There Are Several Positions On My Pool Filter. How Do I Work It?

There Are Several Positions On My Pool Filter. How Do I Work It?

There are several positions on my filter.
How do I work it? First, always remember to turn your pump off when changing positions
on your filter valve. The filter position is used to filter the pool and during the
time you vacuum the pool. This position is used most often. Next is the backwashing position.
This position reverses the flow of waster through the filter, flushing out dirt and
debris from your filter and helping to clean your pool. After backwashing, you will need
to turn your filter to the filter to waste position. This position should be used for
approximately 10 seconds after backwashing. This process rinses the filter valve on the
top of your filter, assuring that all dirty water is out of the filter prior to returning
to the normal filtering position. Next turn your filter to pump to waste. This position
allows you to vacuum heavy debris or larger amounts of settled dirt from the floor of
your pool. If needed use pump to waste after you have hooked up your vacuum in the filter
position. After putting chemicals in your pool it is good to use the recirculating position.
This position allows you to increase the water flow rate, which in turn circulates chemicals
throughout the pool faster. The “closed position” is only used when servicing the filter. Using
this position stops any backflow of water from the pump. NOTE: it is important to plug
the pools’ return fitting to stop any water from the pool returning to the filter area
while being serviced.

11 thoughts on “There Are Several Positions On My Pool Filter. How Do I Work It?

  1. Didn't really teach me much, the narrator never mention which & where the hoses go as your turning the pump to each position.

  2. After many years of using our pool, I learned something new……thanks………worthwhile for everyone to watch before opening your pool in the spring.

  3. Thanks for sharing! Just got my first pool and am trying to figure out how to look after it. How long should you use backwash mode for?

  4. This video answered a lot of my questions and I wanted to watch it a second time but that music – is there any way to delete the music?

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