing:
If this looks sloppy, then, I mean, all of our work
getting our lines perfect and routing perfectly would be
ruined. So we’re using some really good
painter’s tape here, and that’s why we took it just
to the edge so that none of it
gets on here. Wow, look at that.
Crisp line action. ♪ ♪ Oh, she’s flexible. So basically this is how we’re
transforming out plywood. Looks pretty different, right? – Very cool.
– You like it? – I’m feeling it.
– You’re feeling it? Good.
Well, you gotta keep feeling it because we need to finish
all these, so we’ll kind of
divide and conquer. We’ll route, we’ll tape,
we’ll paint, pop it up, and just work our way down. – Sounds good.
– Okay? ♪ ♪ All right, so this morning I
had Jay get started right away, and he’s working with…
– A big ol’ box. – A big ol’ box of plywood.
– Yes. – We’re working with it again. Told you it was kind of be
a theme throughout the room. Hopefully you’re not sick of it
after yesterday. – No.
– You seem to be a big fan. – I’m going with the theme.
– All right, cool. Any idea what we’re doing? – Um…
I’m confused, but… Gotta be some type of bar. – Yes!
Some type of bar. Yeah, totally. So right now it’s a little
confusing because I have it up on
the sawhorses, but this is gonna be your
new bar area. – Nice.
– Okay? I feel like you got your gaming area,
we’ll have the couch, and then over on
the other side, there’s just so much open room that I feel like a bar is
perfect for entertaining. Here, I’ll show you around
the other side. So this is the front side
that you’ll see, but over here this is kind of
where you’d tend bar. So we’re gonna put a shelf
going along here so you can have all your
drinks, all your supplies and everything tucked away
back here. – Okay.
– And I know it looks super high, but we built it to
bar height, 42. – All right.
– All right. So the structure you kind of
get the whole idea of it. What we need to work on is kind
of fancying it up a little bit. – Okay.
– So we cut some of these and they’re gonna be vertical, so they’re gonna divide up
this big rectangle into, like, smaller rectangles. So you can see my lines there.
– Yep. – Pop ’em on the lines,
and it’s gonna divide it into four compartments. The next thing I want to do is
take pieces and put them at a diagonal…
– Okay. – That’ll run from corner
to corner all the way up and really kind of just create a little bit more
visual interest. – Very cool.
– So we’ll start by attaching these.
We’ll go over to the saw, figure out our angle,
and then pop those in. All right, so we have our
verticals; now we have to figure out the angled pieces. A little trick on how we
can do this. I want them to go this
direction. – Okay.
– And then what I can do is take my pencil here,
right at the 90. What I’m marking is the front
of the board where it hits the corner and the back of the board
where it hits the edge, because that’s how I want
the wood to lay. – Okay.
– So now when we take this down, where these two
lines are, that’s gonna be my angle.
– Gotcha. – So we’ll go over to the saw
and see what that angle is, and then we know at the bottom
what it needs to be on every single one. So if I were here, the blade’s
straight, right? As I start turning this,
the angle’s changing… – Yes.
– All the way over is 31 1/2. That looks pretty good. And if that’s–the cool thing
about this trick is if that’s the bottom angle, it’s gonna be our top one there
too, based on how we spread
this out. – Gotcha.
– So let’s cut one of these, just as a test…
– Okay. – And place it in and make sure
that we’re good. All right, so now we can check
and see that’ll fit nicely in here,
right again there. – Gotcha.
– And we’ll cut this end at the same exact angle. ♪ ♪ We’ll see; moment of truth. – Like a glove.
– Nice, right? That’s where it paid off
to figure out or angle ahead of time.
– Okay. – It’s a pretty cool-looking
bar, right? – Very cool. Very cool.
– Wanna know a secret? I kind of checked out, like,
a whole bunch of, like, coffee shops, ’cause I feel
like coffee shops have the cooler bars
than bars do. So I was thinking…
– Very true. – So this isn’t a coffee bar, but it’s kind of where I got
the idea for just playing up with
the wood a little bit. – Definitely.
Definitely came out. – Now what we need to do,
I picked up these casters, little wheels that can go on
the bottom of this bar. My thought was this:
When you’re entertaining, it’ll be smart to slide
this out from the wall, but when you’re just
hanging out, when it’s pushed against
the wall, it’ll kind of look almost like a piece of
furniture, give you a little more space. This is the main look of it,
but like we did on the walls, I do want to bring in a little
bit of the black paint. I feel like that’s kind of the
unifying factor throughout. But I want it to be a bit of a
surprise for you, because you’ve already kind of
seen a lot of this bar. So I’m gonna finish that up, and you have to wait till the
reveal to kind of see how it is all
dressed up. – Sounds good.
– All right? Cool. So Jason and I are gonna work
together on our last project. It’s a little bit crafty, a little bit different
than the norm, but we had so much plywood
scraps that I wanted to come up with a
project that we could kind of use the scrap and make
it really, really cool. So we are going to actually
create kind of a lighting accent. Is that what you call it?
– Yeah, it’s gonna be cool. – Right.
So normally with recesses lights, the idea
is that you want them to be low-profile. You don’t really
want to see them. We’re gonna flip that on its
head and make it so that you emphasize the lights over
in the bar area. And the reason I want to do
that is this is a really big open space, and we’re gonna
have the bar, but I think it would make sense
to also have the lighting kind of define that space
a little bit too. So the first step that we need
to do is to take the– is this called a can? – Uh, that’s part of
the trim kit. – Okay. So that’s his way of
saying it is not called a can. A can is a toilet.
– [laughs] – But I feel like it’s
a light can. Light kit. Can. – It’s part of the recessed
light. – You’re just way too nice. You can be like, “Dummy, it’s
called the”… What am I calling this? – Yeah, it’s called part
of the trim kit. – The trim kit. Trim kit.
Okay. So this is part of the recessed
lighting trim kit, and we’re gonna use this size
here to create a template to cut out a hole in the
plywood. And then we know how many
inches down was the next light? – Eight. – So what we have now are
the templates, and we’re gonna use a jigsaw
to cut those out. You want to drill down into the
hole first so that you can have a place to
start your plate. – Whoo! There you go. [whirring] – One cool thing about this is
that there’s going to be the little trim rim going
around the edge, so it doesn’t have to be 100%
perfect. So you have a little bit of
flexibility. All right, so we have our two
holes and now I want to kind of dress
this plywood up to look like the walls and
the other accenting we’ve done, so we’re gonna use the router, same exact process that we did
on the walls and just add a little bit of
accent detailing to this. [whirring] I mean, I’m maybe a little bit
obsessed with routing plywood right now.
I can admit that… – Just a little.
– But it makes such a quick impact, and it’s gonna look
really, really cool. It takes it.
I mean, what did that take you? 25 seconds? Okay, the last step is to add
the block paint accent so that it really ties in with
what we did for the walls. ♪ ♪ All right, so the build is
done, and now we’re gonna install
this inside, and I have a pretty cool
surprise for the lighting. How good of a dancer are you? – I’m gonna tear up that
dancefloor. – [laughs]
Just wait and see. – They’re like,
“Wait. Lighting?” – Lighting?
– Dancing? – Dancefloor, what? Okay, so we’re gonna use some
nails to attach this into the ceiling, but we also
need to have some adhesive so that because of the large
surface area so that the whole thing is
completely flush. So Jay’s using an adhesive
that’s liquid nails intended for paneling. – Okay.
– Okay. Moment of truth. And…
– And if we get close over that hole,
we’re in good shape. – Come my way. No, that’s good. – Yeah, if your hole’s pretty
much centered– – My hole’s centered. All right, let’s put a couple– you’re taller.
I can’t totally reach. I can a little. – Should have got you a ladder. – Just short enough that it
isn’t convenient. Even though we have
low ceilings in here, this plywood allowed us to
emphasize the recessed lights. So we didn’t really bring
the ceiling down at all. There’s nothing hanging,
but visually, it totally draws your eye up. And we’re not gonna stop there. You want to put the little
face pieces on while I get the bulbs?
– Sure. ♪ ♪ So the trim kit here is hiding
the rough cut edge from the saw, so that’s why
we didn’t really have to worry about it. It looks nice and finished. Okay, so this might just look
like a lightbulb, but it’s so much more. It’s actually a Bluetooth
speaker–you can see it here– and it lights up to, like,
50 different colors and can pulse to music
that’s on your cellphone. I felt like that would totally
be something Keith and Codi are into, especially since
they want this to have, like, a real party
vibe down here, and so I had honestly never
even heard of these lightbulbs before, but I was real excited to try
’em out. – It’s a jamming lightbulb
for sure. – It’s a jamming lightbulb. So the coolest thing about this is that it looks like just
a normal everyday lightbulb until you start playing around
with the app as well, and you can create
all different colors and pulses and it also synchs
to the music that you already have
on your phone. Oh, my gosh. ♪ ♪ So clearly you can see
that these lightbulbs turn regular everyday moments
into an absolutely dance party, at least for Jason.
[laughter] So I am just–I think they are
going to love these. All right, dance party can
resume later, but we gotta finish up
this space. – Okay.
But put some music on so we–while we finish. – No, you’ll get all
distracted. ♪ ♪ Well, I’m hoping that this is
the basement of both your dreams, so on the
count of three, you can open. One, two, three.
Open your eyes. [laughter]
– Oh, my gosh. – What? Oh, my God. – Does not even look the same. – It’s crazy.
You killed it. – Well, you guys helped. – I love it.
– It’s awesome. – Oh, my God, it’s so good. – What do you think of
the walls? ‘Cause you haven’t seen these. – I wasn’t sure, like, what
they were– like, I was worried about
the black, but this–it offsets the black
perfectly. – Yeah.
– Looks so good. – Where are we at right now? – You are at the new
entertaining, party, gaming place.
– I got to look over here, ’cause…
– Look at this. – This is awesome.
– Are you ready to have your mind blown?
– Yes. – Are you sure?
– Yes. What?
Oh, I love lights. Oh, my God.
We’re gonna–this is great. Tell me this changes colors. – Oh, of course it does.
Are you kidding me? – This is awesome. – Look at that.
– What? – I told you; he loves lights.
– Whoo! Oh, I’m in the dark
all the time. I ain’t even need no lights
down here. – No, now you can just totally
have this lit. So Codi helped me build this, and what I love about this
piece is that this side is all you. It’s gaming, it’s lit,
it’s amazing. But then when you’re
entertaining and you have people over,
this is Codi– sophisticated and girly
and wonderful. – I love it.
– Nice. – So we kind of talked about
two zones: Gaming, hanging out,
and then entertaining. And the bar and the bar area,
what do you think? – I love it.
That looks so awesome. – I mean, the black beams in
the front came out great. – Yeah.
– Oh, you knew about this? – So he helped me build this.
[laughter] – I built that.
– That looks awesome. – That’s my work right there.
[laughter] – I’m impressed. – This is the most plywood I’ve
ever used in a makeover ever. Like, I just–but it doesn’t
feel like it. Like, all the pieces
go together– the walls;
it’s not overwhelming. – No, not at all.
I love it. – Do you feel like this is
a space that you guys will entertain in, hang out in, like, not be embarrassed to
have people over? – We’ll be in this space
all the time. I don’t think we’ll ever go
upstairs. – Ever. Definitely the party is going
down right here. – So this is gonna work for
the guys hanging out? – It is.
I mean, we got LED lights. We got chairs, we got–
I mean, we got a bar. What else could we ask for? – Is it gonna work for
the ladies? – Definitely.
Looks so great. They’re gonna love it. – And you know what, the ladies
can get down with the LED lights too.
It’s okay. – Definitely.
– Totally into those. – It’s a mood setter.
– It is. Speaking of mood setters,
I got more to show you guys. Do you want to come over here?
– All right. – Over here I kind of focused really on entertaining
for this. So…
– What? – I love it.
[laughter] – Oh.
– Wow. – I mean, you have a big bar.
This is an 8-foof bar. And you have plenty of space
for it. – This is–
– We never have to go upstairs. – Never.
Like, we’re never leaving down here.
Look at this. Look at this fridge. – Isn’t that cool?
– I love it. It looks so good.
– So awesome. – And what’s cool about
this bar is that we built I and put it
on wheels, so when you guys aren’t hosting
anyone, you can push it flush against
the wall and it just kind of tucks in, but look like a cool piece of
furniture. – That’s so awesome.
I love it. – Want to know what my favorite
part is? – What?
– Okay, look up at the ceiling. Okay, so you don’t usually
emphasize recessed lights, but you do when they do this. So check this out.
Look at this. I can change the colors
over here from the phone. It comes with an app. Okay? But wait, there’s more. You can even… ♪ ♪ – What?
– Oh, man. He’s in heaven right now. – Oh, this is awesome.
This is crazy. Nighttime around here is really
lit, so we are gonna… – Literally lit now. Well, I think if you’re saying
this place is lit, then the only thing that’s left is for you to lead
the dance party. ♪ ♪ Guys, well, that was a fun
“Weekender” makeover. Hope you enjoyed it
as much as we did. I would love to know what you
think of this room, so leave me a comment below, and don’t forget about “The
Weekender: Behind the Design.” It’s our miniseries where
I’m answering all the question you might have
about this episode. Leave any questions below and be sure to check out that
video as well, and as always make sure you’re
subscribed to the Lowe’s YouTube channel; you don’t want
to miss a single episode of “The Weekender.”

52 thoughts on “The Weekender: “The Modern Man Cave” (Season 4, Episode 10)

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