Thinking Putty Round Up! | RainyDayDreamers in 4k CC

Thinking Putty Round Up! | RainyDayDreamers in 4k CC

– Hi. – We’re Rainy Day Dreamers. – And we’re back to compare
and choose our favorites of all of these Crazy
Aaron’s Thinking Putties. – ♫ Rainy Day Dreamers, ♫ ♫ Rainy Day Dreamers. ♫ – Crazy Aaron’s Thinking
Putty, it’s putty in a tin. It’s putty that doesn’t
dry out and you can play with it over and over again and they all have unique
individual features. They generally go for
around 12 to 14 dollars. We love these, we’re up to nine
in our collection right now. If you’re interested in
seeing more about them, we’ll put a link down below this video. You guys like Crazy
Aaron’s Thinking Putty? – Yeah. – Yes. – It has always been fun reviewing these. A lot of them are glow in
the dark, not all of them. Some of them are magnetic. Some of them are see
through, almost invisible, and then some of them change color, based on the heat from your
hands, pretty neat stuff. We’re going to show you
our whole collection here, in very quick order because we
have nine different putties, so we’ll show you what they
look like and say they can do, we’ll show you what they
look like in the can, and we’ll tell you our favorites. We’ll start out with Vampire Drool. Roxanna, what’s the special
feature of this one? – [Roxanna] It glows whenever
it’s put in UV light. – [Parris] Ok. Cool. Over here we have Magnetic Tidal Wave. If I can have that canister
back for one minute, you’ll see what goes on with this. This actually has a magnet inside, as you can see. Ok, let’s reassemble these. This one, it moves very
slowly with the magnet, but you basically can magnetize the putty and the putty will pick stuff up. It’s pretty amazing. Next one is Foxfire. This one comes with a little UV light fob. You can actually write on
it, it glows in the dark, it’s pretty amazing. Next up is Chameleon. Changes between green and yellow. You can stick it in the
freezer it will turn dark green and as your hands warm
it up it turns yellow. Next is Super Scarab. This one has little color specks in it from red, blue, purple, and it really looks amazing
when it’s in the sun. Next is a special
edition one, hashtag Bae. This one is sparkly and looks like something you might give to someone on Valentines. Zombie Flesh putty. It looks like It looks like pink brain matter. And as you warm it up with
your hands, it turns gray. So you do have gray matter in there, but it definitely looks zombie-ish. Another special edition
one, this is Pot of Gold. This one starts out green and turns gold from the heat of your hands. And the last one, Liquid Glass. This one is really so valuable, you have to be careful that
somebody might come and take it. Oh my gosh, it’s gone! Where did it go? Well, actually, it’s right in here. Because it had been sitting
on the shelf for a while, the putty in all of these
tins goes to the bottom, and becomes perfectly
smooth, has no air bubbles. I don’t know if you can see. The putty is in there, Liquid Glass. Here with the tin open, you can see the special edition
Saint Patrick’s Day putty. This is the hashtag bae, the sparkly pink Valentine-ish putty. Super Scarab, it looks very dark here, but once you play with it some
and have it out in the light, it gets all those red and blue highlights. Very nice. This is hyper-colored Chameleon. It changes based on the
temperature from green to yellow. Vampire Drool, pretty much what it says. It looks wet and bloody
and it’s pretty good if you’re gonna use it as
part of your vampire outfit. This is FoxFire. This is the one that comes
with the little UV fob, which I’ll show you. This one will glow in the dark, but you don’t have to
take it out to a light, you can bring the light to it. With this little thing, and when you write on it
in the dark, even here, you can see it changes color. Here’s a putty. Is it gonna fall out? It’s not really stuck on
there, this is holding it. This putty actually comes with a magnet and so it attracts the putty because the putty has little
iron filings in it, I think, some little magnetic particles. And it also sticks to the can. This one is called Super
Magnetic Tidal Wave putty. And the last one here, is Zombie Flesh. It has that pink-ish brain
kind of characteristic, now which will turn gray as
it warms up in your hands. Now we have reviewed each
of these putties, in depth, so I will put a link to that playlist of all of these putties being reviewed with all their detailed characteristics right down below this video and I think I’ll try to get
it in that little letter I that pops up on the sides, the top side of our video sometimes. But right now we’re going to
tell you about our favorites. Who wants to go first? Go ahead. – My favorite is the UV light. The Foxfire one, with the UV light. I just love this. – Likes writing on it. It really glows in the
dark really well too. We’re not gonna show you that here, but if you want to see it, all those other videos in the playlist. Roxanna, which one’s your favorite? – The Vampire Drool. – Surprise! Yes, that’s funny in the
video where we tried that out, Roxanna dressed the part. Yes. And for me, my favorite is the
one that isn’t even in here. Now as soon as you take it out, it starts to get little air bubbles, and it loses its look of
perfection, it gets kinda cloudy. But when this has been
sitting for a while, it is just like glass. This never ceases to amaze me. How is your dried blood cranberry sauce? If you slice it, it
looks just like that one. And you’re busy writing something. We want to tell you briefly about Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty. Now it’s fun to play with, they
have unique characteristics, but this is actually useful. These putties are a lot
like the play sands. Kinetic sand and that sort of thing. That you can be doing
something with your hands and you don’t really
have to think about it, but it helps people who
have issues with stress, people who have issues focusing on things, especially with kids in school they’ve found that having
the kid actually play with something like this,
while they’re learning, can improve the learning. So these are good tools for that. If you’re interested in learning more about that aspect of the putties, we’ll put a link to Crazy Aaron’s site right down below this video and again, this is the
same idea as the sand, so we’ll link to a story you can read about how playing with
some of those play sands has helped some people out as well. Roxanna, watch out! My Liquid Glass hammer’s
gonna hit your thumb! Bong! Let’s see! – Oh no! – It’s hard to stop playing with stuff. It is a lot of fun. When Crazy Aaron comes out with some more Thinking Putties that are unique, we will pick them up and try them out. We are gonna be doing a follow-up
review on all of our sands We thought we were done
reviewing all of them, but we just added one
more to the collection. This is Emerald Sparkly Kinetic Sand. We’ll be doing this review soon. You can keep checking back for that, or you can click that
subscribe button down below, you’ll get notified when our video’s go up and you will join the dream team! ♫ It’s raining at our house. ♫ ♫ Is it raining where you are? ♫ ♫ Kind of day to stay in and play ♫ ♫ or eat a big chocolate bar. ♫ ♫ Hang out with friends
’til the weather ends ♫ ♫ and you don’t have to go too far. ♫ ♫ Rainy Day Dreamers, we’re
always where you are. ♫

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