Thrifting Fall Home Decor

Thrifting Fall Home Decor

Hey guys, what’s up? Welcome back to my
channel! So Fall is around the corner and I don’t know about you guys but I’m very
excited for it! I like never want summer to end but I’m also super stoked for
fall. And I’ve noticed that a lot of the thrift stores have started decking out
their like seasonal section with fall stuff, so today we are gonna go through
some fall home decor! Okay so we’re starting out at Value Village and I’m
just gonna go ahead and preemptively grab a cart because I’m pretty sure
we’re gonna need it. So here’s the seasonal section. Already these little
tea light holders are super cute. All this stuff is so cute!
How fun! A little pumpkin ice tray! Something weird is going on at this
Value Village. I think maybe this is gonna be Halloween costume stuff? Okay
this isn’t necessarily autumnal, but it’s the cutest little plant pot so
I’m gonna get it anyway. I love this little happy ghost! He’s so cute! Oh my
gosh! Okay I think we got to get him. Okay I’m finding a lot of Halloween
stuff but not a lot of like fall stuff here. I would love to find like a nice
chunky knit blanket. It’s not very soft… Alright I am now in the parking lot of
Goodwill and I don’t actually know… I haven’t been to this one since I started
seeing the seasonal stuff pop up in Value Villages so I’m hoping that they
have the same kind of section but I’m not entirely sure. This blanket
is like almost what I’m looking for but it’s not quite chunky enough. All right
so it is day 2 of thrifting for some fall home decor! We are at Value Village
again and it’s been a couple of days since I’ve been here and they restock
this place pretty like often so I’m hoping they have some new stuff. The Halloween
shop is in full force since the last time I came here so hopefully that means
the fall decor is stocked up too! This little guy is so cute.
Ooh yeah burlap pumpkin! How much are you, burlap pumpkin? I just spotted some
pretty fall foliage down here for three dollars. There’s two of them. This would
look really pretty in some kind of a DIY… I’m gonna get these. I feel like
the trouble is I always find cute little like tea light holders and stuff, but
I never burn tea lights. How cute are these Mickey pumpkin string lights? Matt
and I are thinking about doing a Halloween tree instead of a Christmas
tree- I mean, in addition to. These would be perfect!
Little birdhouse! So cute! These are very very pretty. Love those.
This would be cute to put those faux florals we saw in. They’re not quite
long enough to go in there all the way but it was a cute idea. I’m like 99%
positive that’s not how spiders work. I like this frame but it’s very expensive…
hmmm… There’s one back here with fall leaves!
Yes please! That mirror is so cool you guys!
I love these. This looks like it was like somebody’s craft but how cute? Also I’m
really into like Halloween decorations my grandma would buy… so cute! Love that!
This is stunning. This pumpkin is so cute… it looks like it’s woven but it’s actually
like ceramic or plastic. Okay and this would be a gorgeous centerpiece on my
table! That might have to come home with me. Still sadly no throw blankets that I
love so I might have to get that from a regular store. All right it’s haul time!
So the first things that I got thefirst time I went to Value Village were this little
ghost who is kind of dirty and I have to figure out how to clean him… This was
like such an unnecessary purchase but he is so cute that I could not leave him
behind! Like I felt sad thinking about putting him back on the shelf.
He’s from hallmark. He was $4. I love him! Then I know I also showed you guys this
in the store but I got this little basket and the reason I got this it’s
because it has a plant pot liner on the inside…
actually it’s double lined. That’s cool! So I can put a plant in here and not
worry about water and dirt coming out of the holes. Then I was just at that Value
Village again and I swear there was so much more stuff this time!
I like freakin scored! I think my favorite thing that I got is this little
centerpiece guy. It’s just a bunch of like different fall florals and it’s got
pedestals for three pillar candles and we have an eight-foot wooden dining table
and I think this is gonna look so good in the center of it… yeah!
Oh and that was five dollars. Then also on the floral trend I picked up these
two faux leaf and corn pinecone things? And I thought- as I hit myself in the head
with one of them… These were three dollars each they were
kind of expensive but I thought if I put them like back-to-back and then put them
in a vase they would look really really nice so I got them. $6 is kind of
expensive for these… I wonder if that was the right call. Then I also got this
string of Mickey Mouse jack-o’-lantern lights and I mentioned this in the store
but there’s this like trend going on right now where people are decorating
fake Christmas trees for Halloween and I think Matt and I are gonna do that! We’re
gonna do like a Halloween tree so this is gonna be so perfect for that and I’m
really excited. I really hope these work. I probably should have taken them to the
testing station. They were five dollars. And then lastly I picked up this little
picture frame. It has these little fall leaves like pressed in between the
panes of glass and it has this like soldered metal look to it. And we just we
don’t have a lot of pictures of us like out and about, and our wedding was like a
fall wedding so I thought putting a little wedding picture in here might be
cute. It’s a weird size though. It says it needs to be three and a half by five so
I guess we’ll just get a four by six and then cut it? So that’s everything that I
thrifted fall home decor wise! I am gonna pick up a couple of pieces from like
traditional stores and then I’m gonna do an autumn decorate with me video so make
sure that you’re subscribed so you don’t miss that because that will be coming up
very very soon! I hope that you guys have the best best rest of your day and I’ll
see you all my next video! Bye!

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  2. Omg I'm so jealous of the Mickey pumpkin lights. My sons birthday is October 28 and i wanted a Halloween Mickey theme party for him and he said no lol those lights would've been perfect. Great video. 🎃🍂🍁

  3. You should do a haul for Target's fall dollar spot items! I work at Target and we've gotten multiple phone calls everyday asking if those items are out yet, haha.

  4. I love how much you love autumn, it's adorable. You should print miniatures of your most autumnal wedding pictures for the tree!

  5. is it just me or does this store remind anyone else of the 70s and all the items give serial killer vibes? but i guess it's very halloween appropriate. lol i'm just creeped out majorly!

  6. i would NEVER buy anything except clothes (because i can wash them) in thrift store. on rare occasion shoes (only if they look new or have tag). NEVER underwear, swimwear, or any home accessory, bedding etc. does no one here finds these things and stores creepy as hell? maybe it's my germaphobia speaking…

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