The Weekender: “Threadbanger’s New Digs” (Season 3, Episode 1)

The Weekender: “Threadbanger’s New Digs” (Season 3, Episode 1)

I’m Monica Mangin and I believe that
updating your home doesn’t have to take a ton of time or money I show people how
to get Pinterest worthy spaces that are just right for them give me one weekend I’ll give you five
projects and you’ll have a completely transformed space by Monday alright guys this weekend I’m in
Asheville North Carolina and this is gonna be a fun one I’m here to help out
the wildly popular Rob and Corinne of the Threadbanger YouTube channel these
guys are hysterical if you haven’t checked out their channel it’s super fun
it’s kind of like a DIY parody channel so they’ve asked me to come down
Asheville this weekend because Rob & Corinne have just bought a new home and
they’ve gutted the entire thing their current rentals lease is just about up
and they need to move into the home during construction which is a little
bit tricky so they asked if I would come down and help them out with their master
bedroom I’ve heard that they’ve never even used some power tools so this
should be fun and while I’m here this weekend I’m also gonna be helping them
with a couple projects that will be airing over on the Threadbanger YouTube
channel this is the master bedroom everyone my name is Corinne this is
Rob and we’re from the YouTube channel thread banger on a weekly basis we take
projects from Pinterest and everything that’s in your feed and we try to make
it to the best of our ability almost like a like normal people right not
everyone’s a DIY expert especially not rob definitely not yeah you got the memo
right what’s the memo you’re not allowed to say any curse words whatsoever what
no cursing oh all right so this room is way less demoed than the rest of the
house so catching me up in the house in the back story here so we got it a few
months ago literally like everything in it is still from 1927 doors windows
floors trims but this room was able to maintain a lot of its originality we do
need new closets though okay so what was happening here before so they were dual
closets I guess Jack and Jill closet isn’t hers each had a door but
they couldn’t even hold a hanger oh wait hold on I gotta show you I gotta show
you this even I don’t know whether or not people were smaller back in 1927 or
smaller clothes literally there’s like no room to this is like where it ended
so I don’t series like the world’s most impractical closet yeah I don’t know so
you guys ripped them out and you want to do an entire closet that and maybe my
clothes cuz she’s got a lot of closet space already so right I have a lot of
socks everybody needs everybody needs socks okay enough about the socks all right you
guys will help me out with a couple different projects and then I’m gonna do
one that you have no clue about and probably like tomorrow morning it’s
you’re gonna be banned from this I’m a major control freak so this is kind of
like my worst nightmare kind of keep it uh yeah at a distance and I want this
really to interact so you have a little bit of a control issue problem that’s I
don’t know how that’s gonna go I’m totally trusting and I have no
problems with this at all please MattyB couldn’t make the trek up to the
mountain so I brought my second right-hand man John Paul on the help our
first order of business is getting a new closet framed out with two by fours a
little isn’t it agree before we can actually make it look pretty
all right you can take a legend oh you can like get like you’re gonna want a
lot all right so John Hall and I started out building
framing out what is gonna be your new closet that is I didn’t even I don’t
even know what a closet looks like and why you would even try to the template I
don’t even know what’s happening we’re actually gonna plank these instead of
using drywall we’re actually gonna put wood planks over the whole thing so
that’s why we have these boards put in kind of a little differently yeah so
what we did is we ran these horizontally that way when we attach the wood to the
wall we have a nailer for these so otherwise we would have been like just
shoot nails right into thin air so now we’ve got something to attach that to in
good shape yeah check these out I know we carry them in but this is actually
shiplap shiplap big deal these days yeah this actually comes pre stained black at
Lowe’s it’s pretty cool it’s current Spader color a lot yeah
Soto this is it I mentioned earlier that Rob’s never use power tools before well
that’s all about to change I’m gonna teach you how to use this how to become
a pro at this chop saw so all right eighteen and a half inches is what John
Paul said so we’re gonna measure it first hey Mina I do know how to use one
of these Ben say oh wait okay I know like it all right there you go all right
so we’re gonna lean it up against here and that make sure that it’s perfectly
square and then without pulling the trigger I’m gonna pull it down first and
look just want to make sure that I’m right on my line you got this all right
how you feeling I’m feeling a little nervous it slow and steady ready you got
Rob’s first saw experience kilobit really great words look at that
my glasses are fogging up I’m so nervous over here although Rob what but we have
a little issue here one is about a half-inch longer closer
mine it could be yours here’s mine I have a feeling she looks like an 18 and
a half to me Oh 18 their company to you in the half er
let’s check yours yeah oh yeah anybody need a closet with an 18 inch because we
got one right here we got one messed it all up hey no way I
messed it up I messed it all up well yeah he did mess it all up but we
all do sometimes it’s all good in DIY it kind of comes with the territory
you try fail learn from your failures and then succeed hopefully
miss shiplap is very simple to install once it’s cut to size each piece fits to
the neck seamlessly via a tongue-and-groove system the coolest
thing about it though is the dark color typically shiplap is white but this
comes pre stained in this black color which gives it a really cool weathered
look all right so anything pretty impressed
with with myself all right so we have some doors going on here right but I
don’t want you to see them I love them so much that they’re gonna be a surprise
for okay okay so you’re done with this project John Paul and I are gonna finish
this one up wipe your hands of it done done and done sweet alright so we’ve
made some progress in here it looks amazing I’m really surprised your
husband did a really good job like I was expecting total catastrophe I’ve heard
the internet have spoken people say he’s a little crazy not so handy you did good
job I think everyone’s gonna be surprised
all right so you and I are gonna jump into some paintings so come on down here
my favorite thing to do by the way is it really what an excellent painter all
right good to know so what we’re gonna do is a two-step process okay so we have
a wall color and then another color we’re gonna open this and work with it
now okay but I thought it would be kind of fun to work through your control
issues that you mentioned by telling you that we’re gonna open this and not
letting you it so torturous we are gonna paint the entire room first now the base
coat okay okay and then we’re gonna do something pretty fun with our second
coat okay excited alright let me show you the
nothing nothing too crazy so what we have here is dauber white see you’re
thinking it would be white I had a feeling it was gonna be way this room I
mean it already is pretty light here but it’s a blue color yeah I want
to kind of warm it up and thought this would be a really nice cream tone to do
that I’m into it oh gosh you’re here well now you got
some girl time you got some frosted tips it was definitely all over the world all right so these walls seem dry enough
so we can move on to the second part of our painting project very excited do I
get to see what colors in here no yeah you were super patient I was I’ve been
thinking about it a lot have you this whole time watching the paint dry
thinking about what this color is gonna be torturing you all right so I’ll show
you the color and then I’m gonna tell you what we’re gonna do with it okay I
love that color you like it yeah green is definitely one of my favorite colors
but this is interesting because it’s a very deep saturated color and at the
same time you want this light minimalist space so what we’re going to do is
actually paint kind of a rectangle of this accent color oh cool so we’re just
gonna have it on here so we’ll almost do double duty in here as art but also a
bold pop of color I think it’s gonna be really cool so we’re using this new platinum
painters tape it’s really cool it’s like plasticy and it does a perfect rip every
time that’s so cool yeah it’s really awesome and we have a dark color and a
light color and it’s gonna prevent bleeding all right so this morning we’re
gonna actually be building some furniture you ready for this yes I’ve
never built furniture before and we’re gonna use some power choice all right we
are gonna be building a bench for your bedroom okay so this is actually gonna
go in front of the art that we paint into the wall yeah oh that makes sense
okay so there’ll be the color block and then a bench right in front of it I love
it okay so this is oak boards that I picked up at Lowe’s very nice and I
smell it your door I can smell it mmm okay it’s very okay first what we need
to do is cut our pieces down to size and then we’ll assemble our bench and then
we’re gonna do a little play with fire okay you started with some power tools
watch out world here we come first ever saw don’t cut your hand up
all right here thank you for the vote of confidence so Robin Corinne always have
a camera in hand we could be in the middle of the project and Rob shows up
with this camera it’s about a new and interesting pretty funny you got this do
I turn it on now turn it on now okay so now let’s assemble this bench
we’re going to put our three boards flush together these little cuts are
gonna act as a brace to hold this together and then we’ll screw all this
in and then when you flip it over you won’t even see how attached and now let
me show you the legs so we have metal hairpin legs they’re beautiful they’re
nice right they’re really heavy-duty and they’re gonna go on each corner we’ll
put them flush at the side and then maybe up like two inches Wow you feel
fat I like it we’re not done yet Oh Oh cuz our really cool green pattern
but right now it’s so subtle you don’t really kind of notice it all that much
so we’re gonna do something to really make you notice the green what is that
what yes by lightly burning the oak with a propane torch we’re bringing out the
grain of the wood so it’s more prominent this little trick really adds fantastic
visual interest to the wood and it’s so easy just be sure not to overdo it
it looks amazing it’s a really cool technique isn’t it I’m really impressed all right Rob so you’re kind of a crafty
guy right are you seeing this t-shirt right here DIY or die I’m one of those
t-shirts oh you gotta earn it kind of a test for me huh I guess this is a test
for me okay so what we’re doing is making some lights for your bedroom
we’re actually not making the lights we’re gonna make them look better okay
so I picked up some of these lamp cord kits at Lowe’s so it basically has a
plug and a cord and you can plug a bulb into it got it pretty pretty easy yes
but this is the cord that it comes with and I don’t know maybe I’m a Corden snob
but I don’t really love the look of it so good-looking cord basic okay we give
we can do better than basic we’re gonna macrame this cord okay
you familiar with macrame or do you think I just said macaroni I don’t know
what you talking about so macrame is like tying knots out of
like cording to make it look good we’re gonna knot around this cord so that
we’ll take a good-looking cord and wrap it around a kind of blah looking cord so
that it looks a little cord on court action cord on court right yeah and
there’s a reason that we’re outside here no okay the first step to becoming a
macrame master is to tie a knot at your starting point it doesn’t have to be a
half rolling hitch triple figure eight square knot just something that’ll all
right so we’re gonna make the number four do you see how that looks like a
four yeah all right we’re gonna make the number four there put your string
through the four it’s a long string so this might get a tiny bit tedious and
then you’re gonna pull up this is like my worst nightmare just
wait just me and then you’re gonna make another number four there’s another step
same thing no same step over and over and over and what it’s doing is it’s
actually gonna spiral around so what I’m gonna do is take this rope wrap it
around the back and then go back to my fours that makes it so it spirals rafi
think it’s confusing but I promise this is super easy you have two cords the
lamb cord stays stationary and the macrame cord does all the work
first take the macrame cord and position it across the lamp cord in the shape of
the number four then take the end of that same macrame cord and pull it
through the opening in your number four hold tightly until the knot sides up the
lamp cord repeat this process 4 times then wrap your macrame cord once behind
the lamp cord I like to call it the old loop swoop then go back to making your
number 4 repeat this process until you cover the whole lamp cord remember four
fours then loop sweet easy-peasy I’m gonna do one more and here’s the thing I
have a lot to finish up in your bedroom today so I’m gonna leave you here
because you are the macrame master you know me all right like how I just like
built you up really really ya know basically to tell you that for the next
hour I’m gonna need you to macrame this cord okay I hope I don’t let you down no
just remember four make a four do four loop swoop Natalie Natalie okay got it
got it got it all right what’d she say all right for my final project for Robyn
currents bedroom I’m gonna do a faux stained-glass treatment on their new
closet doors what I’ve done is picked up some privacy window films from Lowe’s
and they have them in a whole bunch of different styles rice paper bubbled
plain there were tons you choose from I picked kind of a combination of
different styles and then to give it the faux stained-glass look I picked up some
of these camera films you can get them at any camera store or online basically
it’s like really thin transparent plastic that makes everything look
beautiful and nicely colored we’re gonna combine these with the window clings to
create the look of stained glass my first step is to cut them to size the
same size as the window panels now I need to cut the window film to the exact
same size because they’re kind of gonna be sandwiched together on the panes it’s
really helpful to make yourself a template so then you can just trace
those and cut around them all right so we have our window film and our gels cut
and now what we have here is a window film application kit so this has
everything I need to adhere the clings and the window film to the door first
step is to wet the pane of glass with the application solutions next step is
the colored cling now this squeegee tool actually comes in the kit it works great
for working out all the air bubbles and the excess solution the kit also comes
with a really great little trimming tool it’s easier to leave it long and then
trim it once it’s in place next you need to peel the backing off of the window
film you want to get rid of the clear side and keep the frosted side this is
going to be the back side so we just want the front side to look really great
and then you can move on to the next one it’s been super fun you guys have
learned some awesome skills open your eyes see your room wow this is crazy
look at the rest of the house and then look at this thing no what is this color
madness wow that looks so cool and with the window in there letting the light
shine through that’s amazing I always wanted these little farm
there’s a little roller things the farm doors our doors yeah do you see these in
all the TV shows here they are you built this closet
I built this but I don’t know if you know that I’m pretty impressed had a
little bit of help I would say a little bit yeah you built the closet you built
that bench you built this bench did you tell me we
use I got to play with fire I don’t know I don’t yeah try it out yeah absolutely
nice sturdy is a dastard ii bench how do I look on this baby you look pretty nice
it really creates a little area here with the color blocking I mean super
cool Rob what do you think wow you’re light I thought I’d mess those up
completely did you’re a macrame master Wow they look great up there
this room is a little challenging because of the layout the windows are
uniquely placed it’s kind of a little tricky where do you put your bed so you
might notice we did a lot of things asymmetrically so the lights aren’t
centered they’re off to the side your windows are off to the side our art is
all kind of off to the side so we instead of fighting it kind of embraced
it I gotta ask you to quit just between between us do we get to keep all this
stuff to keep why and the mad skills that you learn yeah we did will actually
learn a ton of stuff all about shiplap all about you pop this guy and I also
learned how to create a really awesome technique on a bench and you both use
some power tools did you feel like generally you guys got a pretty solid
education a little Weekender education this weekend definitely we’re going out
after this and we are buying a full set of power tools sweet yes I’m buying my
own circular saw I’m very excited we learned how to cut things
which is very exciting and we were able to create our projects yeah we’re doing
over on our channel yes so gotta head over to thread banger and check out
their garden projects it looks great it’s very very impressed it’s just like
all the shows you see I’ve been waiting them to have a reaction for years you
got it now this was fun guys this was definitely a
weekender to remember what’s it a little different than the normal is a little
different a little crazy but all in a good way
all right awesome all right guys if you are new here coming over from the thread
banger channel hope you like this weekend or episode there’s plenty more
where that came from so make sure you hit that subscribe button to the Loews
youtube channel and if you’re a weekend or regular go check out thread bangers
channel i’m helping the most a really cool DIY project so you’re gonna love it
this weekend I’m in Salt Lake City tackling a weekender first a gaming
studio the homeowner is Stacy of Stacy plays youtube channel

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