Tips for Remodeling Your Home : Tips for Fixing a Hole in the Wall

Tips for Remodeling Your Home : Tips for Fixing a Hole in the Wall

Today I’m going to show you how to cut back
the paper backing. As you can see with a side view of the sheet rock, you have to take off
this layer of backing on both the placement piece that you’re going to inset in the
wall and what exists on the wall itself.

And what you want to do is go back, probably,
about an inch and a half on each side of the hole. Just with a box cutter, make a few cuts.
You’ll be able to tell when you cut through the paper. And you just get a putty knife,
insert it between the sheet rock and the paper, and it should just peel right off, just like
that. And make sure that you get at least half of the paper off. And it doesn’t have to be square, because
you’re going to tape a float over it.

And once you get all done, make sure you get
all the little loose ends off. And you’ve got to do the same thing on the little patch
part that you’ve already measured and cut that will inset just like that. Actually,
on this one, you’re not going to have it because it’s going to inset some to where
there’s a lip. But you should do the same on the inside piece, too.

11 thoughts on “Tips for Remodeling Your Home : Tips for Fixing a Hole in the Wall

  1. I seen this on another video, but they didnt cut back the paper on the existing wall, they went over it, which would lead me to believe that you would see it as a uneven wall, this looks much better and invisible.

  2. I would like to thank you guys for teaching everyone how to do my job. This is all I do anymore is drywall repairs. So not only do I have to compete with the illegal aliens but now you are showing everyone how to do it themselves. Thankyou so much…

  3. Mate what are you doing? You are seriously wrong giving this kind of advice.

    Peeling or cutting back the paper seriouly weakens the sheetrock.

  4. I'm over it… Done with construction or remodeling. Tired of dealing with idiots and illegal aliens. People who only speak english when it's time to get paid. Retired AF eh? I was in the AF during the Vietnam war. I feel like my country has betrayed me. Now I am doing something else for a living. No one can take this away from me including that war mongering terrorist Bush…

  5. This is so funny that my eyes are tearing….hahahah….I've never seen anything like this before…..epic failure!!

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