Top 5 Must Have Piano Instruments For Kontakt

Top 5 Must Have Piano Instruments For Kontakt

hey what’s going on out there I’m Sean
Divine hope you all are doing well today I’m gonna share with you my top 5 grand
piano libraries for contact now many of you have had questions about which grand
pianos I use the most in my own productions and I’ve spent many years
diving through grand piano libraries trying to find the instruments that are
the most expressive dynamic they fit well in the mix and they’re just
playable and inspiring so I’m gonna go through I’m going to show you some of
the interface customizations you have with these to customize the sound but
more importantly I’m gonna play them so that you can get an idea of what’s
possible with these great grand piano libraries so let’s dive in and take a
listen first library we’re gonna take a look at is the emotional piano from
sound iron as you can hear it has a nice intimate
tone a lot of intricacies they’re definitely useful for film scoring
there’s also some handy controls on the front panel here you have controls for
things like attack you also have a full effects rack so we
can go over here and change things like the reverb or if we wanted to turn on
tape saturation we could do that very inspiring and cool instrument so
check this one out moving on we have the braunshweig upright this is from
imperfect samples not much in the way of the GUI it is just the straight forward
contact interface but the sound is very cool very unique next one on the list is Alicia’s keys
this is really just a staple it’s included with the Native Instruments
Komplete pack and it fits in the mix in a wide variety of different styles of
music so if we switch over to our settings we
can control things like our reverb there’s some cool convolution reverb
settings there you can also change the noise of the pedals some different
resonant options there so some good flexibility and just a really great
utility piano to have in your library next piano on the list is the Death Piano
this is quite a bit more unconventional than the other piano libraries I’ve
included it has a lot of different presets and they’re very interesting in
their approach but kind of have this creepy sort of eerie sound to them so
let’s take a listen to this preset it’s called articulate thoughts so you can hear as I keep that sustain
pedal down we get this cool reverse effect now if we click our settings you
can control different layers that are included in these different presets and
there’s also some controls here like if we want to use LFO on the pitch so this
can make for some interesting effects here let’s just turn the LFO amount up a
little bit inspiring library and it’s gonna fill some different spaces for
your piano needs last but certainly not least on the list is the studio grand
piano le from production voices this is probably my favorite in the entire list
because it ends up in so many of my productions but let’s take a listen here all right all so that is my list of top
5 grand piano libraries for contact I hope you’ll enjoy these as much as I
have they are just incredible instruments very intricate fit great
into the mix and have a lot of dynamics to them so have fun if you have any
questions or comments about the libraries feel free to leave a comment
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100 thoughts on “Top 5 Must Have Piano Instruments For Kontakt

  1. 2017 and Alicia´s Keys is still making it in just every top list of piano vst. Damm they REALLY nailed it whit that one…

  2. Great video Sean! What do you think of the C. Bechstein Digital Grand library for Kontakt? To me it sounds the most authentic acoustic piano, but I’m curious what you think. Cheers!

  3. Alicia’s keys…I remember trying it years ago as I bought komplete and just turned all the reverb and ambiance up and let it go. Definately the best.

  4. very interesting video. Only thing is that some instruments are for kontakt 5 full version only, which makes them very expensive instruments if you want to get them. frustrating…

  5. So glad someone is talking about production voices. I love love love their stuff. Have been using them for forever.

  6. Enjoyed your presentation. I settled on the Garritan CFX which I think is a reasonable choice. At least for me.

  7. Unlabled (for blind test):
    First – 1:03
    2nd – 2:31
    3rd – 3:24
    4th – 4:43
    5th – 6:06


    1) Sound Iron's emotional piano, 2) Imperfect Sample's Braunshweig upright, 3) Alicia's Keys, 4) Death Piano's articulate thoughts, 5) Production Voices' studio grand LE

  8. lol. It's amusing how your favoritism shows from your playing. Can't say this list was objective enough.

  9. You should have made a dry sound comparison so we can clearly hear the differences.
    Huge reverb can make even a fart to sound like horns orchestra.

  10. The piano sounds you chose are all very soaked in reverb. I guess if has to do with the style you like. This video isn't useful at all for people that are trying to find the best representation to their taste of a real acoustic piano.

  11. may i ask how do you automate the foot pedal for vsco piano? without a midi keyboard, just using the midi roll from the DAW

  12. may i ask how do you automate the foot pedal for Steinway 1969 piano? without a midi keyboard, just using the midi roll from the DAW

  13. thank you so much for sharing this video, i have 2 out these five piano – i was wondering what rev are you using, just love it – thanks 🙂

  14. Alicia's Keys sounds quite good. I have The Giant, Maverick, and Una Corda as well. But for some reason I like The Grandeur the most. Anyway thank you for sharing, Sean! I enjoy your music, it's beautiful.

  15. Only one hear that sounds remotely real is imperfect samples …. But those high notes do have a bit too much ring.
    Alicia's keys is really good but for some reason it's ruined by a crap load of reverb here….

  16. What computer are you using? Memory ram, kind of hard drive, processor velocity and what processor you PC is using…thanks

  17. Please do all again without adding all the stack of reverbs ‘ how can you get a true idea of how it sounds ? I have A Keys, and if don’t sound like that unless you add a ton of reverb !

  18. блять…говно же! ты видео вообще не умеешь редактировать?

  19. Is it possible to change the mic position for some of these plug-ins? If not, then East West Quantum Leap Pianos are the best lmfao

  20. My favourite will always be Keyscape, because it sounds realistic and with a few tweaks you can get the most of an acoustic piano sound of it 🎹🎶

  21. kontakt piano samples might sound really good for sitting inside a mix, but as a solo play, I dont think any of them are actually worthed

  22. love this piano sound … which library is most likely to give me this sound? Thank you anyone who takes the time to respond. Really appreciate it

  23. I tried the death piano articulate thougts preset and i don't have the reverse effect, can you tell me why plz ?

  24. my favorite is the pearl concert grand piano, I’ve tried a lot of piano libraries out there, including keyscape, I dunno but I really really love the sound from the pearl

  25. -How about some piano to go with your reverb sir, so that people can hear the quality of the samples. -Nah just give me the reverb.

  26. Where is the release knob on the Alicias Keys Plug in?r do you need a sustain pedal to control the release?

  27. Does Kontakt not come with any Samples mainly Piano Samples or do i need to download them.

  28. Check out Vienna Symphonic Library's Synchron Steinway D-274 Concert Piano. You will thank yourself. It's the real deal.

  29. Too much reverb everywhere is killing me))
    But still it is great video and very useful! Think about Death piano now)
    Alisia's keys is my favorite about many years)
    Thank you!

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