100 thoughts on “This Guy Hid from His Boss All Day (You’ll Never Guess How) • Hidden in Plain Sight #1

  1. if u notices i saw alot of walking dead names ( 2:31 hershel) ( 3:21 judith) ( 4:06 merle) ( 5:31 they said the name rick) XD

  2. it got to obvious after the second time that i saw him i mean the fist time i saw a storage worker walk around the corner in the wearhouse the suspicion popped into my head but the the guy was every where so

  3. imagine if rick was actually a temporary worker and on the first day of working there he sees the owner of the establishment screaming and looking around to find an employee

  4. i was thinking the whole time diguise yourself into someone else xD
    though never saw who it was before the end hehe Good Hiding place

  5. Wow these are such good quality videos you really need more subscribes like seriously you are one of the best YouTube channels I know! 😁😜💕😛

  6. Poking and hitting stuff to see anything is inside
    Another reason:

    To beat the shit out of Danny’s possible costume until he comes out

  7. I love your video but can you hide someone else den Danny I give your channel a 10 🙂 ❤️❤️👌💕 me wen I wacht you’re video 😃

  8. I love how the names on the cart and Danny's fake name are Walking Dead characters names (For example: Michonne, Hershel, Mika, Rick)

  9. Jammi :my biggest fear is if I walk right past him and don't see him
    Me : my biggest fear is if you knock him out with a golf club

  10. why am i seeing a bunch of name from 'The Walking Dead' like Hershal, Judith… anyone else see it. they're on labels on shelves and trolleys.

  11. Please do more of these!! I’ve watched them all but they’re so entertaining that I want more! This is hilarious and seems like such a great, fun, healthy workplace!

  12. anyone else notice all the walking dead references. danny was pushing around carts that said “hershel” and “michonne” and there was one that said “mika” and danny was meant to be “rick”

  13. What would’ve happened if Danny was actually one of the things he smacked with the golf club XD, that would’ve hurt

  14. Imagine when they were making the thumbnail like
    “Ok Danny, can you like get in that cabinet?”
    “Um yea”
    “Ok now I’m gonna look like I’m talking. Look like you’re being sneaky”
    “I don’t know? Just like…make a hushing sign and look at the camera?”
    “Alright then.”

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