Top 10 BACK TO SCHOOL Dorm Room Decor HACKs | ANN LE

Top 10 BACK TO SCHOOL Dorm Room Decor HACKs | ANN LE

100 thoughts on “Top 10 BACK TO SCHOOL Dorm Room Decor HACKs | ANN LE

  1. Do you recommend purchasing an entire grommet kit when making the charging station or can we just purchase the metal pieces for this project?

  2. I honestly love these diys!! I totally want this in my room, next time I have a weekend off, I'm doing some of these 🙂

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  4. Anne, how do you print out the polaroid photos, like that, with the white borders? And what was the song at the end of the video called?

  5. This is the best DIY video I've ever seen. I want to to everything. Thank you and great job +Ann Le {Anneorshine}!! 😉 <3

  6. Yes, more room decor, office decor, house decor! lol I am trying to decorate and organize my house and watching your videos has helped me a ton!

  7. Your room is exactly how I pictured mine to look before I even watched this video! Super excited to do these DIYs 🙂

  8. I love #7 but where would I get the stick? can I get it at a craft store or would I have to find one that is the perfect size outside?

  9. This is just too helpful! I have been looking for a video like this for ages!

  10. Where is the white pillow all the way on the right with the different colored shapes on it from (at 1:35)? It's exactly what I'm looking for for my dorm room!

  11. I love your eye makeup!!! I had to pause the video for a quick sec to tell you that! Haha and I love your videos as well, always so inspiring ♡

  12. Great list. So excited to go to new dorm room. =) Just got a Lumiy Lightline LED desk lamp… super, bright, compact. Well worth checking it out.

  13. That bells noise sounds like the Find My iPhone tone. I keep thinking my phone is getting a lost notification

  14. Nice top! Love the dorm. You think the Lumiy Lightline LED task lamp is a good pic. Tons of friends have it.

  15. i love this. it's all pretty original and simple AND you're not like the obnoxiously extra people in other videos.

  16. This is super random but, I am here as a 14-year-old girl. I have dreams of becoming a horse veterinarian, and taking care of the horses at the race tracks. I have wanted the stream since I was eight. I’m about to start taking high school level science classes, and then courses that will get me started and that it required for my dream college. I am watching this in hopes that maybe, just maybe if I take classes this high. I could skip a grade or two, achieve my go faster, and then get my farm. On the side I think it would be amazing to become a better racer. Not full-time, but the P in a few rodeos and Hassan people look up to me and know my name. Like for inspiration and achieving your goals

  17. #dormroom the dorm are so dark with very dim light. i got a #LumiyLightblade LED lamp. makes my room so bright

  18. Not sure if anyone mentioned this but your succulent containers should have a drainage hole because standing water can cause root rot. Most succulents love dry spells followed by a nice deep soaking of water. Unfortunately its hard to do this if your pot doesn't have a hole because the water will most likely stay in the pot and kill the plant. But I really enjoyed the spray painting technique and I think it would make any dorm room super cute. Thanks for the video Ann!

  19. Why aren’t there any vids like this for boarding school, I’m starting in September and I need some ideas

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