34 thoughts on “This 6-year-old makes $11 million a year reviewing toys on YouTube

  1. G'day,

    I call Bullshit !

    "$11 million in Revenue", from "16 million YT Views"…., coming from "10 million Subscribers" ; no, no way…, that simply isn't possible.

    YouTube Ad-Sense begins paying at a rate of $3 per 10,000 Views, for tiny little Channels, and that ramps up to a massive $10 per 10,000 Views for more popular Channels…; but you have to be able to guarantee 100,000 Views in the first Hour after Uploading, to get paid at that highest level.

    So with 16 million Channel Views, if Ryan were being paid at the highest rate, then (16,000,000/10,000) = 1,600 lots of 10,000 Views ; x $10 per 10k Views…., = a mere $16,000…

    So, this Article is wrong by a Factor of 1,000.

    To generate an income like the one you are claiming, he'd have to be getting paid 68.65 Cents per individual View on his Channel.

    Perhaps one could pull that off if every Subscriber was a Patreon and if each Patreon were sponsoring each Video by almost 70 Cents per Upload….; but that is mind-buggaringly unlikely.

    You half-wits…(!).


    Ciao !

  2. and this is what is wrong with America…..this kind of kowtowing to children is just disgusting…they are given things and they are not earned ….that is where gimme gimme gimme comes from…shame on those who allowed this…6 fucking years old

  3. Mom Dad I Got Good Grades Ouch! Why Mom And Dad Are Smacking Me What I Do Wrong? Oh I Know To Become A Star.

  4. My four year old son watches all of your video. His two wishes are Disney world next year……and wants to meet Ryan. 😁

  5. Chinese taking over YouTube as well? don’t we have a problem them buying all our properties and raising rents and kicking Americans out so they bring their own kind in illegally sure America is dumb and still zzzzzzzzz and still accepting these Asians

  6. SMH… Angry & Jealous People! What's wrong with America is that we just can't be happy for those who are succeeding in life. Celebrities did it… Those with degrees did it… Even those without a college education did it… No matter the age or level you are at in life, it can be done with consistent hard work. So please stop wasting your pathetic time HATING….He's making MILLIONS! You think he cares about your RANTS! Get over yourself…Get out there and do you! Make a difference!

  7. This is fukin Stupid !! Little fuckin Chinese boy is fukin getting filthy rich just to review toys !! WTF Is this world coming too ?? Can’t believe people are supporting this little spoiled kid !! He should grow up and get a job and work for his money like we all do !! Now he is gonna grow up not knowing the value of a dollar !!

  8. UPDATE – Dec 2018: According to Forbes, this 7-year-old is now the No. 1 earner on YouTube, raking in $22 Million for 2018

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