Torn paper artwork – Paper tearing art – Easy abstract acrylic painting tutorial

Torn paper artwork – Paper tearing art – Easy abstract acrylic painting tutorial

Do you dare to destroy your painting to make torn paper artwork or nice abstract paper tearing art? I will show you in this easy abstract acrylic painting tutorial. Just after this. He, Albert van der Zwart here at Imperfect Paintings where it is all about improving your painting skills … … by looking at art, yourself and the world around you. In case you are new to this channel … … why not subscribe and click on the bell so you will be notified of the next video. Maybe you think of collage when you hear about paper tearing, torn paper painting or torn paper art. Like the things your kids made in kindergarten or by artists like Derek Gores … … or Danny Amazonas with his fabric artwork. But especially when you paint on paper like I do … … you can use all sorts of actions including torn paper painting techniques. Do whatever pops up in your imagination. After punching a hole, the way you tear the paper influences the opening you create. What I do looks simple, so simple, almost stupid, ridiculous or whatever you want to call it. You see me playing around and maybe is interesting to talk art in the meantime. When you make torn paper art images like this your mind can start protesting. Just concentrate on the artistic process and make your composition. The question in this case is where to put a hole, how big should it be … … how many of them do you want and do you tear the paper off or do you leave it attached to the paper? Interesting question is to figure out what feels right for you and what not. But even more important can be what makes it feel right: is it because it is familiar? Or are you thinking about what other people would say when you are making art like this? Art can often surprise you or make you uncomfortable. It can be about form, color, the use of materials, the image … … or even the lacking of an image because it is abstract. It can take you into unknown territory, evoke questions … … or just leave you puzzled. It can also irritate you, because it looks so simple. Making these torn paper art projects is about learning, I learn from it. That’s why I make different torn paper paintings … … and have to think of different choices in the process. What is obvious, what will be unexpected? What is allowed in ripped paper art or torn paper artwork? When I make a hole, does there have to be a color underneath? Can it be the same color or does is have to be different? Can I rip the corner off and leave it like that? Am I destroying my artwork in your opinion? Question of the day: Do you like this way of making torn paper artwork? Let me know YES or NO in the comments down below. For more paper tearing fun check out the video in the link up here or in the description below. The only way to experience this is by doing it yourself. You can also turn it into a torn paper art for kids project on a rainy day. And here is the artwork made by the participants of my painting course. Enjoy! Did you like this video? Give it a thumbs up and share it with a friend. Subscribe and hit the bell so you will be notified of the next video. Click or tap on the screen to see another one and until next time: Keep Painting!!!

3 thoughts on “Torn paper artwork – Paper tearing art – Easy abstract acrylic painting tutorial

  1. I really like your videos! They are super relaxing to watch and inspiring to be creative and try different types of artwork! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  2. I really like the spirit of your channel. Fearless experimentation, with a purpose and goal. That's how art should be taught

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