Toronto nurse uses discarded medical packaging to make massive tribute mural

Toronto nurse uses discarded medical packaging to make massive tribute mural

All these little bits of pieces of
plastic and there are over a hundred thousand of them in this particular work
are all caps and stoppers and tops and connectors for all the equipment that we
use and the medications that we give. Well how that started was simply I was
using these things, and I’d be in as everyone else does just throw them out.
I’d use it for whatever purpose to give an injection or to attach it to an IV or
to connect a feeding tube and then I thought, well gee, there’s they’re so cute,
they’re pretty, they remind me of so much so many moments I’ve had with patients
so I started to just put them in my pocket rather than throw them out.
They’re perfectly clean. I would just put them in my pocket bags and back to this
stuff and I would just kind of store it away never knowing really what I was
going to do with it. I came to a time of about a year and a half ago when I
realized I was going to leave the ICU I have a very good friend , she’s an artist,
and she came up with the idea of the board and then we sort of started
randomly here actually and that’s the top from the adrenaline that we use
during a cardiac arrest. This orange cap is the top of a blood culture bottle. The
little purple tails are the tops of a Lancet so we used to test blood sugar.
You’ve got hands down here with the veins going through it, and you’ve got a
face and these are meant to be words coming out. These are caps from a
medication that we give to avoid rejection when a patient’s had a
transplant. If I look at some of this material that was involved in treating
patients with liver transplant I remember many of them and I remember
most of the individuals I cared for underwent lung transplants. Always very
sick and so many of them did so well so many and of course I remember always the
ones that the few that didn’t there always will stay with me and are
memorialized here at least in my mind and hopefully in other people’s, but I
treasure those memories. Of all the patients I’ve cared for and I’m looking
back on my career for 28 years but I hope young nurses and young doctors see
this and hopefully it makes them remember that all these little things we
do are huge for the patient. We do it hundreds of times a day and night and
for all these years but each thing that we did with each little piece of plastic
meant so much to the patient and that’s really what this
mural represents. One thing by itself is meaningless, but all of it together is
what makes possible to do the work that we do and it’s so easy to forget that,
and I hope this mural is a moment of mindfulness and you do nursing for this
long and medicine you use these things in they, to me represent all that work
and all of that care that I gave.

12 thoughts on “Toronto nurse uses discarded medical packaging to make massive tribute mural

  1. This is amazing! The sroty behind is very special, especially for those who once was a patient at the hospital or had a relativ there. I am admiring all the nurses in the world, who choose this great profession!

  2. She should definetely do art crafts as a hobby or as a new profession. She has an amazing artistic sense and eye for color combination! I’d buy the mural if I could!!

  3. This needs more views. I'm waiting for the day Youtube will randomly recommend this to everyone and it will blow up

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