Top 5 Bathroom Interior Design Ideas and Home Decor | Tips and Trends

Top 5 Bathroom Interior Design Ideas and Home Decor | Tips and Trends

Are you planning your
dream bathroom? does your bathroom
layout need renovating or you want to freshen it up
with contemporary and trendy details well this video is
perfect for you! Hi guys welcome back
to D.Signers! I’m glad to have you here! today’s video is about
the latest trends and ideas for bathrooms! I want to share with
you the most trendy and latest news that
I recently saw on my visit to the most important
interior design fair! If its your first time here and you love design don’t forget to subscribe
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my next videos because they will be
very interesting. months ago I shared the highlights of my visit
to Milan Design Week. When it comes to design Milan is the most
popular city. It was my second time visiting this fair my first time was years ago when I was studying
design in Milan and each edition
definitely gets better and more original. now I want to talk about
what I saw there which are the best
elements for a contemporary and stylish bathroom I will give you some ideas on how to incorporate
it into you home as always if you have any question please let me know
in the comment section I read each and
every comment each of you is very
important to me I know that you
have many doubts and that is why I try to answer all
the comments that i can so let’s do it! interior design like any art
or fashion is a reflection of our present and is evolving constantly you can evolve with the trends but you need to be smart on how to select it always choose pieces that you really like and serve you
the most not just because
they’re trending I will share with you
some of the most important trends and ideas for
bathroom designs that I think are very
contemporary and stylish but still timeless that means that they
have been here for a long time but are now
modern-time favorites the trend no. 1 I think the most
important element present in
any showroom was a round mirror: i don’t remember seeing a rectangular mirror
anywhere everything was
round mirrors and curvaceous lines everywhere! in different styles: with frame
without frame with gold or other details
and finishes visually i really
love round mirrors because
they help break up the
rigidity of the space they are perfect because they’re unconventional yet timeless a round mirror will act as an
unexpected element that will add interest to
your space but its simple
and classic shape will last for
a long time i always say a good object
goes beyond the aesthetic aspects and adding a round mirror is visually a great option adding round elements
to your space will calm
the mind and create a
serene atmosphere round mirrors are versatile while
universally aesthetic i think you can’t go wrong
with round mirrors the second trend is all about matte finishes: just as i showed you in my kitchen design
trends videos matte finishes are favorites for both kitchens and bathrooms! from washbasin
and fixtures to tiles personally I love
matte finishes I see them as very elegant
and contemporary choosing matte finishes for your bathroom
is a personal choice both matte and glossy are beautiful and each one has
its pros and cons but nowadays matte finishes are
a general favorite and that’s what we’ll be discussing today for tiles the pros are that they
have better grip because matte surfaces
have better traction than gloss so they’re the obvious choice
for flooring also matte finishes are
perfect for people that want to create a natural
or rustic look there’s a huge variety cement, stone
or wood effect tiles on the market in matte finishes which exude that
warm, natural, homely look their clean
natural appearance will add a
touch of authenticity and modernity
to any home for people that love
dark color palettes black matte
is a must have! for bathrooms I recommend being very careful
with dark colors. It’s better to use it
in little amounts or for a specific element or wall not for the entire bathroom I prefer using black as a bathroom accent it can totally change
the look of your space. adding a matte black
faucet or vanity can be equally alluring. trend no. 3 bold bathroom fixtures the bathroom fixtures aren’t only a functional element anymore they’re now a bold and
stylish artistic piece this kind of accessory adds character to any bathroom If it’s time to change your fixtures at
home in your personal
or powder bathroom it’s a perfect moment
to add a chic element into your space it’s easy to change and you can make
a big difference remember: details are not details
they make the design! let’s try some combinations: If you have
an all white bathroom try to incorporate
black fixtures to create high contrasts and accentuate those elements if you have a wooden and concrete tiles combo you can add golden matte fixtures and details to make it rustic contemporary and chic at the same time. just think
outside the box because bathrooms are not boring anymore! trend no.4 invisible shower walls invisible shower walls made with glass screens appear to visually increase the size
of your bathroom while also giving it
more space and providing
convenience they are also more
secure for users because slippery bathtubs won’t be problem anymore while some may find this design has a lack of privacy others enjoy the accessible openness and increased
shower space this trend is a very good idea
for small bathrooms because the bathroom looks bigger, brighter, more open, cleaner and contemporary trend no. 5 wall hung vanity units wall hung units
are brilliant because they provide a stylish storage solution for your bathroom while also saving space because they don’t take up any floor area for years
they’ve been very popular you will
definitely find a lot of options in the market that
fits in with your style the favorite textures and
color for this year are matte finishes in dark and light colors wooden texture and
marble patterns which one is
you favorite trend? would you use it in
your personal bathroom? if you are planning to renovate your bathroom soon what do you have in mind? let me know in
the comment section! I want to say thank you
for all the support your comments
and interactions let me know that my content
is helpful for you so if you
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and to get in touch have a super nice week! see you next time!

56 thoughts on “Top 5 Bathroom Interior Design Ideas and Home Decor | Tips and Trends

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