Thrift With Me + Home Decor Haul | MCC Thrift Store

Thrift With Me + Home Decor Haul | MCC  Thrift Store

buddy I’m back I really want to thank
everybody for watching my videos while I was gone and I’m so thankful that I had
a handful of videos that you’ve never seen before so I really didn’t have to
stress so much you know that’s great how it worked out that way cuz normally I
only have one or two videos ahead of time but today’s thrifty Thursday as you
know I was going most of the week but this is thrifty Thursday from last week
I didn’t get to share with you so I’ll share with you what I got
it’s thrifty Thursday with some very unusual things and I really didn’t spend
that much but I got some things that I think you guys are gonna really enjoy so
the first thing I got for $1 are these napkins they are really cute they’re
actually cuter in person than they are on camera
it’s I don’t know six of them for a dollar and they’re strawberries and I
don’t use these for that but I’m gonna use these for different different things
so I’ll show you what I use them for in just a moment I really like sharing with
you what I get for my thrifty Thursday’s but then I like sharing with you what I
do with it so that’s what I’m going to be doing from now on so when you see my
unveiling of my treasures that I get at the thrift store I’m gonna take you
along and show you what I do with them and how I decorate so I got this for 50
Cent’s I spent four dollars and eighty four sets so I got this for 50 cents and
I’ll show you where it’s going and then I got some vintage lightbulbs yeah we
have a theme going here 25 cents each aren’t they adorable
I just love the old packaging and then I got this one for $0.50 these
little light bulbs then I got this and it’s gonna be almost impossible to show
you on camera but it is vinyl it’s a piece of material that’s vinyl and it
was 50 Cent’s I don’t know but I think I’m gonna use it to wrap bread in or use
it like that it’s adorable I don’t know what you would use it for
but it’s me it’s washable vinyl almost like the old
time tablecloths that you used to have and then I got this tablecloth for one
dollar it said it was a drop cloth what they do is the tablecloths that maybe
has a little bit of a blemish or stain on it they use these really cheap for a
dollar and they call them drop cloths like for painting but sometimes you can
get some really nice treasures for one dollar and I needed that
so that was my thrifty finds but then when we were leaving the thrift store
there was all kinds of these pinecones now we have pine trees here but our
little our pinecones are just little tiny things and I got a whole bag full
of pinecones I picked off the parking lot because
that’s gonna be an upcoming video which I’ll share with you next week and I was
so excited because I really needed some craft paper and my husband ordered
something through Amazon and the it came wrapped in this paper and I really
needed that so as I get myself back on track and get
my saw my household chores finished I’m once again ready for all of my projects
and all of my fun adventures and all of the neat things that I have in store so
let me show you where all of this stuff is going so many times people ask me
every week they see me bring in a bag for this and a bag for that
they often wonder when is my house gonna get too full well I do like to circulate
things so if I have something that gets too warm inside the house then I would
take it outside and use that as decoration and then when it gets too
worn outside then I get rid of it that’s how I do things I’ve always been that
way so let’s say I find a pretty basket and I use it so much of the basket gets
has broke handle or broken something in it I’ll take that basket outside and
then I’ll use the basket outside to decorate and then of course when the
basket gets too worn then I get rid of it but I’m working in a pantry to try to
organize everything and I’m really excited to share with you this weekend
what I get the food pantry I’m really leaning towards now dehydrating
everything that I get I’m really leaning towards dehydrating in general because I
really think dehydrating is a way to go with long storage long-term storage
and I also think that dehydrating it saves you so much space and so let’s get
started I’ll show you where I’m putting all of these good items I received this
from my son he didn’t want it anymore and it’s battery-operated light and I
really like it but it’s very very bright so we’re gonna put the 50 cent lampshade
on there how cute is that I use all rechargeable batteries I do not buy
batteries that aren’t rechargeable so there you go that’s the lamp shade for
the light when I go to the thrift store I really try to have a visual mindset of
what I want what I need what I would like to have and that makes it so much
better the light isn’t so bright and I got it all for 50 cents that is where
the light bulbs come in handy because I got the light bulbs because they don’t
always have them so now I have plenty of light bulbs rechargeable batteries and
now have a beautiful lampshade so where I also might put my items
I got this week well let’s see hmm I got some of these so what are we gonna do
with these well let’s find out it uses cleaning cloths these are gonna be
cleaning cloths and I always use rubbing alcohol but I don’t have any and I
always use rubbing alcohol with some essential oil but I don’t have any of
that and I’m going to use this I got for a dollar at the Dollar Tree I don’t like
using this stuff but this is what we’re going to use because this is what I have
until I get some of my rubbing alcohol again so we’re going to go ahead and
we’re gonna put these in now these are gonna be general kitchen clean wipes so
these aren’t gonna go in the bathroom what’s in my kitchen is in my kitchen
and what’s in my bathroom is in my bathroom so I never use one or the other
I keep one in each room gonna be tonight to wipe down countertops wipe down there
at your kitchen when you’re working so I’m gonna put some of this in rubbing
alcohol and essential oil works just as good I tried using water and essential
oil but the water will get a very mucky monkey smell to it after about two weeks
I really like having these on hand because really quickly you can just pull
one of these out and use them yes they are very pretty for that I know but this
is how we’re gonna use it for these and then you always want to make sure you
label it so we’re gonna label these cleaning wipes ask me why I don’t use a
lot of paper towels well because you can reuse these over and over again $1 for
these napkins $1 for this these napkins will ask me many years and so I needed
some for my kitchen and once I get some rubbing alcohol I will use that from but
you use what you got and if you don’t have a lot of money the Dollar Tree is a
great place to get things that you need is antibacterial cleaner it does have
chemicals in it which I do not like but hey when you have a necessity you use
what you got beautiful material I’ll show you
probably in the middle of next week what I’m gonna do with it because I have so
many ideas running through my head but I don’t know quite exactly what it’s going
to be but where’s the tablecloth going well come follow me outside days and
days and days of rain finally the sun is shining through and this table here
outside had a tablecloth that actually started rotting because it was so old but what I like about this tablecloth is
it’s dark new power so you’re not gonna see a lot of dirt as much as you would
on a lighter colored one perfect and if we don’t have any snow it’s gonna be
perfect around Christmas time I will be able to decorate my table for Christmas
I think that’s a winner take everyone we’ll see you guys
tomorrow and thank you so much for all your prayers and life is back to normal
and I’m so excited and happy bye everybody from Danny’s diary we’re on October the
24th 1943 Danny writes today I was not feeling very well so I spent the day
relaxing and taking care of myself I’ve been so busy these the last couple days
it feels good to relax I filled a page for David Barton’s accident for hidden
his scrapbook do you remember in those days they used to have scrapbooks and
everybody got a page and everybody would fill out their page and put it in a book
together oh I missed those days and how fun it would be when you receive a
scrapbook of all of your loved ones and their pages that they would decorate
with old calendars and stickers those were the good old days

100 thoughts on “Thrift With Me + Home Decor Haul | MCC Thrift Store

  1. Hey Tessie, so good to see all the stress has left you. You can like you said get back to normal. What a relief to know your little Granddaughter is back in her home again. Enjoy your treasures, I often wondered how you were able to fit all your bargains in your home too. A place for everything and everything in its place.

  2. Tessie you always get such great stuff:) I love that battery light with the little lamp shade it's perfect:) I love the vintage light bulbs and I use rechargeable battery's too. That is a nifty idea using cloths for the wipes this I will have to do. I use cloth towels too though sometimes I have to use paper towels:) That's a nice piece of vinyl material I'm sure you will think of what to with it. Nice table cloth it fits perfectly looks very festive it will look great after you decorate it:) Like the pine cones too I have lots of pine cones:) I used to do scrape books a lot some thing I want to get back into doing:) It's good to see you back Tessie your sweet smile and laughter is very soothing:) Love you my sister:) God Bless you and family:) Continued prayers for Sierra πŸ™‚

  3. Your always so excited and happy to share your thrifty finds with us. I need to write down things I need/want at the thrift stores. I see all kinds of stuff but hardly ever remember what it is I need. Glad all is well and back to normal. Hugs & Prayers..πŸ™‡

  4. Your napkins are so cute! Question: Can you use Gulf Wax to make your bowl covers? I hope Sierra is back to good health and that everyone gets plenty of rest.

  5. Tessie I pick up pine cones. THEN I have my Sunday school class. Or my Granddaughters Girl Scout Brownie Troop who is 9. We use outdated peanut butter we smear the PB on the pine cones & roll them in Bird Seed. We hang them with yarn outside. You might get from them pantry PB that is more than 6 months old. Or some extra. Your Granddaughters will love making these. The birds enjoy them when it's cold or snowing. GOD BLESS

  6. I love your idea of making cleaning cloths, but I wish they weren't pretty strawberries. I loved those!!! I've never seen a cute table like your outside one. The tablecloth looked like it was made for it. Your oil cloth would make a great shelf, rack, or tabletop liner. I wonder what you will think of…

  7. I was super lucky at my thrift store this week. Looks like someone with some age passed or let their children close up the house- Looked like everything went to Goodwill. I found an awesome basket from the 1940's with a lid. I had the perfect place for it. There was so much old glassware, old juice pitchers with the small juice glasses- they had the fancy pink depression glass and the everyday sets. Also, I grabbed some 1950's heavy brass pieces that were used on a desk. Everything with the blue ticket was 50% off- I got some real bargains —I felt like "Tessie" walking out with my treasures!

  8. Tessie I always take something away with your videos πŸ’Ÿ You my dear are very crafty πŸ’Ÿ blessings to y'all always πŸ˜‡ xoxo

  9. Tessie,I have lots of cloth napkins,we don't use paper ones! I have big pinecones in my yard wish could send you some.May go to thrift tomorrow.I bring a bag of donations every time I go! Seems I'm always cleaning out!πŸ€“

  10. Glad to hear Sierra is better. I love thrift stores. Never know what you might find. My Mom had plastic curtains when I was young. The memories of vintage. πŸ€”

  11. I love the strawberry napkins. I know they will make you smile every time you clean with them. So glad things are getting back to normal and your granddaughter is better. πŸ“

  12. Wonderful Day everyone! 96 degrees here again. 95 tomorrow. Not much fun with an ear ache. Sandwiches and a glass of milk for dinner. Love y'all and have a wonderful Day!

  13. Hi Tessie sis.

    You got some really nice things at the thrift store.

    I have a vinyl type tablecloth. It's not vintage. LOL. Much easier to keep clean.

    Love the idea for the lampshade. πŸ’œ

  14. It is so good to hear that little Sierra is on the mend. I like your tablecloth idea & the cleaning clothes, too. You have neat ideas on how to use things. Thank you Tessie.

  15. That little lampshade is ADORABLE on the candle!! Great job. Is Sierra home from the hospital?? I may have missed your mention of it.

  16. Hi Tessie! Hi everybody! I'm loving that big carefree smile and giggle of yours! God is sooo good! If you're wanting to protect your red tablecloth outside, go to dollar tree and get a clear shower curtain and use it over the tablecloth. Snow won't bother it. I love seeing what you do with your treasures. You have such great ideas. I love the napkins. I want to try that too. You're such an inspiration. With God bringing Sierra through, Thanksgiving will be even sweeter. God bless you Sweet Tessie

  17. Im sorry i forgot to tell you my name my name is Diana i have my husband s phone πŸ˜„ were i live we dont have any thrift stores close by but I do have yard sales Love yard sales i. Find some good things but not like you but i do get creative with what i have and what i get and yes the dollar tree is great for what you need i go once a month for i to am on a budget you give me more ideals so i do use some thank you again for your friendship and videos god bless ❀

  18. So glad Sierra's home from the hospital, & good to see you "getting back to your normal". I'm sure there's lots of work to be done now, but I know you: you'll count it as a blessing! I like how you repurposed that plastic container to put the cloth napkins in, with the cleaning solution you had on hand (yes, that's real life- we use what we have). I have a container like that, when the paper wipes are done I will go to cloth! Thanks so much for your post today, love you! xoxo

  19. Love ya sister I am glad Praise GOD that things are back to normal but always better πŸ¦ŒπŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸŒΎπŸ¦ƒπŸ‘«β„οΈπŸ‚πŸπŸƒπŸ€ πŸ‘΄πŸ‘°β™₯οΈπŸ™β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ’•βœοΈβœοΈβœοΈβœοΈβœοΈβœοΈβœοΈπŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ»βœ…

  20. Tessie I am glad your back, and ur Granddaughter is doing well. I know that if that happened to me I would do the some thing. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

  21. God’s, peace, and joy, are all over you, sweet Miss Tess…so glad all is well…thank you for sharing ❀️πŸ₯°πŸ™πŸ»πŸ₯°β€οΈBlessings πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

  22. Ok I admit I have good type envy looking at the Eiffel tower fabric item. Your comment on dehydrating was another confirmation for me, since I have been praying about whether to invest in an Excalibur dehydrator (gave mine to someone who needed it more than me), or an All American pressure canner. Since we backpack, ski etc, dehydrated foods are lighter to take with us.

  23. Another great video. I sometimes use old rags when cleaning but I have to admit it is much easier to grab a paper towel. Do you use cloth napkins when you have meals?

  24. Good treasures again. Love your idea with little candle with shade. And those napkins are so darn cute and a neat idea to place them in a canister with cleaner. So happy you got to rest a little today. Keep smiling sweetie xoxo

  25. Hey it's so good to see your smiling face. Hope Sierra is doing good maybe she will be in your up coming video when she feels like it. Loved the reuse for the wipes good idea. Gonna do just that its handy. Well prayer and love to all.πŸŽ€

  26. Miss Tessie…You are SO PRETTY and pretty in pink!!
    Those πŸ“ napkins are adorable!πŸŽ€πŸ’•πŸ‘

  27. I love your ideas. And also hearing about Fanny’s diary. I’m so happy your granddaughter is feeling better. 🌺

  28. Good Morning Tessie, Brothers, Sisters, and friends, TGIF HAPPY FRIDAY:) Wish you all a wonderful blessed Friday and great weekend filled with happiness and joy:) God bless you love you all πŸ™‚

  29. Sis the lamp shade is so cute, you got some wonderful treasures.I love dehydrating it is amazing how much food you can put in a jar.the cloth would make cute place mats

  30. As a prepper, you need to store your food in all ways, including freeze drying and dehydrating, not to mention canning. πŸ™‚

  31. That tablecloth is perfect for your purpose! It will be beautiful under your Christmas decorations! Thank you for sharing with us. Big hugs for you, sweet Tessie!

  32. Love what you got for 5 dollars n how you used it waiting to see how you use the cloth. So happy your granddaughter is home! God bless you Tessie n family. β€οΈπŸ€—πŸ™

  33. So glad she is on the mend πŸ™β€οΈ. Thanks for getting me inspired to use dehydrator again. Got a whole large zucchini in a pint jar and dried my chives and parcley so far

  34. Tessie, I am so happy to hear that Sierra is home! You find creative ways to use your thrift items! Have a blessed Friday!!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–xxx

  35. Wonderful finds as always @ the thrift store ! I love it when I find those table/drop cloths really cheap . They make great curtains for my potting shed, to hang in front of my shelves , too. You have a sea shell underneath your table cloth ! I love big pine cones. I remember the video you did of that huge basket of pine cones that your friend sent you & you made dipped them in scented wax ! I love picking up Magnolia Tree seed pods, too !!!

  36. You are like me. In our hearts we are sewers. πŸ˜‚ I love fabric too. Why is rubbing alcohol so expensive? I used that also for cleaning. I usually buy the Wintergreen alcohol because I don't have essential oils. Thanks for showing us what you have done with your purchases. I also have wanted to see. Blessings.

  37. That "drop" cloth is beautiful. I can see it on your table with a basket of pinecones and the little candle with the shade next to it. You are very thoughtful in your shopping. I've decided that I'm a maximalist and I'm not apologizing for it. The minimalism trend is not for me. πŸ˜€

  38. I only use cloth napkins but bought some (at a thrift store) that are a cotton blend and don't have a nice feel to them – your idea of making them into cleaning cloths is perfect for them. I'm trying hard to eliminate all unnecessary spending – like buying containers of anti-bacterial cleaning cloths with those added chemicals, when I can make them for maybe 1/10 the cost and reuse them for months. So glad you're back and your granddaughter is doing well.

  39. Good Morning, Dear Tessie πŸ’ž
    Happy Friday πŸ˜ƒ and blessing weekend 🌹
    Praise God! Sierra is home πŸ’žπŸ˜ŠπŸ’ž God answers prayers 😊 πŸ’• 🌼
    I'm happy to see you happy 😁NOT WORRYING, HAVE FAITH!!! ❀
    Great findings in the trift store πŸ’ž Everything had a place and look very nice, looking forward for the next one 😊
    Have a great and blessing day you and Kenny πŸ’Ÿ Hugs to Sierra, Sister and Mom and Dad πŸ˜€Tell them the worse is o over 😊
    FAITH, LOVE and PEACE πŸ’žβ€πŸ’ž God bless you all 🌷 I Love you my Dear Sister Tessie πŸ’ž

  40. Tessie when you use alcohol in that container how much do you use and do you add any water to fill the container? I don't have one of those containers but I can use a coffee container .

  41. We and the kids and grands totally benefit from my dehydrated section of pantry. Would love to see how you utilize your dehydrated goodies🌻

  42. Always fun to see what you'll do next. You're so good at repurposing things. πŸ˜€ The Dollar Tree sells alcohol but the bottles at Wal-Mart are bigger & they were $.88. Probably more now. Wal-Mart prices have gone up 10-50%. Blessings. πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸŒΈ

  43. We will just keep you in our prayer list that we have going on every day…you, your family & Sierra–that she recover 100%–completely doable, you know who we serve??? Have a wonderful day out there dear! Thanks for the wonderful video, sharing your knowledge, wisdom and your day! πŸ™‚ Dawn @ Rich & Dawn in MN πŸ™‚

  44. I hope Sierra is home from the hospital and doing great.
    I just can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying the new Tessie. The other Tessie was stiff, and was forcing her sweetness, if that makes sense. But THIS Tessie I think, is the real Tessie. Keep up the good work.
    I like all the things you got at the thrift store, things that I, myself, would pick up.
    I’m not physically able to get out and thrift shop anymore. But I love seeing what you bring home. I made another loaf of bread in the bread machine. It was gooood !

  45. So glad to hear your granddaughter is home and well now. Thank the good Lord! Enjoy seeing what you use your special finds for. You always have great ideas.

  46. I can't wait to see what you use the vinyl for. I love that you show what you do with your "thrifty finds" πŸ™‚ It is a rainy fall day here, but I'm warm and toasty canning chicken broth. Happy Friday ya'll πŸ™‚

  47. So glad your back, but still felt like you were here, you didn’t seem to miss a beat, loved your finds sister, have a blessed day πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ™

  48. I love Dollar tree for odds,ends, household and hygiene items.Also,for gifts for holidays and they have awesome little fireworks for the fourth of July.We have a monthly income of $1,600,we are a family of 11.

  49. Wow that vinel cloth would be good to kneed bread on, and can foods can get broke also, i use vinegar to clean with, not only does it clean but disinfect and disolves greese, take the tablecolth in when it rains to get longer, Love the finds

  50. So good to see you more like your enthusiastic self! So happy for Sierra and all the family. Great finds. Prayers and hugs

  51. Greetings Tessie ..sorry I'm so late watching..well worrying about grandkids seems own grand daughter had a real scare..she was playing on a fence(which her mom told her a hundred times not to) and she gashed her leg really bad… she's a energetic girl she's walking around already..and speaking of vintage lights I just love vintage Christmas tree just brings back more innocent times..great video Tessie .. blessings to you and your family πŸ˜‡ πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ πŸ˜‡

  52. You found some great Thrifty Treasures Tessie, I love everything that you did with them. My favorite is the little lamp shade. Happy that things are getting back to normal for you all. God Bless You and Your Family. Much love.

  53. Maybe use vinyl to line cabinet shelf…those napkins so cute….did I see like a little design around edges of napkins. Might be linen…
    And great color for tiny lite shade…you have great dtore…

  54. I love your thrifting videos! I love shopping at my local thrift store. They have special flash sales where certain items are only 50 cents! I have purchased all sorts of great items for very little money. Thank you for sharing Tessie. You are an inspiration!

  55. I love the way you think and use what you have in creative ways. I'm like that too. I find it quite exciting and can tell you do too. So glad to see you smiling😊

  56. Like you I always look for cloth napkins.. either I use them in the kitchen or like you for cleaning rags… now I have to admit never thought about having quick wipes.. but I will now!!!! Would be great to have one container for the bathroom and one for kitchen….

  57. Tessie, I commented on this video and liked it the day that you posted it but for some reason my comment got deleted as well as my like. I’m not sure if this is happening to other people but you might want to keep an eye out for that or at least let your other subscribers know that it’s happening. I’m so happy to hear that your grand daughter is doing better! In my original comment I had a question about using the napkins as counter wipes because I think that it’s a great idea and want to do it, I just had a few questions about it. The first question was do you have to rinse your counters after using the cleaner and the second question was do you only get to clean your counter once with each one before you have to wash it? I’m trying to figure out if it will be cost effective for me because I don’t want to use half of a bottle of cleaner for just six uses so I wanted to know how you do it before I attempt it. I really enjoyed this video, you’re so creative!! ❀️

  58. Love, LOVE those napkins!!! Your corner with the essential oils is so pretty, and I'm so glad your sweet grand daughter is doing better! Enjoy the day sweet lady!

  59. Awesome finds…great idea for the wipes. Did you know the dollar tree sales rubbing alcohol or at least the ones here normally both the reg and methol

  60. Tess, before you decide to keep that vinyl in your home & use it for anything, please visit this site; most older vinyl are toxic & they are trying to phase them out completely now. I have some really nice tightly packed long one, I found on the ground in Florida!! lol Make great Christmas decorations! Love, hugs & Blessings, Tess. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ’– It's just me, but I would have washed the cloth napkins & used them; saves tons of money on the paper ones & last a very long time. Have you ever purchased what people used to use for diapers a long time ago? You can find them in Walmart I know. But that's what I use for dish towels, dish rags & cleaning cloths, because they are so absorbent.

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