Tile Tips from the Pros: Thin set, mastic and mortar

Tile Tips from the Pros: Thin set, mastic and mortar

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Welcome to The Tile’s Shops Tips From the Pros video series. I’m Cabby. Today, we’re
going to talk about thinset and mastic application. What is thinset? Well, thinset’s the glue
that bonds your tile to the floor and the wall. There’s a few things to consider when
purchasing thinset. You want to get the right color. There’s color? Yes. It’s white and
gray. Why would you use white? Well, if you’re using anything translucent like a white or
yellow marble or maybe a glass tile, we have to make sure that we use white because gray
is going to show through and you don’t want that. Now if you’re using a dark tile with
a dark grout, gray thinset would be fine. Now there’s different grades of thinset out
there, and what that means is there’s a difference amount of latex in that thinset. It’s in powder
form, you’re not going to see it, but once you add your water, the latex is there. Now
if you’re using a ceramic that has a clay body, it’s going to absorb some of the thinset.
You don’t need a whole lot of latex. That’s where the Pro-Flex is great for you. Now if
you’re using a porcelain that’s nonporous, we need something with a lot more latex that’s
going to grab on to that tile. That’s where the Pro-Flex Platinum or the Pro-Lastic would
be ideal. Now a big thing to remember is you have to get the right size trowel. A large
trowel, like a half inch by half inch trowel, this is for larger tiles, anything 16 inches
or larger. Okay? We want to leave behind enough glue to get a good bond. Now a small trowel
like a little V-notch, this is made for your smaller tile. We don’t need to leave that
much glue under those little tiles. So, when you get your thinset and your right tools,
now it’s time to mix. When mixing your grout with water, make sure that it sits for about
3 minutes. Then go ahead and come back, remix it until you get a nice creamy consistency.
Then you’re ready to go. For more information on how to install tile yourself and tips and
tricks to beautify your home, visit us at TileShop.com and don’t forget to subscribe
to our YouTube channel. You want to do home maintenance projects yourself,
but you don’t have the tools. Every home should have a basic toolbox, but what tools do you
need to get started? Let’s look at the basic set of tools you’ll need to get your home
maintenance and DIY projects underway. If you plan on DIY home maintenance and improvements,
you will no doubt be using a hammer and a screwdriver. There are two types of screwdrivers:
flatheads and phillips head. A nice set of screwdrivers that include both types is a
must-have for your toolbox. As for a hammer, a lightweight tack hammer is enough for most
around-the-house projects. If you’re planning on doing some carpentry, you will need a claw
hammer. Pliers come next, and like hammers, they come in a variety of sizes and shapes
depending on what they’re supposed to be doing. For our toolbox, we have three types: your
basic slip joint pliers, locking pliers, and needle nose pliers. Tape measurer and ruler
– You’ll be surprised how often you’ll need both. A utility knife will see a lot of action
around the house, and a putty knife is a welcome addition for a number of weekend projects.
There are other tools that can be added over time as you expand your DIY skills. You’ll
be surprised how often you’ll find yourself reaching for the toolbox knowing you can do
it yourself. Start your day The Balancing Act way.
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