Thicc Cyborgs (featuring Rekha)

Thicc Cyborgs (featuring Rekha)

♪ Caldwell and Nathan
are two cartoonists ♪ ♪ They love to draw, but
they’re not too smart ♪ ♪ So they sold their
souls to the TV Devil ♪ ♪ For a cartoon show,
that featured their art ♪ ♪ They all shook hands and drank a toast ♪ ♪ Neither could believe
their new-found luck ♪ ♪ But then on the way to the studio ♪ ♪ They were both laid
out by a hot dog truck ♪ ♪ Now in a somewhat ironic twist ♪ ♪ They’re in Hell forever
and hey, get this ♪ ♪ They’ve gotta make a show,
that they think is gonna sell ♪ ♪ If they ever wanna get
out of Cartoon Hell ♪ – Hey Caldwell, are you hearing the song, that keeps playing on repeat in my mind? – Yeah, everyone’s hearing that, your brain is one of the top channels on the Satan’s Satellite
Network down here. – It just sounds like styrofoam
being rubbed together. – Ooh, yeah.
– and then just a real, real fresh dance beat underneath. – All rise, be alarmed, be ready for the great cartooning that is about to befall ye. – Ah.
– Hey, Mandagar. – Hey, Mandagar.
– How’s it going? – Not too good, my bosses have kind of
caught wind of the fact that you’ve just constantly
been producing failures. – Oh.
– That’s what we do. – This next one, no more
half-assing, no more lollygagging and God forbid, if we even
dillydally for a second, it’s gonna be our testicles
on the hammer stone. – Oh!
– Oh, man! – Oh no.
– Yeah. – Hey, that’s my least favorite stone. – This week’s topic is
from a really great demon, he just goes by A Taco and he says, draw a cyborg music band, you know, with instruments as body parts. – Oh, that’s fun.
– Yeah, I like that. – Yeah, we won’t do any
lollygagging on that. – No, no, no, I wanna get right to work. – There is a catch,
because the pressure is on, they’ve brought in some extra
oversights for this project. – Hm.
– Oh. – You’re about to deal
with the best of the best, she’s my personal supervisor, alright, let me get her on this Hell Call, Aggmin, is that you? – Yes.
– Are you seeing? – Yes, I see, I see, hi Mandagar, hi, how are you? – I’m averting my eyes.
– Good, happy to hear that. Hi little boys, how are you? Nathan, Caldwell. – Hi, Aggmin.
– Hi, Aggmin. – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you, oh, you have a nice little office set up. – Yeah, it’s very warm,
– Hm-mm. – it’s very warm in here.
– Yeah. – But we don’t sweat, I wish I could, but it just stays inside and kind of like rolls
around in my stomach. – Yes, it’s kind of, you
know, what you deserve, so that’s good, that’s good.
– Hm-mm. – Just don’t mind me today,
I’m just here to observe, I’m a little fly humanoid
on the wall, you know. – [Caldwell] Hm, sure. – So you do everything as normal. – Okay, great. Well, I’m gonna go ahead and
get us started here, Nathan, I feel like I’ve got a great idea. – Yeah, we’d better get into it. – [Caldwell] My thought is I wanna take like a real literal approach here. – [Nathan] Cyborg music band, where their appendages are instruments. – [Caldwell] Yes, I’ll just go ahead and draw like an actual cyborg. – Sure.
– Just like real, true to the definition, kind
of humanoid, ’cause you know, there’s a difference between
an android and a cyborg, I believe.
– Right, right, the cyborg has some biological components, – Hm-mm.
– Which I think you need to get the real emotional
resonance of music. – Exactly, I don’t want music
created by an algorithm. – Hey, boys?
– Yes? – I hate to interrupt,
– Okay. – I’m noticing the way
you’re drawing this cyborg, – [Caldwell] Yeah? – [Aggmin] Does he need to
be so sort of gaunt looking? I wonder if we could beef him up? – [Caldwell] Beef him up,
like you want him thicker, or more muscular, or
what are you thinking? – [Aggmin] I’m thinking
thick, I’m thinking wide, I’m thinking huge,
– Wide? – [Aggmin] I think that’s
sort of what sells nowadays, you know what I mean? Does that–
– Yeah, yeah, just stretch him out?
– Hm-mm. – [Caldwell] I’ll just
stretch him out a bit, – Yeah, there we go
– from there, how’s that feeling? – Yeah, I’m wondering just for giggles, does he go wider, does it go wider? (laughing) – We could try, I don’t,
I mean, the canvas, I’m gonna run out of
canvas at a certain point. – [Nathan] I like the idea
of a leading musician, who is as wide as the
stage they performance on. – Oh, that’s true.
– Yeah. – Maybe he’s the stage
himself, I mean like, (laughing) he’s got a presence, to be sure. – That’s, yeah.
– I mean, this kind of works in with
what I was actually planning, so honestly, Aggmin,
you’ve only helped me. – [Aggmin] Hm-mm. – [Caldwell] I’m just gonna
keep him as wide as possible, but what I am thinking I wanna do here is just give him a keyboard kind of like popping out right here. – Oh, keyboard belly.
– Yeah, keyboard belly. I mean, this is like a
korg, it’s like a cykorg, I guess is how you would describe him. – [Aggmin] Interesting. – [Caldwell] So he’s like
half cyborg, half korg. – [Aggmin] Now, I’m noticing the way you’re sort of drawing that keyboard, it seems rather thin. (laughing)
– Okay. – Now is there any way
that we could perhaps get it a little wider? – Wider?
– Yeah. – [Caldwell] Okay. That seems to be kind of
the flavor of the day, huh? – Literally I’m just thinking
about our demo, you know, young women in Hell
wanting to watch something, they’re gonna want a little
treat, you know what I mean? Sex sells.
(laughing) – They’re gonna want a snack for sure. – [Nathan] It’s so wide, it
goes all the way around, yes. – [Aggmin] Oh, now that’s interesting. – [Caldwell] Like a full
kind of like circular bar, kind of like a floating island of keys. – [Aggmin] Yeah, yeah. – [Nathan] Yeah, that way,
he’s got keys everywhere, he never runs out of space.
– Exactly. – [Nathan] Tickle the ivories. (laughing) – Does he have like a fun
catchphrase we can give him? Something that people
can really latch on to? I just wanna make sure
we’re marketing this the way that we should be, you know. – [Caldwell] I’m open to anything. Nathan, you wanna help me brainstorm maybe some catchphrases
for this fun fellow? – That’s the key’s knees.
– Interesting. (laughing)
– No. – Maybe like I’m tickled by that, – [Nathan] I’m tickled
by that is pretty good. – Hm-mm.
– I do wanna just kind of shove as many
keys in here as I can. – Oh yeah.
– Hm-mm. – [Caldwell] So I’m gonna go ahead and I’m just gonna put some, do like a little mouth thing right there, he’s got kind of like an
islander vibe a little bit. – Yeah.
– Like this feels like a grass skirt almost to me. – Oh!
– Oh. Hm-mm.
– Hm-mm, that’s good. Now Caldwell, I hate to interrupt, – Okay.
– I’m sure noticing these legs, they’re kind
of little chicken legs. Is there any way, that we could go wider? (laughing) – I mean, I’ll see what I can do, Aggmin, we’re really stretching
the boundaries of reality, what’s possible with art, but you want some tree trunks,
I’ll give you tree trunks, Ma’am, I live to serve. So maybe just like, how about like that? – Oh, baby, wow!
– Like he’s just got some big JNCOs on, if somebody
were wearing some big JNCOs, but then they took off their JNCOs and it was just all flesh under there, – Oh, yeah.
– It’s like a hideous tree trunk of flesh, kind of like that? – Yeah, that’s speaking to me, I want this to sort of be
like our Magic Mike, you know. – [Caldwell] I’m feeling very aroused looking at those legs. (laughs) – [Nathan] This is just like,
like Baymax’s shitty brother. – [Caldwell] Baymax’s
sexy brother, you mean. (laughing) – [Aggmin] Is there any way we can slap a little Yamaha on that keyboard, maybe double this as some
sort of branding exercise? – [Caldwell] Yeah, maybe
it’s just like right here? – [Aggmin] Yeah. – [Caldwell] Since he
is such a fucking snack, I’m gonna make it say Yummyha. – Oh, terrific.
– Just like right there, just slap that on.
– Yeah. – Is that his name? Can that be his name? – I think Yummyha is definitely this big, tubby piano boy’s name for sure. – [Aggmin] Yeah. – [Caldwell] I just have
one last thing I need to do, which is give him,
– Oh wow! – just these little like,
– Yeah. – just a little flourish,
– Wow! – [Caldwell] just a little flair, Yummyha’s ready for the stage floor. Nathan, would you please
draw your cyborg band member? – Yes, oh my God, I’m so excited. Is the entire band wide, or
is this sort of the gimmick, is Yummyha the wide member?
– Hm. – [Aggmin] I think Yummyha is our sex, our sex man for the band.
– Sure. (laughing) – [Nathan] So we need like
the more sensitive band member now, I think.
– Yeah. – [Caldwell] Okay. – [Nathan] Yeah, maybe
he’s sort of the long to, (laughing) – Oh, perfect.
– to Yummyha’s wide? – [Caldwell] What
instrument is this though? ’cause currently you’ve
just drawn like a snake man, you’ve just drawn like
Inspector Gadget’s emo cousin. – Well, okay, well, you know, maybe he’s just got like
some flutes coming out. (laughing) – [Aggmin] Oh, a flutist. – [Nathan] Ah-huh, this is Flutus Brutus, Flutus Brutus,
– Flutist extraordinaire. – [Nathan] I think he does just have one sort of attached to his face as well. – [Caldwell] He’s like a robotic
millipede made of flutes. – Yeah.
– I like that a lot. Does he slither or does he use the– – [Nathan] Oh, he can
never touch the ground. – [Caldwell] (laughs) That
would sully his flutes. – Yeah.
– Which he does have to put in his mouth. – [Nathan] I am gonna give him
just sort of like a cool hat. – [Caldwell] Yeah, he’s the sensitive boy, but he’s also very fashion forward. – Or maybe just like a tie?
– Oh, I like that. – And Nathan, I hate to interrupt, is there any way via the tie, via the hat, we can indicate that he is single? We need people to be like
clamoring for his attention, if someone found out he had
a boyfriend or a girlfriend, I feel like no one would
go to see this band, he’s the sensitive one.
– Oh, sure. – [Caldwell] Could we take a page from the Jonas Brothers’ playbook and give him like a big promise ring, just indicating that he’s saving himself. – Yes.
– I don’t know what a promise ring looks like, so I’m just gonna put a
big, sort of gemstony ring, – Great.
– around the tie. – Ah-huh.
– Another one on the hat. – Great.
– Oh, I like that, yeah. – [Caldwell] I mean, maybe
he’s just holding a sign in the coil of his tail,
– Yeah. – that just says like, I’ve never had sex. – Beautiful. – So this is Flutus and
he’s the sensitive one, yeah, he’s never had
sex and he’s not afraid, he’s not ashamed to let you know that, because maybe you could be his first? – [Nathan] So he’s just got
just sort of like a classic Wile E Coyote style,
– Yeah, yeah, for sure. – [Nathan] just piece of
poster board tacked on. – [Caldwell] I don’t
think that he actually has like a tongue or any means
of creating glottal noises, I think he’s just got like a hole, that he shoves a pipe into. – [Nathan] Yeah, but
oh man, what a melody. – [Caldwell] For sure. – [Nathan] Maybe he’s got some like cool streaks in his hair. – [Aggmin] Oh, lovely, yes. – [Caldwell] God, what a heartthrob. This is gonna be the cover
of Teen People magazine. – I don’t know what he is, but he definitely is throbbing constantly. (laughing) – [Caldwell] And he’s very phallic, so I think that’s gonna work in his favor. We need like one more
band member obviously and we’ve got our front
man, we’ve got our baby, we need kind of like, you
know, like a rhythm, a bass, kind of like the rock, the foundation. – Yeah, so I’m thinking maybe just like just one of them tall drums. – Ooh, not a bongo, but like a– – A conga.
– Ah! Oh, he’s a little spider,
he’s like a little. – [Nathan] You know, I
like the robot spider, I wanted to get that in. – [Caldwell] That’s a classic, yeah, I would say a classic robot archetype. Are those his eyes down there? ‘Cause I’m seeing two
eyes down at the bottom – Ahh!
– and it’s kind of cute. – [Nathan] They weren’t
when I started drawing it, ’cause again, I figured
eyes would go on the face, but you know, who am I
to say where the eyes go? Yeah, maybe he’s got some eyes down here and then some arms to hold the drumsticks. – Oh yeah, sure.
– You don’t use drumsticks for the type of drum I drew,
– No. (laughs) – [Nathan] but this guy doesn’t know that. The drumsticks are not for
playing the instrument, they are just to clap together to indicate the start of a new song. – [Caldwell] I think that’s great. – [Nathan] What’s this guy’s name? – He’s a bongo, he’s a conga drum, Krongo.
– ‘Cause he’s kind of wrong? – He’s kind of wrong, he’s kind
of a crime against humanity and he’s also a crab and a conga. So we’ve got Krongo, we’ve got Yummyha and we’ve got Flutus,
– Hm-mm. What’s the name of their band? – [Caldwell] Oh, how about
Relative Peace at the Library? (laughing) Oh, eyebrows, perfect. This is a very emotive crab drum. – [Nathan] Yeah, what do
you think his voice is? – [Caldwell] Oh, I think he’s
very worried all the time. I think he’s got like
a real snivelly voice, – “Guys,”
– Yeah. – “Guys, we’ve gotta play the next song.” (laughing) – Nathan, I do realize we have forgotten one crucial aspect of the band and I would love to add it in if possible. – Yeah, please. – [Caldwell] The one thing that
we’ve forgotten here, y’all is a singer.
– Oh yeah, none of them really have
mouths that would work, – No.
– Good. – [Caldwell] Aggmin, I’m
gonna kind of take a swing and I understand if you’re
not gonna be into it, but– – Okay. – We’ve got this big,
wide guy and he’s fun, but what if like there
was someone even wider? – I’m loving the direction this is going. (laughing) – Wait a minute.
– So– – [Nathan] Yummyha’s whole
thing is they’re the wide one. – So what I’m thinking here is you remember those like animatronics, that you would see at a pizza
place, like a showbiz pizza or like a Country Bear
Jamboree type thing? – Oh, oh, God, you drew the edges, the bounding. (laughing) Oh, it’s a Furby, you’ve drawn a Furby. – It’ll still be adjacent for sure, I think, like that’s a point
of inspiration, I would say. – They did sing, didn’t they?
– Hm-mm and I would say they were of Hell. – Yeah.
– I am gonna make these hands. He gets up on stage and he’s
like, “Are you guys ready?” – Yeah. (laughs)
– “I can’t hear you,” and he like makes a pointer finger and points it towards–
– Caldwell, for product integration, can
the nose be the microphone? – [Caldwell] Absolutely,
thank you so much. Do you want it to become
like a pointy one like that? – [Aggmin] Yeah. – [Nathan] So it’s pointing
away from the mouth. (laughing) This is a good band.
– This is a great band. Did we come up with a
name for the band yet? – [Nathan] I like Relative
Peace at the Library. – Okay.
– I feel like it makes about as much sense as everything
else we’ve come up with. Thinking about the actual show, – Hm-mm.
– so like a typical episode, they’re on tour and they get
into some sort of mischief, there’s a lot of sort of band drama, is this a drama or a comedy? – [Caldwell] I think it’s like, yeah, it’s definitely a situational comedy, I feel like they’re
either solving mysteries or causing them, I think
it switches week to week. – Oh, that’s fun.
– Yeah, like some weeks they might be like murdering an old man in an amusement park for his gold and other weeks, they
might be like, you know, helping a kid find his long lost dad. – [Nathan] But then every
episode just sort of ends with a fun, musical number,
– Hm-mm. – [Nathan] that sums up the
adventures that they’ve had. – [Caldwell] Exactly, one last, I’m gonna give this guy
some Elton John sunglasses, some Elton John shades. – Oh, thank you, so is
the name of the show Relative Peace at the Library? – No, I think the name of
the show is something like Robo-Goofers or something like that. – [Nathan] Maybe, you know, maybe it would be the
name of one of these, ’cause did we give this guy a name yet? – What about D.Rock?
– Okay. – [Caldwell] What about D.Rock’s
Far Out Futuristic Band? – [Nathan] D.Rock’s Far Out
Futuristic Band is a great name, because people can just
shorten it to D.Rocks, just be like, “Oh, you catch
the new episode of D.Rocks?” – Oh yeah, that was a great
one, they went to the moon and suffocated an astronaut, it was wild, I can’t believe that this
is a children’s show. – Oh, Lord, no, oh, God,
we’re not ready yet, the Crimson Flame has a lit.
– Oh, shit. Oh.
– Okay, we got this, guys. Hands in the center, I can’t reach you, ’cause I’m in a TV screen, but, – Yeah.
– I’m so nervous, arise Cartoon-O-Tron,
please judge this cartoon, which we have presented for ye. – I am ready to rock and roll. I am here to audition for the band, give me a song and I will sing it. – Oh, Cartoon-O-Tron, you know your job is to make cartoons and not sing. – No, dammit Daddy, I want to
be in the rock and roll band, I learned how to play the dulcimer. – Well, you know, that’s just
not what you’re here for. – I’ll never forgive you. The only thing that
will make me feel better is a big, tasty cartoon. – Alright, well here you
go, Cartoon-O-Tron, eat up. – Num, num, num, mm, taste funkadelic. Okay, here comes the cartoon. (dynamic upbeat music) – Well, beep my box, it turns out the ghost of the amphitheater was none other than Old Man
McReary, the ticket salesman. – I keep telling ya, I wasn’t
trying to scare anyone, this is all just a misunderstanding. – Well then how do you
explain this bed sheet? – Sometimes I sleep here overnight, but just to make sure
nobody steals anything. Please let me go. – A likely story, time to
find out who you really are. – What, what? No, no, argh! – Oh-oh, guys, first he was a g-g-g-ghost, now he’s a z-z-z-zombie. (melancholic trombone music) – You said it, Flutus, looks
like another case solved by Relative Peace at the Library. – Great work, everyone, but shouldn’t we get back to the show? (heavy metal music) – Oh yeah! (dynamic upbeat music) – Okay, so that was D.Rock’s
Far Out Futuristic Band, it’s a crazy, kooky bunch of characters, but I think it’s got a lot of potential. What did y’all think? – (sighs) I’m super sorry to say this, little boys,
– Hm. – but I’m gonna have to give
this a huge thumbs down, – Ooh!
– simply because maybe you can predict
that not wide enough. – Not wide enough, God, it’s just our feeble human
minds can only go so wide. – Mandagar, thank you so much for filling these little
boys with false hope about even succeeding in the first place, it was an impossible task and– – Wait, what? – Ah, honestly I knew it
from the very beginning, that I was going to reject it. (laughs) – Hm, ah, just keep that in mind at this year’s performance review. – You’ll see. – Did y’all know we’re still on the call, I don’t know if you knew that. – Yeah, we’re still here. – We don’t care.
– Oh. – Oh, it’s fine.
– Oh. – You mean nothing to us. – Well.
– well. – Thank you.
– Good to know where we stand. – Yeah, nice to know.
– You know, I think we all learned something. – What did we learn? – That music can heal all wounds. – I mean, I’ve got plenty of
wounds, it’s worth a shot. – Yeah, let’s try it. – Okay, I’m gonna tune back in
to the private radio channel, where all of my friends
and family berate me and see if that helps with the
boils in my nether regions. – [Nathan] Y’all, this
has been Cartoon Hell. – [Caldwell] And you’re here forever. – Let me listen to that too.
– Hm. – [Nathan] Caldwell, you
never call, you never call. – It’s really harsh.
– Oh, so catchy. – [Caldwell] Yeah.

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