Time Lapse – Modern Art

Time Lapse – Modern Art

Hey Guys So I finished another painting again. I kept it really simple this time, because
its a huge canvas. Biggest canvas I have used yet, and I didn’t want to ruin it with my
lack of talent Umm… These two blocks right there are going
to miraculously appear when I speed it up. Because, during one of the clips while I was
painting the camera decided to run out of batteries. So that’s that. Let me know what you guys think. I am trying my best here, I am still new. I think it turned out alright. Worthy of my
wall. Have a good night guys and take it easy.

100 thoughts on “Time Lapse – Modern Art

  1. I don't like modern art, in fact I hate it, but this stood out to me. Some of the panels actually make me think for a bit.

  2. My friend this is not Modern Art, this is actually really good. Modern art or postmodern art, is art that speaks to the lack definitive meaning in Art. This I a a quality you lack

  3. I know this is 7 years later. However, I hope you are still painting and have more confidence now. When you started to put the tape on then painted I knew it would be nice. When you actually took off the tape it was actually quite amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great!!! The Thing About "Abstract" Is Theres  NO Such Thing, EVER,  as a "Mistake"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Its Opinion  & As Long As The Buyer Lovers It, That's ALL That Matters

  5. There's no such thing as bad art. It's all in the eye of the beholder 😉 I think you're very talented. Enough that I subscribed lol

  6. Don’t sell yourself short young man, it’s beautiful, I love it and would gladly hang it on my wall. It has inspired my next painting. Very nice job, you have definitely created beautiful art. Keep it up.

  7. When he says cause I don’t wanna ruin this with lack of talent or whatever I’m like PFFT I CANT PAINT WORTH CRAP

  8. Hello. it was great to watch your video. it was so impressive that i learnd many things.
    I'm actually the person who is making some art things. So, this time my team is planning to make video about 'why is it so hard to understand the modern art?'.
    We really wanna make good video. So if you don't mind, can we use some part of this video?, we absolutely reveal where the source came from and there are no purposes for making money. just for informing.
    Please answer me ~!

  9. I really don't care if someone is "good" or "bad" as long as i like the artwork. This one was really cool looking and almost looks a bit like an old museum or library or something.
    The work with colour where cool and i like that you kept it simple and didn't sent wild on the colors!

  10. This video really goes to show that even if you really really really love art and you love doing it does not guarantee that you will be in anyway good at it.

  11. Out of context but something worth sharing:
    Everyone becomes miserable, everyone dies before they stop breathing, growing up is a curse, everyone is unhappy. You are nothing special,no one is special, being alive is a curse.

  12. Buy it for $ 50 + the cost for shipping to Hamburg / Germany , Up to $ 20 max. Or if you come to Hamburg you can stay with me for couple of days to visit the beautiful city/ state Hamburg. But dont forget to bring your painting 🍻

  13. They say modern art is all about splattering paint over the canvas and complaining about the price gap of modern arts and street spray painters

  14. I want to ask U :" Can I copy this for my project to school please?" Because I just have 15 minutes to paint something and that looks just amazing. #Idontstealideas Please write back ❤❤❤xoxo

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